South Dakota

Faulk County, South Dakota

1909 Faulkton Business Directory

Chapter 26 , "History of Faulk County, South Dakota"
Aberdeen, S.D.: Reprinted by North Plains Press, 1909

From the Faulk County Historical Society: "There are several known mistakes in the original edition but it was
not our intent to change any of Captain Ellis' wording; therefore the book is as it was printed in 1909."

Transcribed by K. Torp

Mack Baker Farm
Mack Baker's Farm Residence


As a business center Faulkton stands preeminently in the front rank, with the following branches of business established on a firm foundation, and doing a good paying business, viz:

The Security State bank, A. W. Morse, president.
The Merchants Bank of Faulkton, A. M. Moore, cashier.
General merchandise, C. M. Whitney & Son, proprietors.
Grocery and shoes, N. J. Frayn, proprietor, J. C. Lingo, manager.
General Merchandise Co., W. J. Grater, proprietor.
General Merchandise, George Stoddard, proprietor.
General Merchandise Co., W. J. Frad, proprietor.
Bakery, N. J. Frayn, proprietor; J. C. Lingo, manager.
Meat market, F. M. Ramsdell, proprietor.
Hardware, stoves, etc., Hollandsworth-Hart Co., proprietor; T. Picton, manager.
Hardware, farm machinery and general merchandise, J. H. Wallace, proprietor.
Farm machinery, harness and coal, A. A. Colgrove, proprietor.
Drug store, F. T. Reid, proprietor.
Drug store, S. Hall Jarvis, proprietor.
Furniture, A. Boiler, proprietor.
Watches, jewelry and silverware, L. A. Walker, proprietor.
Watch and clock repairing, W. A. Bowers.
Merchant tailor, C. Niemeyer.
Ready made clothing, C. Niemeyer, proprietor.
Newspaper and job printing, Bickell & Rice, proprietors.
Newspaper and job printing, Fremont Young, proprietor.
Faulkton Record, Bickell & Rice, editors.
Faulkton Advocate, Fremont Young, editor.
Post-office, Eva M. Young, postmaster.
Millinery and dress making, Misses E. & J. Paddock, proprietors.
Millinery, Mrs. G. F. Kreasch, proprietor.
Blacksmithing, horse shoeing and repairing, J. P. Turner, proprietor.
Blacksmithing, horse shoeing and repairing, James Cramer, proprietor.
Harness shop, Butler Lambert, proprietor.
Harness shop, John Bass, proprietor.
Automobile repair shop, Butler Lambert, proprietor.
Livery and sale stable, Headly & Clark proprietors.
Livery and sale stable, Snider & Branneman, proprietors.
Queen City Hotel, Capt. C. H. Ellis, proprietor.
The Gem Hotel, Rose M. Grater, proprietor.
Matt's Inn Hotel, M. J. Jarvis, proprietor.
Restaurant, Douglas Bros., proprietors.
City plumber, Geo. Zaelke.
Western Telephone Exchange, Mrs. J. H. Hays, proprietor.
Opera House, A. W. Morse, proprietor.
Pool, billiards and bowling alleys, Tuttle & Ingalls, proprietors.
Pool and billiard hall, Barney McGough, proprietor.
Atlas Lumber Co., C. J. Moll, manager.
Atlas Elevator Co., Olaf Opsetta, manager.
Faulkton Roller Mills, C. B. Dodge, proprietor.
Hollandsworth-Hart Lumber Co., Thos. Picton, manager.
Elevator, C. E. Warner, proprietor.
Bagley Elevator Company.
Real estate, F. M. Byrne.
Real estate, A. P. McDowell.
Real estate, F. A. Seaman.
Real estate, C. B. Chambers.
Real estate, Jensen Bros.
Real estate, F. A. Oulton.
Real estate, J. W. Hays.
Real estate, Phelps & Griffee.
Real estate, Burr & Seaman.
Abstract office, I. A. Cornwell.
Abstract office, J. W. Johnston.
Stockman and cattle buyer, P. H. O'Neil.
'Bus line, C. H. Ellis, proprietor.
'Bus line, S. F. Thorn, proprietor.
Painting and paper hanging, Chas. Greener.
Painter and paper hanger, H. J. Keppen.
Painter and paper hanger, Robert Drolet.
Undertaker and embalmer, F. A. Boiler.
Photographer, M. A. Cass.
Barber shop, Jarvis & Hansel, proprietors.
Barber shop, Geo. F. Kreasch, proprietor.
Dray line, A. W. Phelps, proprietor.
Dray line, S. F. Thorn, proprietor.
Dealer in ice, J. M. Dunsmore.
Dealer in ice, A. J. Flint.
Architects, contractors and builders, W. J. Dodds, Claus Johnson and M. S. McDearmon.
Contractors and builders, J. T. Garwood, A. L. Allen, and Wm. Nicholas.
House moving contractors, C. W. Miller & Son, and B. J. Tuttle.
Stone masons and plasterers, E. Hulet, J. C. Church, Vanmeerbeck & Ottart.
Surveyor and civil engineer, J. F. Armstrong.
Auctioneer, D. T. Lindburg.
Grain buyer, A. J. Wakefield.
Coal dealers, Atlas Elevator Co., J. H. Wallace, C. E. Warner and A. A. Colgrove.
Dealer in flour, butter, cream and eggs, T. R. Nanney.
Dealers in milk cream, live and dressed poultry, D. Roberts & Son.
Cement block factory, Vanmeerbeck & Ottart, proprietors.
Rag carpet factory, Victorena Rush, proprietor.
Notary publics, A. M. Moore, A. W. Morse, D. H. Latham, Mrs. D. H. Latham, Ruby McDearmon, Frank Turner, Eva Hines, C. B. Chambers, and I. A. Cornwell.
Stenographers and typewriters, Mrs. D. H. Latham Miss Ruby McDearmon, Miss Mary Bryden, Miss Mayme Brewer, Miss Fannie Bottum, Miss Gertrude Cornwell, Miss Rhea Griffee and Herbert Chambers.

Pastor Congregational church, Rev. A. A. Wood.
Pastor Methodist Episcopal church, Rev. E. Holgate,
Pastor Free, Rev. D. Waller.
Pastor Catholic church, Father Reilly.

Hon. J. A. Pickler, retired.
Hon. J. H. Bottum, judge of circuit court.
Frank Turner.
George J. Jarvis, judge of county court.
D. H. Latham.
F. E. Snider, state's attorney for Faulk county,

W. M. Edgerton, M. D.
Abbie A. Jarvis, M. D.
D. Carson, M. D.
A. J. McDowell, D. D. S.
Foster H. Pierce, V. S.
C. B. Reynolds, V. S.

Dr. W. M. Edgerton, mayor.
A. W. Morse, treasurer.
J. F. Armstrong, auditor.
F. E. Snider, city attorney.
C. C. Norton, assessor.
S. F. Thorn, chief of police.

First ward, H. L. Headly and Frank Oulton.
Second ward, C. W. Miller and F. T. Reid.
Third ward, A. Boller and W. B. Foncannon.

J. H. Bottum, Frank Turner, P. H. O'Neil, J. F. Armstrong and N. J. Frayn, directors.
J. H. Bottum, president; Frank Turner, vice president; C. C. Norton, clerk.

J. Jones, Jr., superintendent.
Hazel Louise Tompkins, first assistant principal.
Nellie Bottum, second assistant principal.
Mrs. J. Jones, grammar department.
Mae Race, first intermediate.
Mayme Byrne, second intermediate.
Margaret Nichol, primary department.

The manufacturing of concrete or cement blocks, one part Portland cement and ten parts sand, has become an established business in this city. A visit to the factory secured the following information from the gentlemanly proprietor, Mr. Vanmeerbeck.

There are now two buildings in the city of Faulkton, a barn owned by Mr. Ernest Hulet and the two story building on the corner of Ninth avenue and Court Street, the first floor of which is occupied by the Faulk county Abstract Company, I. Allen Cornwell manager, and P. H. O'Neil's office. The second floor by the Faulkton Commercial Club. Three thousand blocks are now completed towards a building for Mr. A. A. Colgrove, 50 by 100 feet and two stories.
These blocks are 24 inches long, 10 inches wide and 8 inches high, they are in two parts attached by four one-fourth inch wire, rods, allowing an air space through the middle of the wall, which will prevent all frost or dampness from the coldest of winter weather or extreme heat in summer.

The room required for this establishment is 20 by 28 feet with a shed 10 by 20 feet. The machinery used, including a gasoline engine, costs $700. A very little additional machinery would double the capacity of the factory, which is 70 or 75 blocks per day. As now running it requires a crew of three men at a cost of 30 cents per block. With some improvements in location and machinery and on a larger scale, these blocks should be had for $20.00 per hundred and completely displace lumber for the outside wall, if not for the partitions for the most of our buildings, at a much less cost while they would be almost fire proof.


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