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This County is available for adoption!

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Eagle Butte

Green Grass


La Plant

North Ridge Butte

Timber Lake *



Unorganized Territory:

                                  North Dewey

                South Dewey

* County Seat



Early Births, 1856-1903

Burials, Pg. 1, Pg. 2




County History

Court Case


Family Histories

 Family Websites

Land Records

Maps and Plats



 Native Americans

 Newspapers Items


Pioneer Women





Featured Updates


 Pioneer Women

 WW II Enlistments


Dewey County Map

County Seat: Timber Lake
Year Organized: 1873
Square Miles: 2,303


Corson County * Potter County * Stanley County * Sully County * Walworth County * Ziebach County
(All of the above counties are up for adoption)

A Little About Dewey County
Almost the entire county lies in the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. The balance of the county, along its extreme northern county line, lies in the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. It is one of five South Dakota counties that lie entirely on Indian reservations.

Courthouse info:
PO Box 277
County Courthouse
Timber Lake, SD 57656-0277
Phone: (605) 865-3672


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