Genealogy Trails

Douglas County South Dakota



Cemetery Name Lat Long Url of Map
Delmont Cemetery 431633N 431633N Map
Ebenezer Cemetery 432905N 0983131W Map
Evangelic Cemetery 432445N 0980756W Map
Friedhof Cemetery 432812N 0980901W Map
Graceland Cemetery 432540N 0982401W Map
Grandview Cemetery 432347N 0982115W Map
Harrison Cemetery 432630N 0983141W Map
Hope Cemetery 431656N 0980926W Map
Immanuel Cemetery 431958N 0981116W Map
Neusatz Cemetery 432028N 0980953W Map
New Holland Cemetery 432515N 0983556W Map
Old Ebenezer Cemetery 432423N 0981840W Map
Old Missouri Cemetery 431741N 0981217W Map
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 431930N 0982020W Map
Roberts Chapel Cemetery 432446N 0981322W Map
Saint John Cemetery 432810N 0981211W Map
Saint John Cemetery 432905N 0981916W Map
Saint Mary's Cemetery 432213N 0980642W Map
Saint Peter's Cemetery 432305N 0981506W Map
Zion Cemetery 431656N 0980922W Map

From the U. S. Geological Survey


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