South Dakota

Faulk County, South Dakota

Civil War Veterans

Chapter 15, "History of Faulk County, South Dakota"
Aberdeen, S.D.: Reprinted by North Plains Press, 1909

Transcribed by K. Torp

Among the early coiners to Dakota were a large number of Civil War veterans. To those who were able to endure the hardships and privations of pioneer life, the homestead, pre-emption and tree claim laws of the United States offered great inducements. To a class of men whose business had been destroyed by the ravages of the Civil War, there was much to lead them. Grand Army posts were organized, and while the discussion of political affairs was excluded from regular post meetings, there is not a doubt that the power and influence of these organizations did much to shape and materialize the political ascendancy of republican party in Faulk county, and in fact in the entire State of South Dakota.

The old soldiers as a class were second to none in sturdy manhood, and in their devotion to home and country. These brave men are answering to the last roll call. Soldiers' homes will be turned to other uses and the Grand Army posts will soon close their doors forever to the veterans of the Civil War.

The Faulkton post has borne upon its rolls many honored names of veterans who have already answered the last roll call. At the present time seventeen names appear upon the roll. Many of the old soldiers are too feeble to regularly attend the meetings of the post, and were it not for the assistance and encouragement they receive from the loyal members of the devoted and hard working Woman's Relief Corps, who so faithfully came to their support, they would have ere now, ceased to exist. This popular, worthy and successful organization bears upon its roIIs at the present day the names of the following and faithful workers:

John A. Pickler
John Swearngen
M. S. McDearmon
Geo. J. Jarvis
John W. Hays
A. A. Andrews
Thomas O'Neil
D. W. Pillsbury
John A. Shirk
Robert Knapton
C. H. Derr
A. J. Sprague
John Pafford
Jasper Wakefield
Edwin McComb
Henry A. Wilkinson

Phil H. Sheridan Post, No. 72, Department of South Dakota, is located in the city of Faulkton, in Faulk county. The first regular step toward effecting the organization was at the time of holding the memorial service, heretofore referred to in this history, on the 30th of May, 1884. Major Pickler was elected commander of the post. Since its organization the names of one hundred and eight veterans have been borne upon its rolls. Removals, death and other causes have reduced that number to eighteen. The following worthy comrades have been elected to the office of commander:

J. A. Pickler
Charles H. Gardner
M. S. McDearmon
John H. Shirk
M. Summy
H. W. Bailey
Ernest Thiede
A. P. Cavit
George J. Jarvis
Joel Rush
John W. Hays
John Pafford
A. J. Sprague

After 24 years, in 1908, Major Pickler was again elected post commander.

At an early day a lot was set aside in the Faulkton cemetery for soldiers of the Civil War, in which the following have been laid to rest, and where, each Memorial Day markers are set up and the stars and stripes wave over their graves, viz:

Levi Morse
A. A. Morse
Henry M. Metz
James Carn
Adam Findeis
Henry Potter
Joel Rush
Solomon Trude
Clark Rice

Ere another twenty-four years shall have passed, the hall of the Faulkton Grand Army Post and Woman's Relief Corps will cease to exist so far as its present users are concerned, but as a memorial to its worthy dead may it ever stand.


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