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Lucy, Jennie, and Grant Trotter

(Grant was the mayor of Mt. Vernon for 2 years)
Lucy M. Glover Fairchild Trotter, Jennie Trotter, Grant Trotter
Grant Trotter married (2) Lucy M. Glover, whose first husband Henry Fairchild had died March 3, 1891 in Mt. Vernon;
Lucy and Grant had one child: Jennie.


"Memorial Plaque"

A memorial plaque was presented to Mrs. John Trotter in memory of John Trotter, at an assembly meeting in the schoolhouse, April 21. A short program was given at which time Mr. Miller read a short sketch of Mr. Trotter's life pertaining to our Mt. Vernon School.

It seldom happens that the history of a school is bound together with the life of one man, as is the case with Mt. Vernon public school and John Trotter. It might even be said that Mt. Vernon public school was a hobby with him.

Mr. Trotter witnessed, as well as promoted the school from a two-room frame building, with two teachers to a $50,000 brick structure with nine teachers.

With the exception of one year at the Schlund school and one year at Dakota Wesleyan, John Trotter received his education from this school. He began his second year in Mt. Vernon School, in the fall of 1889. It so happened that this year saw the first graduating class.

When he graduated in 1896, from high school, there was a two-year secondary school. It is significant that he saw the high school grow from a one year to a four-year requirement, in order to graduate.

From 1904 to 1907, Mr. Trotter was a teacher in Mt. Vernon School. He left teaching to take a position in the bank.

Then in about 1909, he was made clerk of the school board. He held this position until April 29, 1921, when he became an active member of the board. In July 1926, he was elected President of the board, a position he held until his death in 1942.

These facts point that he served the school in one way or another for 37 years, 37 years of faithful untiring service.

John Trotter with the sincere cooperation of his wife, made it possible for many children to attend school. These young people otherwise might have been denied such an opportunity of furthering their education; he made a home for them as though they were his own children.

Whenever the students or teachers wanted permission to carry on their activities or advice on how to continue them, he was never too busy to hear their petitions. In making his decision or offering his opinion, Mr. Trotter always considered the good of the student.

In appreciation of Mr. Trotter's unflagging interest in Mt. Vernon public school, the students and faculty wish to present this memorial plaque to his wife- Mrs. John Trotter.





The photo above shows:
Lucy's children by Henry S. Fairchild: Anna Elsie and Lewis Fairchild
Lucy and Grant's daughter: Jennie
Grant's son by first wife Emma Meyerhoff: John Grant Trotter





Trotter Siblings:
Jeannett Trotter Griffiths [d. Mt. Vernon, 1927]; John Trotter [d. Mt. Vernon, 1897]; Ann M. Trotter [d. Massachusetts, 1911]
Two other siblings not pictured: James Guthrie Trotter [d. Iowa, 1909]
and Grant Trotter [full name: Patrick MacGregor Grant Trotter; went by Grant; d. Mt. Vernon, 1925]

There may be some confusion with the Grant Trotters. John Trotter and Grant Trotter [obits] are siblings.
John Trotter had a son, William Grant Trotter, who went by the name of Grant.


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