South Dakota Genealogy Trails

Dewey County, South Dakota


Cemetery Location Lat Long
Ascension Cemetery (Blackfoot) Dewey County    
Bear Creek Cemetery Bear Creek    
Bear Creek Cemetery Lantry    
Berndt Family Cemetery (Eagle Butte) Dewey County    
Chapel of the Holy Spirit Cemetery Timber Lake    
Congregational Cemetery (LaPlant) La Plant    
Curtis Family Cemetery Eagle Butte    
Ducheneaux Family Cemetery Dewey County    
Dupris Family Cemetery (On The Tree) Ridgeview    
Eagle Butte Cemetery Eagle Butte 45.014°N 101.258°W
Emmanuel Cemetery Whitehorse 45.265°N 100.854°W
Episcopal Cemetery Whitehorse    
Farlee Family Cemetery Dewey County    
Glencross Cemetery Glencross    
Green Grass Cemetery Dewey County 45.161°N 101.256°W
Greenwood Cemetery Timber Lake    
Gunville Family Ranch Cemetery Whitehorse    
High Elk Family Cemetery Green Grass    
Hillview Cemetery Isabel 45.399°N 101.445°W
Holy Cross Cemetery Timber Lake 45.430°N 101.055°W
Holy Spirit Cemetery (Firesteel) Firesteel    
Hulm Family Cemetery (Hulm Ranch) Timber Lake    
Hunt Family Cemetery Eagle Butte    
Isabel Cemetery Isabel    
also known as Hillview Cemetery      
Lamb Family Cemetery Whitehorse    
Lantry Cemetery Lantry 45.009°N 101.430°W
Le Beau Cemetery Dewey County 45.199°N 100.293°W
LeCompte Ranch Cemetery Ridgeview    
Lee Family Cemetery (LaPlant) La Plant    
LeRoy V. LaPlante Sr. Family Cemetery Eagle Butte    
Lindsay Cemetery Dewey County 44.719°N 101.000°W
Looking Horse Cemetery (Green Grass) Green Grass    
Mossman Cemetery Ridgeview    
O'Leary Cemetery Timber Lake    
Old Stone Church Cemetery (also known as Chapel of the Holy Spirit Timber Lake    
On-a-Tree Cemetery   45.186°N 101.067°W
Our Savior Cemetery Dewey County 45.472°N 101.251°W
Red Dog Family Cemetery Eagle Butte    
Rousseau Cemetery Dewey County 44.744°N 100.994°W
Rushs Enemy Cemetery Dewey County 45.135°N 100.677°W
Sacred Heart Cemetery Glencross 45.443°N 100.916°W
Saint Andrews Cemetery Whitehorse    
Saint Basils Cemetery (Mossman) Ridgeview    
Saint Catherines Cemetery (Promise) Dewey County    
Saint James Cemetery Bear Creek 45.046°N 101.456°W
Saint Johns Cemetery Dewey County 45.354°N 100.588°W
Saint Josephs Cemetery Dewey County 45.082°N 100.793°W
Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery La Plant    
Saint Marys Episcopal Cemetery Promise    
Saint Pauls Episcopal Cemetery (La Plant) La Plant    
Saint Peter Catholic Cemetery Dewey County    
Saint Theresa Catholic Cemetery Whitehorse    
Schrempp Family Ranch Cemetery Eagle Butte    
Springer Family Cemetery Timber Lake    
Swift Bird Cemetery Patch Skin Buttes SE 45.122°N 100.318°W
Taylor Family Cemetery Isabel    
Timber Lake Cemetery Timber Lake    
Togole Cemetery La Plant    
Trail City Cemetery Trail City 45.473°N 100.709°W
UCC Cemetery Whitehorse    
UCC Cemetery Green Grass    
UCC Congregational Cemetery Eagle Butte    
United Eagle Butte Cemetery Eagle Butte    
Virgin Creek UCC Cemetery La Plant    
Walking Horse Cemetery Dewey County 44.734°N 101.018°W


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