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Corson County, South Dakota
Birth Records


1894 - 1909 BIRTH INDEX

The following list of births has been extracted from records provided by the South Dakota Department of Health.
If there is an individual of interest in the following list, you can go to their web site enter the name and county (Corson) in the relevant boxes and you will receive information concerning the parents of the individual.






Archambault, Leo M05/01/1894 CORSON
Bennett, RodneyM 8/15/1909CORSON
Blake, MelvinM 10/4/1909CORSON
Casteel, CliffordM8/2/1908CORSON
Christianson, ClarenceM 6/29/1908CORSON
Duncan, * M12/14/1909CORSON
Edwards, HaroldM11/17/1902CORSON
Four Bear, ArmstrongM06/20/1890 CORSON
Gaddis, Thelma F5/4/1904CORSON
Hall, JamesM 10/8/1909CORSON
Hamilton, Warren M 6/25/1909CORSON
Johnson, EdnaF 11/2/1909CORSON
Knispel, JohnM10/25/1909CORSON
Le Compte, BlancheF01/21/1897 CORSON
Lecompte, BenedictM 4/19/1904CORSON
Lecompte, Dennis M 9/27/1904CORSON
Lecompte, FlorenceF04/12/1899 CORSON
Lecompte, FrancisM04/11/1895 CORSON
Lecompte, FrancisM04/11/1895 CORSON
Lecompte, Obed M10/13/1901CORSON
Lecompte, TheodoreM 9/27/1909CORSON
Lecompte, VitalM11/30/1902CORSON
Lecompte, WilliamM 4/19/1904CORSON
Lieber, FayF 2/26/1908CORSON
Lookingback, IsaacM10/02/1896 CORSON
Marshall, Robert M 8/15/1904CORSON
Mclaughlin, Adeline F 9/22/1906CORSON
Mclaughlin, FrankM 6/21/1908CORSON
Neuman, OscarM11/05/1892 CORSON
One Bull, MargaretF 3/12/1909CORSON
Osgood, NoviaF11/18/1908CORSON
Primeau, Louis M 10/3/1906CORSON
Sander, MildredF 5/10/1909CORSON
Sanders, Alvin M 10/7/1909CORSON
Sanders, MaryF 4/11/1906CORSO
Skinner, Cecelia F 1/23/1906CORSON
Slaathaug, MerlinM 7/12/1908CORSON
Smithberger, Regina F 9/12/1909CORSON
Tahnk, Charles M9/3/1909CORSON
Taylor, Claude M 2/27/1903CORSON
Taylor, Emmett M 1/11/1908CORSON
Taylor, Margaret F12/25/1905CORSON
Taylor, MeldaF3/9/1901CORSON
Whitesell, DielM 9/10/1907CORSON

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