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Alex Miller - Percheron Horse Breeder

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Source: Sanders, Alvin Howard (Compiler). In collaboration with Wayne DInsmore. "A History of the Percheron Horse..."" Chicago. Breeder's Gazette Print, 1917. Page 456-457
From a section in Chapter XII-"The New Century Dawns Auspiciously"

"Progress in South Dakota."" South Dakota, tenth in Percheron breeding, had a total of 171 breeders by 1910, and 701 Percherons bred in the state were foaled during this period. Alex Miller was the leading South Dakota breeder of this period, but his work practically ceased in 1905. During this half decade, however, he bred 54 Percherons of record, and his mares which passed into other studs have since made history. Miller-bred mares have won the highest honors at the International. La Belle 34982, one of the daughters of Brunelles 11415 (12162), was the champion American-bred mare of the International in 1911, and is today one of the greatest brood mares of the breed. Mr. Miller was one of the really constructive breeders of Percherons and South Dakota suffered a loss beyond calculation when he found it necessary to curtail his Percheron breeding operations.

J. J. Fry, James R. Warden, W. H. Miller, A. D. McClelland & Son, Hugh McGlinchy and M. A. Hommersand were other leading breeders in the state. None of them bred a large number of Percherons, but they produced horses much above the average in the state, and by their work and their exhibitions at local shows did much to raise the standard of draft horses in the state.

Marked improvement in the common horses produced in South Dakota was effected during this time, and the average selling price of Dakota-bred geldings advanced decidedly because of the wide-spread distribution of Percheron sires, due largely to the work of the small breeders.


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