Faulk County, South Dakota

1885 Union Veterans Census

Contributed by Mary Saggio

Last NameFirst NameCompanyRegimentDate EnrolledAgeStateEnlistmentEnd ServiceBeginning RankEnding RankFromArrived in SDWoundedPensionedEngagementsRemarks
AldenSamuel EG55th MAAug 186238American9/12July 1863PrivatePrivate ILApril 1882NoNo20
AmoJoseph MC5th WISep 186417Canada1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1885NoNo4
AndersonIsaac LA31st IA InfantryApril 186223American3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MOApril 1884NoNoMany
AndrewsHiram B.E9th MIMarch 186538American3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate MIJuly 1883NoNo
BabcockO.A.1st WIOct 186428 IL3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIMay 1884NoNo
BakerThomasB130th ILAug 186227English3 yearsMarch 1863PrivatePrivate WIApril 183NoYes
BishopSamuel CE3rd OHMarch 186522 OHfor warAug 1865PrivatePrivate OHMarch 1884NoNo
BromwellWilliam HL9th MI CalvaryDec 186215American3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate IAJuly 1886NoNo3General engagements wounded twice innumerable lesser ones
BrownF.M.I46th IAMay 186427 IN100 daysJune 1865PrivatePrivate IAApril 1883NoNo
BrownEugene SG27th IA InfantryAug 186224American3 years Aug 1865Private1st LieutenantIASep 1882NoNo101
BulandH MH111th NYAug 186218 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate MIMarch 1882NoNo
BurnsGeorge WC20th IL InfantryJan 186518American1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1883NoNo
CaretA.P.D13th IAOct 186425 PA1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate IAMay 1883NoNo3
CarnJamesC6th IA InfantryJuly 186128American3 yearsJuly 1864PrivatePrivate IAJune 1884NoNo3General engagements many small ones
CarrThomasA3rd West Virginia Cavalry Dec 186220American3 yearsDec 1865PrivatePrivate MOJuly 1884YesYes5General engagements 2nd enlistment
CatlinHenry A.F7th MIAug 186123 MI3 yearsAug 1864PrivatePrivate MIApril 1885NoNo45
ChambersAbrahamB163rd IN186247 PA1 yearEnd of war 1865PrivatePrivate IAApril 1883NoNo
ChapmanThomasG149th NYAug 186221England3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate MIMarch 1883NoYes6Eyesight ruined by exposure
ClarkAlvin TE31st WI InfantryAug 186225 VT3 yearsDec 1864Private1st Sergeant WIMay 1882NoNoMustere3d out 1865
ConuerJames LI4th MN InfantryDec 186115American3 years Aug 1865PrivatePrivateMNMay 1883NoNo101
CulfAnson RE22nd WIAug 1862 PA3 yearsMarch 1865PrivatePrivate WIMarch 1883NoNo
DanforthCharles JC63rd OHOct 186119Rhode Island3 years Dec 1863PrivatePrivateIAApril 1883NoYesDisease contracted in the army
DeleryJosephE1st WI CavalryOct 186128FrenchDuring war July-OctPrivatePrivateWIMarch 1883NoNo9General engagements
DerrCharley HI19th OH InfantrySep 186121American3 years Feb 1863SergeantSergeantIAMarch 1883YesYes9general engagements
DouglasClintonE6th MA InfantryJune 186418American100 days Sep 1864SergeantSergeantMNMay 1881YesYes52nd enlistment
DuboisWilliam H.D9th IN CavalryDec 186323 MI3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate MIJune 1883NoNo7
DurbyPreston HIMS12th IL InfantryJuly 186125American3 years Aug 1865Quarter Master SergeantQuarter Master Sergeant ILJune 1882NoNo
EatonAlbridgeB18th New Hampshire Volunteers Sep 186426New Hampshire1 yearJuly 1865CorporalCorporal WIMarch 1882NoNo2
EganStephenNavy EsioquorsJan 186322Ireland3 years Feb 1865Coal passer2nd class firemanNY Sep 1882NoYes2Fort Fisher discharged for heart trouble
EllisCaleb H.E31st MEMay 186439 ME3 yearsOct 1865CaptainCaptain MIMarch 1882YesYes10This was 3rd term of service.
EllisCharles V.E3rd MEMarch 186428 ME3 yearsJune 1865CorporalCorporal MEApril 1883NoYesUnable to state number of engagements
EnosWilliam FNavySep 186417 WI1 yearAug 1865LandsmanLandsman WIMay 1883NoNoEnlisted on board Benton, discharged from ship Beilliant
EttingWilliam D.H76th ILAug 186233 NY3 yearsApril 1865PrivateSergeant INMay 1883NoYes100
FindeisAdamL1st WI InfantryAug 186126Germany3 years Sep 1864PrivatePrivateWIFeb 1883NoNo10Renlisted Feb 1865 served until end of war
ForrestCharles PD50th NY Volunteer Engineers Aug 186122PA3 yearsJune 1865PrivateArtillery Officer PAMay 1882NoNo5Engineer Corps Received a breach left side
FurdersAdamGermanyNoNoThis gentleman was absent wife could not give me details
GoldenEmanuel SK165th MN InfantryNov 186235American9 monthsJuly 1863CorporalCorporal IAMarch 1883NoYes1general engagements
GossetWilliam HILPrivatePrivate IAMay 1883YesNo
HalstadHoustonH8th WI InfantryAug 186125American3 years Sep 1864PrivatePrivateMNJune 1882NoNo22
HamiltonJohn SUS NavyMarch 186223Scotland3 years Dec 1864??Seaman??SeamanWIMarch 1883YesYes3
HaskinsAlbert JI-A25th MA Infantry Sep 186118American3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate MAMarch 1888NoNo
Hathaway? JH13th MENov 186120 ME3 yearsJune 1865PrivateCorporal MESep 1883YesYes3Reenlisted and wounded in leg
HawnPeterL8th IL CavalrySep 186121 IL3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateCorporal ILJune 1884NoYes104
HaysJohn WH14th NY InfantryMay 186115American2 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate NJApril 1884YesNo17General engagements 2nd enlistment
HazenS PI38th IA InfantryJan 186434 VT3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate IAApril 1883NoYes5
HermannAE15th NY ArtilleryJan 186428German3 years Sep 1865PrivateCorporalMNJune 1882NoNo22
HolcombM.D.I9th ILSep 186128 PA3 yearsSep 1864PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1884YesYes14Regiment cut up at Shilo. Only 100 able men left
HumphreyHarvey AA8th IL CavalrySep 186113 IL3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateCaptain IASep 1882NoNo88
IshamHenry N.A23rd WIAug 186225 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIJune 1865NoNo
JarvisGeorge J3rd WIAug 186118 OH3 yearsOct 1864PrivatePrivate MNAug 1883NoNo8
KaceWilliam HD31st US InfantryApril 186719American3 yearsApril 1870PrivatePrivate WIMay 1883NoNo
KeenanJohnA12th OHApril 186122Ireland3 years & 3 monthsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNJan 1880YesYesabout 100Was 9 yeas in the service. Lost an eye
KennyWilliamB3rd WISep 186425Canada1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIMay 1883NoNo
KnaptonRobertA29th WIEngland2 yearsPrivatePrivate WIOct 1884NoNoNot at home. Wife did not know
KnusilSiarusD9th IL CalvaryFeb 186418American3 years Oct 1865PrivatePrivateWIMarch 1879YesNo
LeottThomas BE9th IA InfantrySep 186118American3 years Oct 1864PrivatePrivateIAMay 1883NoNoGeneral engagements
LewisH RF152nd NYSep 186227Ireland3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateCorporal ILMarch 1883NoYes3
LockwoodDwight H.C4th MIApril 186515American12-Sep Sep 1865PrivatePrivateMIApril 183NoNo
LoganCharles DD3rd MI InfantrySep 186413American3 yearsJuly 1866DrummerDrummer ILMarch 1882NoNo
LottLawrenceC12th IA InfantrySep 186135 IA3 yearsJan 1865PrivatePrivate IANov 1880YesYes9
McClaryEdwinA141st NY ArtilleryAug 186219 NY3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate MIMarch 1883YesYes11
McCombE GF126 NYAug 186221 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate NYNov 1882YesYes9
McCoyC CH58th PA InfantryJune 186327American100 days Sep 1863Orderly Sergeant1st SergeantIAMarch 1883NoNo
McCoyAlex APAAmerican100 days IAMarch 1883NoNo
McGinnisAndrewD12th IL InfantryJuly 186139 PA3 yearsSep 1862PrivatePrivate ILMarch 1883YesYes1Bullet through side at Ft Donaldson
MetzHenry FG2nd IL CavalryMarch 186415Germany3 years Jan 1865PrivatePrivateILAug 1880YesNo4
MorseWilliam W.D1st WI ArtilleryAug 186424 NY1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate KSMay 1883NoNoWas kept as clerk
MorseLeviA21st MAMay 186141American3 yearsApril 18863CorporalSergeant MAJan 1883YesNo9General engagements
NervigOleC12th WIOct 186422Norway1 year Sep 1865PrivatePrivateWIMay 1883NoNo1Papers are burned
NiederauerWG1st MI InfantryMay 186122Germany3 years Sep 1864PrivatePrivateILApril 1883YesYesAll to which the Army of Potomac initiated
PaffordJohnG77th IN InfantryNov 186418American3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MOMay 1883YesYes
ParmenterJohnD4th NY ArtilleryAug 186226New Hampshire1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate NYApril 1883NoNo5
PaulAugH6th IA CavalaryJan 186321Germany3 years Nov 1865PrivatePrivateIAMarch 1883NoNo3
PayeJosephB42nd WIAug 186442 ME1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIMarch 1882NoNo
PicklerJohnD3rd IA CavalryAug 186228American3 years Jan 1866PrivateMajorIASep 1882NoNo101
PillsburyD WB57th WIAug 186215New Hampshire3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1883YesNoall
PritchardJohnB7th MNAug 186228Wales3 years Jan 1864PrivatePrivateMNMay 1884NoNoWas fighting IN most of the time
PurcellThomasD28th NYMay 186126 PA2 yearsAug 1865PrivateCorporal ILMarch 1883YesYesWounded in the head has much trouble with it not many battles he was not in
RandallW PB20th MIAug 186217 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate MIApril 1883NoYes31Prisoner May 1864 Anderson and Florence
ReedSeirus CI38th IA InfantryJan 1864 MI3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate IAApril 1881NoYes5
ReiceGeorge SA147 ILJan 186429 NY1 yearMay 1865PrivateSergeant ILApril 1883NoYesDischarge due to Rehumatism
RewdenMinerC12th WIOct 186123 OH3 yearsEnd of war 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1883YesYes8Was reenlisted served through the war
RobertsMadisonG6th MI ArtilleryMarch 186323 PA3 yearsSep 1865PrivatePrivate MIMarch 1883NoNoUnable to state number of engagements
RobinsonJohn L.B106th NYAug 186226 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivateSergeant NYMay 1879NoNo7
RobyJacob H.B10th WISep 186136American3 years or war over1864CaptainLt. Colonel WIMarch 1883YesYes17General engagements. Wounded 5 times
RoseHiramH44th MO InfantrySep 186445 IN1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate MNNov 1881NoNo1Prisoner at andersonville and several other places
RossLeumanE93rd NY InfantryNov 186218American3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIMay 1883YesYes8
S??Jenson HC50th NY EngineersAug 186127 VT3 yearsSep 1864Artillery OfficerArtillery Officer NYFeb 1883NoYes3Engineer Corps
SanbornLuason OH1st MI EngineersDec 186320American3 yearsJuly 1865Artillery OfficerArtillery Officer VTOct 1883NoNo
SayerEmmetK28th ? InfantryAug 186121American3 years Aug 1864PrivateCorporalIANov 1882NoNoGeneral engagements
SchanckPeterB29th WIAug 186220 NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIOct 1883NoNoConsumptive contracted while in army
ShirkJohn H.E79th PASep 186126 PA3 yearsApril 1865PrivatePrivate IAApril 1883NoNo9
ShultsJames N.A4th IL CavalrySep 186128Virginia4 1/2 years Feb 1866PrivatePrivateILMarch 1883YesNo1Kept guarding the rail records
SmithHiramK1st WI CavalryMarch 186445 VT3 yearsNov 1865PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1885YesYes6
SmithDavis SB18th NY InfantryJuly 186125American3 years Jan 1862PrivatePrivateWIApril 1882NoNo
SpencerFranklin1st & B31st MEJan 186425 MI3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateQtr. Sergeant MSJuly 1884NoNoUnable to state number of engagements
SpragueAlbbert J.B12th WIMay 186121 PA3 yearsPrivatePrivateWIMarch 1883NoNoNot at home. son cannot tell
SurmingMortimerA9th NY CalvarySep 186120American3 yearsJuly 1865Bugler1st Lieutenant IANov 1882YesNoAll to which the Army of Potomac initiated
ThayerRoy DB1st MI ArtilleryOct 186122 NY3 yearsFeb 1863PrivateBugler IAMarch 1882NoYes3
ThiedeEarnestK14th WI InfantryOct 186118Germany3 years Oct 1865PrivateCorporalWIMarch 1885NoNo8General engagements
TownsendLeviI5th MI InfantryAug 186121 NY5 yearsMarch 1863PrivateSergeant MIApril 1882YesYes9
TylerFrederickE13th IAOct 186419England1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate IAApril 1864NoNo4
UtleyHenry S3rd WI ArtilleryOct 186124 NY3 yearsOct 1865PrivateCorporal WIMarch 1882YesNo4
WakefieldJasperH12th IANov 186429American1 year Nov 1865PrivatePrivateIAMarch 1883NoNo11
WalkerWilliam M.C3rd WIJune 186121American3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1883YesNoTo numerous to mention
WeberMichaelB5th IA CavalryJuly 186717 IA3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1885NoNo8
WightHuerin JD17th IL InfantryMay 186121 OH3 yearsJune 1864PrivatePrivate ILApril 1883NoNo10
WilliamsHenryH55th PA186 NY3 years186PrivatePrivateNY Nov 1882YesYesNot at home. Wife did not know
WilliamsD WA1th NY ArtilleryAug 186326Wales3 years Aug 1865PrivatePrivateNYMarch 1883NoNo5Enlisted at Black Smith
WoodardWashingtonB7th PA Volunteers Sep 186119PA3 yearsOct 1864PrivatePrivate PAJune 1884NoNoUnable to state number of engagements
ZaelkeGustaveG52nd ILSep 186131 IL3 yearsPrivatePrivateIAApril 1883YesYes2Wounded April 7th, 1862 causing his discharge


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