Hamlin County

1885 Civil War Union Veterans Census

Contributed by Linda Natale

Last NameFirst NameCoRegimentDate EnrolledAgeStateEnlistmentEnd ServiceBeginning RankEnding RankFromArrived in SDWoundedPensionedEngagementsRemarks
ArnsheinJosephB"51st Wisconsin Volunteers"March 186529Wisconsin1 yearAugust 1865PrivatePrivateIowaMarch 1883NoNoNoRegiment mustered out
AshtonPerry IH24th New York CavalryDecember 186318New York3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateIllinoisApril 1883NoNo6
BandA MM1st Ohio CavalryAugust 186121Pennsylvania3 yearsSeptember 1865Private1st LieutenantMissouriApril 1879YesNo101
BaughfmanJeffI88th Ohio VolunteersJuly 186315Kentucky3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateWisconsinApril 1878NoNoEmployed in hospital duty for one year during which his regiment was in action
BeebeWilliam H HG16th Wisconsin VolunteersOctober 186121Vermont3 yearsAugust 1862PrivateCorporalWisconsinJune 1883YesYes10
BennetJeremiahD14th Wisconsin VolunteersFebruary 186441New York3 yearsJune 1864PrivatePrivateWisconsinMarch 1879NoNoDischarged by being captured whilst on duty
CamehornAdam HC36th Wisconsin InfantryFebruary 186429Pennsylvania3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateCorporalWisconsinMay 1882YesYes
CampbellHarryI52nd Illinois InfantryFebruary 186244Ireland3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateIowaNovember 1879NoNo4
CambellWalter I6th Missouri InfantryJune 186116Illinois3 yearsMarch 1865PrivatePrivateIllinoisMarch 1883NoNoMrs. Campbell could not find discharge
ComptonSylvesterH32nd Wisconsin VolunteersAugust 186220Ohio3 yearsAugust 1865PrivatePrivateMinnesotaApril 1879NoNo8
CookCharlesI3rd Missouri State Militia CavalryApril 186239New York3 yearsMay 1865PrivateSergeantMissouriMay 1881YesNo20Discharged by reason of surgeon's certificate of disability
CurtisHiram HB40th Wisconsin VolunteersMay 186419Wisconsin100 daysSeptember 1864PrivatePrivateWisconsinMarch 1883NoNo1
CurtisFrances EG7th Wisconsin VolunteersSeptember 186428New York1 yearJanuary 1863PrivatePrivateWisconsinApril 1879YesYes7Reenlisted August 1864 for 1 yr in 1st Wisconsin Artillery and discharged June 1865
DavisAsherG2nd USA CavalrySeptember 187122England5 yearsSeptember 1876Private1st SergeantIllinoisAugust 1880NoNo5Mr Davis was in the Regular Army. Served in Montana during the five years for which he enlisted
DixonRobertE55th IllinoisSeptember 186126Ireland3 yearsFebruary 1864PrivateCaptainIllinoisOctober 1882NoNo36Over 200 days under fire
DrewIsaacH48th WisconsinMarch 186549Vermont1 yearJanuary 1866PrivateCorporalWisconsinMay 1882NoNoNone
DuboyceJereymire HB3rd Wisconsin InfantryOctober 186432New York1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivateMinnesotaMay 1878NoNoNone
EdwardsJohnC69th Indiana InfantryApril 186125Wales3 yearsMarch 1865Private3rd SergeantWisconsinApril 1879NoNo8
FraryGeorge BMay 1885NoNoMr Frary was away from home and wife could not find discharge
FriestAlfhensE14th Maine InfantryNovember 186418Maine3 yearsMarch 1863PrivatePrivateIllinoisSeptember 1883YesYes2Reenlisted February 1864 in Company D, 1st Maine Cavalry and Discharged July 1865 being wounded at Weldon Railroad
FultonJames MF16th New York InfantryJune 186125New York2 yearsDecember 1865PrivatePrivateNew YorkJune 1880NoNo4James M Fulton never recovered bounty and the state of New York ows him three months Pay
GeorgeFredrick I12th Wisconsin ArtilleryJanuary 186140Germany3 yearsFebruary 1863Private?IowaMarch 1883YesNo3Discharged for disability. Inducible Scrotal hernia certified by eight surgeons
GettlemanAdam G14th IllinoisJanuary 186417Germany3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateIllinoisMarch 1884NoNo2Was at Atlanta and belonged to the Army of the Tennessee
GoombesJas aI19th Massachusetts VolunteersJuly 186118Massachusetts3 yearsAugust 1864PrivatePrivateWisconsinJune 1879YesNo80
GreenMiltonF25th Wisconsin InfantryAugust 186232Wisconsin3 yearsMay 1864PrivatePrivateWisconsinApril 1882YesYesUnknown
GreenChesterI14th Wisconsin VolunteersDecember 186320New York3 yearsOctober 1865PrivateCorporalWisconsinMay 1881NoNo14Veteran Volunteer reenlisted December 1863 was at battles Shiloh, Corinth, Vicksburg, Fort Spansh
GreenleyHirum BK34th New York InfantryApril 186118New York2 yearsJanuary 1863PrivatePrivateWisconsinApril 1880YesYes6
GriffinJohnH21st InfantryNovember 186525Ireland3 yearsNovember 1868PrivateCorporalWisconsinMarch 1879NoNo40Reenlisted in Company K, 21st Regiment on December 1868. Discharged June 1871.
HarringdonM WE100th IllinoisAugust 186229Vermont3 yearsFebruary 1864PrivatePrivateIllinoisFebruary 1884YesYes2
HessFrank WE28th Pennsylvania InfantryApril 186516Pennsylvania3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateMichiganJuly 1884NoNoNWas Allson Veteran Volunteer in 1st Vermont Cavalry was wounded for Richmond on the 8th of April was twice taken prisoner confined in Andersonville, Bell Allen, and Libby Prison was in Jim Stonemars Bridade
HigginsFarley EL1st Wisconsin CavalryFebruary 186114Wisconsin3 yearsMay 1863MusicianMusicianWisconsinJune 1880YesNo20Discharged for disability caused by chronic diarrhea
HillsH LL1st New York Light ArtilleryAugust 186430New York1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivateNew YorkMarch 1882NoNo4
JardineJohnD16th New York CavalryMay 186321Scotland3 yearsSeptember 1865PrivateSergeantCanadaMarch 1884YesNo6016th and 13th New York Cavalry at close of war was consolidated as 3rd Provisional New York Regular Cavalry
JohnsonJay JH1 Colorado VolunteersSeptember 186125New York3 yearsDecember 1864PrivateCaptainMississippiMay 1882NoNo3
JonesWilliam H42nd WisconsinFebruary 186518Scotland1 yearFebruary 1865PrivatePrivateWisconsinOctober 1884NoNoNone
JonesDavid WG15th Wisconsin Volunteer InfantryOctober 186118New York3 yearsJuly 1862Private?WisconsinJune 1883NoYes5Discharged by Surgeon's certificate of disability under General Order 65 War Department
KinseyFoster W6th New York Independent BatteryJune 186122New Jersey3 yearsJune 1864PrivatePrivateIllinoisMay 1881NoNo12
LeisureW JG28th IllinoisAugust 186124Indiana3 yearsOctober 1865PrivateSergeantIowaApril 1883NoNoBelonged to the army of the Tennessee
LentginJohnC14th Wisconsin October 186435Germany1 yearOctober 1865PrivatePrivateWisconsinMay 1881NoNoDischarged at Mobile
LetzlaffAgustusB42nd Wisconsin InfantryMarch 186435Prussia1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivateWisconsinMay 1883NoNoNone
LockeHiram LA107th New York VolunteersJune 186214New York3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateWisconsinMay 1880NoNo21
MarunieGeorge A28th Pennsylvania VolunteersJune 186121Pennsylvania3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivatePennsylvaniaFebruary 1880NoNo40Was with Sherman on his March from Atlanta to the sea
MillerCharles MH43rd Ohio InfantryOctober 186118Ohio3 yearsOctober 1862PrivatePrivateMinnesotaNovember 1880YesYes7
ParmerPeter PL1st Wisconsin Heavy ArtillerySeptember 186316Vermont3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateWisconsinFebruary 1884NoNoNone
ParsonsWilliamD11th Wisconsin InfantrySeptember 186118New York3 yearsSeptember 1865Private2nd CorporalIowaOctober 1880NoYesAll the battlesBattle of Fredricksburg
PattersonPeter I13th New YorkOctober 186124New York18 monthsMay 1863PrivateCorporalIowaApril 1882NoNo30Confined in Libby Prison 4 months. Taken prisoner at seven day fight
PooreS BA188th New York VolunteersSeptember 186432New York1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivateIllinoisMarch 1883NoNo6
RobertsonRufus AI4th Wisconsin CavalryJune 186123New York3 yearsJuly 1864PrivateSergeantWisconsinJune 1878NoNo8Went to New Orleans with General Button and was at Baton Rouge, Grand Gulf
RoswellJames SM1st New England CavalryJanuary 186223New Hampshire3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateNew HampshisreMarch 1878YesYesover 20
SayersDanielC8th Illinois InfantryApril 186121New York3 yearsMay 18662nd LieutenantMajorIllinoisApril 1880YesNo23
SedgwickF1st Colorado CavalryAugust 186127New York3 yearsOctober 1864PrivatePrivateIllinoisSeptember 1883NoNo3Skirmishing for two weeks
SeeleyCharles WF13th New York ArtilleryAugust 186321New York3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivateNew YorkMay 1878NoNo1
SharpJohn CM18th New York VolunteersJanuary 186419New York3 yearsMay 1866CorporalSergeantWisconsinMarch 1878NoNo3
SourDaniel HD14th WisconsinJanuary 186219Canada3 yearsOctober 1865PrivateCorporalMichigan1879NoNo10
SpingerH MF1st Colorado CavalryAugust 186119Illinois3 yearsOctober 1864PrivatePrivateIllinoisOctober 1883NoNo3
SterlingHarveyK1st Wisconsin ArtillerySeptember 186124New York3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateMinnesotaMarch 1878NoNoHarvey Sterling was not at home, could not find out how many battles he was in
TaylorMillard FI48th Wisconsin InfantryJanuary 186516New York1 yearFebruary 1866PrivatePrivateWisconsinMarch 1881NoNoNone
VosburghJacobC106th New YorkFebruary 186420New York3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivateNew YorkApril 1883YesYesWounded at Cold Harbor 1 month after enlistment. Taken prisoner and sent to Richmond
WalklinMathewE49th Wisconsin VolunteersFebruary 186533England1 yearNovember 1865PrivatePrivateWisconsinNovember 1878NoNoNone
WaltzLeviD19th Regiment InfantryMarch 186418Ohio3 yearsMarch 1867PrivatePrivateWisconsinApril 1880NoNo4
WellsDexterDScots 900New York3 yearsPrivateNew YorkApril 1882NoYesMr Wells was not at home, could not get any further information
WoodsWilliam WA113th IllinoisAugust 186221England3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivateIllinoisJune 1883NoNo6Arkansas post. Vicksburg.


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