South Dakota

Fall River County, South Dakota

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Female Pioneers

from the General Federation of Woman's Clubs Pioneer Daughters Collection
contained in the South Dakota State Archives

Submitted here by Jo Ann Scott

Maiden Name Married Name
(?), Julia A. Fisher, Mrs. Henry
(?), Laura Belle Gamet, Mrs. Joe
? Ball, Mrs. Andy
? Harvey, Mrs. George
? Philllips, Mrs. William P.
Adams, Anna A. Petro, Mrs. Charles H.
Benedict, Marjorie Alice Black, Mrs. James
Dennis, Mattie Turner, Mrs. George
Dryden, Margery Violet Shaw, Mrs. Frank
Freeman, Hila Wallace, Mrs. Robert
Hummel, Clara Richards, Mrs. Charles A.
Jackson, Anna Lambert, Mrs. (?)
Jackson, Eva ?
Kentopf, Laura Warner, Mrs. Raymond G.
Mills, Ellen Gertrude Willoughby, Mrs. Victor
Mooney, Lulu Lee Traut, Mrs. William Henry
Muhm, Hilda A. Crow, Mrs. Wilbur
Muhm, Lois Madge Lulf, Mrs. Anton F.
Perkins, Rose Knowlton, Mrs. Walter M.
Petty, I. Zora Francis, Mrs. Charles Marion
Pietersen, Minnie Meier, Mrs. August
Ross, Wilhelmina Wiebe, Mrs. William
Salmon, Samantha Briggs Mooney, Mrs. John A.
Stack, Ellen Colgan, Mrs. Arthur J.
Strause, Vivian Hawk, Mrs. Kenneth
Streeter, Nellie Ethel Bondurant, Mrs. Wes
Waldon, Eleanor E. O'Keefe, Mrs. Thomas
Wallace, Laura Idella Gull, Mrs. Robert E.
Wallace, Lottie K. Gull, Mrs. George Ulysses (W.)
Wellner, Lucy A. Trent, Mrs. Gilbert H.



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