South Dakota

Faulk County, South Dakota


SOURCE: Faulk County Record, Thursday, December 24, 1896, Page 8
Contributed by Harold Way


A number of invited friends and relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lower, near Seneca, last Thursday, December 17th, to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Lower have been closely identified with the history of the western part of the county since the first settlements. They have many friends and are popular with those who have formed their acquaintance.

Mr. Lower has made a success in Dakota and is now the owner of a large dairy interest which he is making a success of.

The following, is a number of those that were present:

- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kellett.

- Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kline.

- Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Griffee.

- Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Smith.

- Mr. and Mrs. G. S. treanor.

- Mr and Mrs. James Hamill

- Oscar Rice and sister.

- Dr. and Mrs. Eusch.

- Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Drake

- Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Thorn.

- Mr. and Mrs J. E. Skinner

- Mr and Mrs. O. A. Rogers

- Mr. Seeve Stout

They were presented with 150 pieces of china valued at $25 and including a beautiful dinner set.

May they see twenty more years of successful married life is the wish of all their friends.



On December 17th 1896, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lower was the scene of a very merry and joyous gathering, it being the happy occasion of their twentieth wedding anniversary.

By invitation, a jolly crowd of their neighbors and friends to the member of about twenty five assembled with them to participate in the happy event.

It is needless to say that Mr. and Mrs. Lower, with the assistance of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Rogers of Faulkton, right royally entertained their guests in a most pleasing manner with games and amusements of all kinds.

Supper being announced the guests partook of a bountiful repast such as Wills estimable wife knows well, how to provide.

In communication of the happy occasion and, as a token of the high esteem in which Mr. and Mrs. Lower are held, by those present, they were presented with a beautiful dinner set consisting of one hundred pieces also many other useful articles of china were in very rich designs.

May each day, throughout their lives, ever be as pleasant as it was on their twentieth wedding anniversary is the sincere wish of C. G.

SOURCE: Faulk County Record, Thursday, April 9, 1891, Page 4
Contributed by Harold Way


The friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Rist met at their home on Friday the 27th day of March 1891 to celebrate the fifty-fifth anniversary of their wedding day. This is one of the unusual events that happens so seldom that not one person among the guests remembered of such an occurrence.

Grandfather Rist as he is familiarly called was born in Vermont in 1812 and is now almost 89 years old. He will be remembered as one of the persons in Faulk county during the last presidential campaign that voted for Harrison in 1840.

Mr. Rist came to Dakota after he was past three score and ten to make him a home, and laughs at the hard time in Dakota and says they are nothing as compared to the hard times in Vermont when he was a boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Rist were married in Cuyayua county New York on the 27th of March 1836. What a vast amount of history they have lived to see made in the United States in that time.


Source: The Republican-Record, (Faulkton, South Dakota) Thursday, July 12, 1894, Page 8
Contributed by Harold Way


Golden Wedding Celebrated at the Home of Milton Johnson.

A most happy social event occurred at the residence of President Milton Johnson, of the Citizen's National bank, on North Water street, yesterday. The occasion was the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Mrs. Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Evans, of Waukesha, Wis.

Besides the bride and groom of half a century other members of the family from abroad were present as follows:
- A. L. Evans, wife and two children, from Denver, Colo.
- E. J. Evans, wife and one child, from Waukesh, Wis.
- A. E. Evans, wife and three children, from Faulkton, S.D.

These three families, together with that of Mrs. Johnson, and including the bride and groom, comprised the entire members of the family of the honored guests of the occasion, twenty-two in number. There were no formal exercises but impromptu after dinner remarks were indulged in by various members of the family and Mr. Johnson in behalf of the children and grand-children, presented the father of the family with a beautiful cane, and the mother with an elegant bound Oxford Bible. The can was an ebony stick, gold headed and silver tip. The head was engraved with the name of the receiver and the words, July 3, 1844 - July 3, 1894. The souvenirs of the occasion were sterling silver spoons, with lacquered work, appropriately engraved, and presented to the different members of the family by Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

The honored guests of the occasion were married at Lockport, N. Y., July 3, 1844, and two years after removed to the vicinity of Milwaukee, Wis., where as pioneers of that section they cleared away the forest and cultivated the old homestead, five miles from the present city limits, where all the children except the eldest, Mrs. Johnson, were born. Mr. Evans still retains this old homestead, but he and his wife now reside in the beautiful and well known watering place the village of Waukesha. Although aged respectively 75 and 73 years, they are hearty old people and bid fair to enjoy many more years of life and the society of their children.


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