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Corson County, South Dakota
Source: GNIS

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Brown Church Cemetery 454440N 1011436W  
Catholic Cemetery 454043N 1004822W  
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Cemetery 455108N 1002735W  
Elk Horn Cemetery 454048N 1004827W  
Good Shepherd Church Cemetery 453527N 1005817W  
Holy Spirit Cemetery 453730N 1011727W  
Hope Lutheran Cemetery 455231N 1004001W  
Long Hill Cemetery 453928N 1004156W  
Mad Bear Mission Cemetery (historical) 454408N 1002036W  
McIntosh Cemetery 455602N 1012055W  
Morristown Cemetery 455629N 1014224W  
Protestant Cemetery 454932N 1004840W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 453926N 1004119W  
Saint Aloysius Cemetery 454600N 1010437W  
Saint Bedes Cemetery 453928N 1003133W  
Saint Bonaventure Cemetery 455538N 1012059W  
Saint Lukes Cemetery 454818N 1002848W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 454052N 1004835W  
Saint Thomas Cemetery 455103N 1002415W  
Sitting Bulls Grave 453101N 1002906W  
Trail City Cemetery 452824N 1004231W  

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