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1879 - 1909 BIRTH INDEX

The following list of births has been extracted from records provided by the South Dakota Department of Health. If there is an individual of interest in the following list, you can go to their web site enter the name and county (Dewey) in the relevant boxes and you will receive information concerning the parents of the individual.

Acker, Elizabeth F 10/06/1903 DEWEY
Acker,George M 09/30/1901 DEWEY
Apel,Helen F 10/14/1908 DEWEY
Arpan,Florence F 02/21/1900 DEWEY
Arpan,Theodore M 10/17/1901 DEWEY
Benoist,Cyril M 11/09/1907 DEWEY
Brink,Marie F 10/30/1909 DEWEY
Claymore,Clara F 07/04/1902 DEWEY
Claymore,Paul M 02/16/1908 DEWEY
Claymore,Raymond M 08/27/1898 DEWEY
Claymore,Thomas M 03/31/1909 DEWEY
Cummings,Alvina F 09/21/1909 DEWEY
Cummings,Mabel F 02/04/1901 DEWEY
Different Horse,Samuel M 08/15/1894 DEWEY
Drummond,Vinal M 12/28/1906 DEWEY
Ducharme,Cuthbert M 03/19/1905 DEWEY
Ducharme,Melvin M 03/20/1905 DEWEY
Ducheneau,Mamie F 08/20/1898 DEWEY
Ducheneaux,Mabel F 03/12/1908 DEWEY
Ducheneaux,Moses M 03/23/1902 DEWEY
Earring,Ella F 07/05/1900 DEWEY
Earring,Minnie F 06/28/1903 DEWEY
Earring,Phillip M 12/29/1905 DEWEY
Ferris,Viola F 03/14/1896 DEWEY
Fisherman,Edward M 12/16/1907 DEWEY
Frazier,Leonard M 02/13/1901 DEWEY
Frazier,Olive F 11/03/1893 DEWEY
Gage,Catherine F 09/29/1903 DEWEY
Gage,Florence F 08/10/1905 DEWEY
Gordon,Earl M 12/18/1896 DEWEY
Gray,Zelma F 10/05/1909 DEWEY
Hand Boy,John M 07/07/1906 DEWEY
Hatch,Grace F 01/31/1900 DEWEY
His Horse Is Fast,Lucill F 02/24/1906 DEWEY
Horton,Josephine F 07/20/1897 DEWEY
Houston,Bernard M 01/05/1909 DEWEY
Jochim,Hedwig F 09/09/1901 DEWEY
Kensler,Emery M 10/18/1909 DEWEY
Knott,Edith F 10/20/1909 DEWEY
Laplant,Gaylord M 09/14/1900 DEWEY
Laplante,Eloise F 03/14/1909 DEWEY
Laundreaux,Louis M 12/20/1893 DEWEY
Laurence,Evaline F 01/29/1909 DEWEY
Le Beau,Leonard M 11/20/1908 DEWEY
Lebeau,Edward M 08/11/1907 DEWEY
Lecompte,Elmer M 09/22/1900 DEWEY
Lecompte,Gerald M 01/09/1899 DEWEY
Lends His Horses,Willie M 02/27/1908 DEWEY
Low Dog,Walter M 11/03/1907 DEWEY
Moran,Clara F 08/05/1879 DEWEY
Nichols,Robert M 04/08/1903 DEWEY
Nichols,Victoria F 08/12/1897 DEWEY
O Connor,Charlotte F 04/05/1909 DEWEY
Overby,Andrew M 03/27/1909 DEWEY
Overby,Otto M 08/14/1905 DEWEY
Paulson,Sophia F 10/15/1886 DEWEY
Pearman,Lawrence M 04/30/1906 DEWEY
Pliska,Alfred M 12/28/1908 DEWEY
Pliska,Alice F 10/06/1907 DEWEY
Rivers,Hazel F 05/12/1909 DEWEY
Rousseau,Isabel F 09/25/1899 DEWEY
Stokes,Frederick M 07/01/1908 DEWEY
Traversie,Christine F 03/21/1896 DEWEY
Traversie,Lavina F 04/02/1899 DEWEY
Trosper,Harold M 06/01/1907 DEWEY
Vanderveer,Olive F 11/04/1896 DEWEY
Vanderveer,Royal M 11/14/1892 DEWEY
Vanderveer,Wallace M 07/16/1901 DEWEY
Vanderveer,William M 12/25/1898 DEWEY
Whitlock,Pauline F 02/17/1907 DEWEY
Whitney,Evelyn F 09/05/1909 DEWEY
Wilson,Ellen F 04/25/1897 DEWEY
Winterfair,Guy M 01/29/1895 DEWEY
Wright,Carmin M 08/11/1904 DEWEY
Ziebach,Gladys F 06/30/1899 DEWEY
Submitted by Don Tharp

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