South Dakota

Charles Mix County, South Dakota

Pioneer Women

Female Pioneers of South Dakota
from the General Federation of Woman's Clubs Pioneer Daughters Collection
contained in the South Dakota State Archives

Submitted here by Jo Ann Scott

Maiden Name Married Name
(?), Elizabeth "Suess" Fischer, Mrs. (?)
(?), Lucy Patton, Mrs. (?)
? Ashley, Mrs. Walt
Baker, Nina Ashley, Mrs. Charles W.
Boldman, Mary E. McCall, Mrs. Wm. F.
Burnham, Clara Church, Mrs. William
De Wolf, Edith Lynn, Mrs. (?)
Elliot, Lizzie Ett Holmes, Mrs. Harry A.
Ellis, Martha Irving, Mrs. Amos
Fish, Ethel Parrish, Mrs. Ray
Fredine, Lena Gustafson, Mrs. Alfred
Fredine, Mary Louise Thomson, Mrs. Thomas A.
Gunter, Dicy Tucker, Mrs. Edwin
Lathrop, Margaret A.  
Miller, Ethel McCumber, Mrs. Charleees
Parliaman, Anne Whetham, Mrs. James
Pesak, Beatrice Lyons, Mrs. (?)
Roberts, Sallie C. Fulwider, Mrs. James A.
Rolston, Carrie May Palmer, Mrs. H. E.
Sheridan, Doris Simons, Mrs. Charles M.
Stewart, Melissa Ann Oldham, Mrs. Henry T.
Story, Susan Grady, Mrs. Martin
Thietze, Louisa Schrank, Mrs. (?)
Thomson, Anna Spencer, Mrs. Burton
Thomson, Bertha Rasmussen, Mrs. Adolph E.
Turner, Sarah Heaton, Mrs. Charles
Uherka, Aloisia Bouza, Mrs. (?)



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