Deuel County

1885 Civil War Union Veterans Census

Contributed by Patricia Knowles

Last NameFirst NameCompanyRegimentDate EnrolledAGEStateEnlistmentEnd ServiceBeginning RankEnding RankFromArrived in SDWoundedPensionedEngagementsRemarks
AdamsGalen F.B51st MassachusettsAugust 186225Massachusetts1 yearJuly 1863PrivatePrivate ILApril 1882NoNo2
AmyC.W.E1st MN ArtilleryJanuary 186533New Hampshire3 yearsOctober 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1881NoNo
ArmstrongWilliamB6th MNAugust 186226Ireland3 yearsAugust 1865CorporalPrivate MNMay 1881NoNo4
AtrusAntonE29th WI InfantryAugust 186221Germany3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIAugust 1880YesYes25
BailettGeorge W.F37th NY Volunteer InfantryApril 186133 NY2 yearsSeptember 30, 18621st Lieutenant1st Lieutenant WIMarch 1878NoYes7
BayerJoseph E.I14th NY Heavy ArtilleryDecember 14, 186332 NY3 yearsJune 18641st Lieutenant1st Lieutenant NYMay 1884NoNoDischarged on account of disability
BenedictA. S.21st WI InfantryMarch 186421 WI3 yearsSeptember 1868PrivatePrivate WIMarch 1879NoNo
BoydD. B.C1st Rhode Island CavalrySeptember 186421Rhode Island3 yearsMarch 1865PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1879NoNo
BrenizerSimonA169th OHMay 186423 OH100 daysAugust 1864SergeantSergeant OHMay 1879NoNo
BriggsJ.S.E12th WI InfantrySeptember 186125 NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1865NoNo30
CampbellJamesG153rd ILFebruary 186518Ireland1 yearSeptember 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1879NoNo
CarmanJohn C.C32nd WIAugust 186218 NY 3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1881NoYes101
CaryDanielE14th WI CavalryJune 3, 1863 NY3 yearsMay 20, 1865PrivatePrivate MNJanuary 6, 1878NoNo4 months Sweets Port prison and sick 9 seeks San Steele
ChapelEzekilG32nd NY Volunteer InfantryMay 186126Pennsylvania2 yearsMarch 1862PrivatePrivate WIJune 1887YesYesUnable to read
ClarkRubeNoNoNot at home. Postman could not give information. Address Estelline
ClarkD. T.Vermont3 yearsNoNoWas not at home, wife could not give any information. Address Goodwin
CookAlbert N.E16th WINovember 186318 NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MOAugust 1884NoNo101
CookMartin A.F1st WI Heavy ArtillerySeptember 186442 NY1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIAugust 1881NoNoNone
DennJacobH55th PennsylvaniaNovember 186318Pennsylvania3 yearsAugust 1865PrivatePrivate OHMarch 1880 YesYesWounded at Petersburg right knee
DevenneySamuel R.G197th OHApril 186518 OH1 yearJuly 1865CorporalPrivate OHMarch 1882NoNo
EichingerMikelF36 WI VolunteersMay 186419Germany3 yearsJuly 2, 1865PrivatePrivate WIOctober 1880YesNo13
FaliceJamesI5th United StatesOctober 186125Canada3 yearsDecember 1862PrivatePrivate MNFebruary 1880NoNo7
FrakerJacobH8 MN InfantryAugust 186122Pennsylvania3 yearsAugust 1863PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878NoNo10
FrayserPeterF2nd WI CavalryMay 186220 WI3 yearsDecember 20, 1865PrivatePrivate IAApril 1879YesNoSick from wound/2 years in hospital at Quincy, IL
GaltneyDavidC37th IN InfantrySeptember 18, 186118 IN3 yearsAugust 1865PrivatePrivate INApril 1883NoNo
GartvortG.B155th IN InfantryFebruary 186522Holland3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate WINovember 1880NoNo
GatchellPrince AE1st Maine Heavy ArtilleryJuly 186221Maine3 yearsSeptember 1865PrivatePrivate Major MNJuly 1879YesNo14See back of page
GayEthan A.A28th WI InfantrySpring 186240 OH3 years18631st Sergeant2nd Lieutenant OHJune 1884NoNo
GillisWilmonth H.C95th IL InfantryAugust 19, 186317 NY3 yearsJuly 17, 1865PrivatePrivate ILApril 1884NoNoAbout 5 or 6
GordonW.T.K1st WI CavalryAugust 15, 186218 WI3 yearsJune 1, 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 15, 1883NoYes
GrayStoly NA80th NY InfantryOctober 186117 NY3 yearsApril 1882PrivatePrivate NYFebruary 1880NoNo
GreenD.G.B32nd WI InfantryDecember 186818Vermont3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNOctober 1879YesNo25
GreenN.P.YesYes Was not at home, wife could not give any information. Address Goodwin
GuernseyHenry H.D14 U.S.C.I.April 186422New Hampshire3 yearsMarch 18662nd Lieutenant1st Lieutenant WIFebruary 1880NoNo8
GuernseyHenry H.E22nd WIAugust 186220New Hampshire3 yearsApril 1864PrivateCorporal WIFebruary 1880NoNo1
HansonPeterK1st Mississippi Heavy ArtilleryFebruary 186519Norsk1 yearMarch 1865PrivatePrivate IAJune 1877NoNo
HubbsWarren P.A21st MI InfantryJuly 186120 OH3 yearsNovember 1865PrivateSergeant MIMarch 20, 1882NoNo23
HurdCharles P.G25th WIAugust 186229 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivateCorporal WIApril 1879NoNo101
IversonAndrewWI InfantryNoNoNot at home. Child could not give information. Address Estelline
JewigsCalvin W.B12th Pennsylvania CavalryJune 2, 186119Massachusetts3 years1865PrivateSergeant WIApril 14, 1882NoNo
JohansonPederC2nd MN CavalryNovember 186325Norway3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIJune 1880NoYes2
JohnsonDaniel R.A60th NYSeptember 186422 NY1 yearJuly 1865CorporalCorporal MNMay 1878NoNo101
JohnsonDaniel R.E34th NYApril 186119 NY2 yearsSeptember 1862PrivateOrderly Sergeant MNMay 1878YesNo37
JohnsonHomer E.C13th WI InfantryFebruary 186421 NY1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIMarch 1879NoNo
JohnsonIra O.B4th MI CavalryAugust 186218 NY3 yearsSeptember 1865PrivatePrivate MNOctober 1878NoNo20
KelseyR.T.NoNo Was not at home, wife could not give any information.
KenseyGeorge W.B26th New JerseySeptember 186227Pennsylvania9 monthsJuly 1863PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1878YesYes2Taken prisoner at St. Mary Heights
LakeD.W.H8th MN InfantryAugust 186122Pennsylvania3 yearsAugust 1863PrivatePrivate MNApril 1878NoNo
LawrenceAlbert M.B10 MN CavalryJune 1862Pennsylvania3 yearsAugust 1865PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1878NoNo
MillardGeorge C5th WIJanuary 186442Pennsylvania3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIMarch 1880 NoYes
MorganD.R.H16th WI InfantryNovember 186131 WI3 yearsAugust 1865PrivatePrivate WIDecember 1879NoNo1
MulhollandPeterK27th WI InfantrySeptember 186221Scotland3 yearsOctober 1865PrivateCaptain WIOctober 1879NoNo30
NewburyL.W.K8th MI Cavalry3 yearsPrivatePrivate MNFebruary 1880NoNoNot at home. Wife could not give information. Address Estelline
OlesonErichNoNoWas not at home, could not get information.
OlesonChristianK2nd MN Cavalry InfantryMay 186427Norsk3 yearsJuly 11, 1865PrivatePrivate WIJune 5, 1880NoNo
PaddockJohnE117th NYJune 186320 NY3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate NYMay 1879NoNo15
PalmerDanielF22nd WI Heavy Artillery186421Maine3 years1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1880NoNo
PalmerWilliamH24th WIOctober 186434 NY90 daysJanuary 1865PrivatePrivate WIJune 1880YesNo4
PriorS.T.K3rd MI InfantryMay 186121Vermont3 yearsAugust 1864PrivatePrivate MNOctober 1878NoNo16
PutnamHosea B.A147 IL Volunteer Infantry186539Germany1 yearJuly 1866PrivatePrivate MNApril 1884NoNoone or more
RadfordHenry E42nd WIAugust 186431English1 yearJune 1865PrivateCorporal WIDecember 1879NoNo4
RathB.C.I14th NY Heavy ArtilleryApril 17, 186120Pennsylvania3 monthsAugust 10, 1865PrivateCorporal Co E, 202 regiment WIApril 1878YesNo
RiceJacobC83rd PennsylvaniaAugust 186232German3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIMay 1885YesYes27
RichardsonEdwardE11th WI Infantry1862293 yearsAugust 2, 1865PrivatePrivate WIMarch 1878YesYes
RiklerJames H.K153rd InfantryMay 186528Virginia1 yearSeptember 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1882NoNo
ScennettWalterH3rd O.C.U.May 20, 186120 OH3 yearsAugust 18, 1865PrivatePrivate OHSeptember 17, 1878NoNo
ShoffstollSolomenK1st WI InfantryAugust 186242German3 yearsAugust 1863PrivatePrivate WIApril 1878NoYes1Sick
SpanterHermanA115th IL Volunteer InfantrySeptember 186230English3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate IAApril 1882NoNo
St. JohnSeth B.B3rd MI CavalrySeptember 186125 WI3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate WIJune 1864NoNoParty not at home, unable to learn more, discharge papers burner
SterlingJohnG10th WISeptember 186118Maine3 yearsNovember 1864PrivatePrivate IAOctober 1882NoNo11Was with regiment 36 months out of 38 months
SturgisHoratio9th WI Lt. Brigade Volunteers186336 NY3 yearsSeptember 1, 1865Private1st Lieutenant WIJune 1880NoNo
TaylorWilliamF117th NY InfantryJuly 186234 NY3 yearsApril 1863PrivatePrivate OHFebruary 1882NoYes
ThomasJohn P. F24th WIAugust 186221English3 yearsSeptember 1863PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878NoNo2
TylerC.W.IL3 yearsNoNoWas not at home, wife could not give any information. Address Godwin.
WadeN.M.December 12, 187921 ILMay 2, 18931st Lieutenant1st Lieutenant ILMarch 22, 1883NoNoMedical Corp. Department of Platt
WadeB.A.18611865 ILMay 1884NoNoExamining Surgeon
WafkinsGeorge E.A2nd MN InfantryFebruary 186427Canada3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878NoNo25
WattlestadOle O.H2nd MN InfantryOctober 186432Norway3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1880YesNonot known
WestcottC.R.B2nd MN InfantryFebruary 186421 NY3 yearsJuly 1864MusicianMusician MNJune 1878NoNo
WilcoxonCharles B.A148 NYAugust 186222 NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateQMSergeant MNAugust 1879NoNo14