South Dakota

Hand County, South Dakota

1880 Census

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No townships noted

Dwelling Name Age & Sex Occupation Place of Birth
136/136 Munyon, A. J. 35M Stock Raiser N.Y.

Bull, J. S. 72M Stock Raiser ----

Bull, W. C. 32M Stock Raiser Mich.

Hulbert, L. W. 25M Stock Raiser N.Y.
137/137 Platte, Starr 29M Stock Raiser N.Y.
138/138 Groher, M. 25M Stock Raiser Wis.
139/139 Kennedy, E. 35M Stock Raiser Penn.

Kennedy, F. 24M Stock Raiser Penn.
140/140 Brewster, W. J. 21M Stock Raiser Conn.

Baldwin, I. M. 18M Farm Hand Can.
141/141 Clark, H. H. 18M Farmer N.Y.

McGregor, Wm. 42M Laborer Sc.

Hasta, M. 20M Laborer Nor.

Anderson, A. 21M Laborer Sw.

Peterson, A. E. 31M Laborer Nor.

Johnson, Jos. 24M Laborer Wis.

Kleft, Chas. 32M Laborer Sw.

Anderson, Nels 28M Laborer Sw.

Johnson, L. G. 40M Laborer Sw.

Erickson, P. 26M Laborer Sw.

Oleson, Ole 29M Laborer Nor.

Dana, Jno. 22M Laborer Nor.

Johnson, H. 20M Laborer Sw.

Larsen, J. 35M Laborer Nor.

Colwell, J. 21M Laborer Minn.

Colwell, C. 22M Laborer Minn.

Peterson, F. 16M Laborer Sw.

Hatland, C. 23M Laborer Nor.

Peterson, H. 23M Laborer Nor.

Johnson, E. 24M Laborer Nor.

Larsen, N. 25M Laborer Nor.

Erickson, P. 25M Laborer Nor.

Rittleson, S. 43M Laborer Nor.

Anderson, A. 40M Laborer Sw.

Johnson, E. 23M Laborer Nor.

Johnson, J. 26 Laborer Nor.

Smithburg, A. 40M Laborer Sw.

Larsen, J. 40M Laborer Nor.

Johnson, S. E. 22M Laborer Sw.

Linder, J. F. 37M Laborer Sw.

Hasta, T. 22M Laborer Wis.

Hatland, Jas. 25M Laborer Nor.
142/142 Alluth, J. 23M Boarding house Nor.

Alluth, Martha 19F Boarding house Nor.

Klyft, A. S. 19M Laborer Sw.
143/143 Stentland, T. S. 29M Laborer Nor.

Stentland, E. M. 27F   Nor.

Stentland, O. 2M   Wis.

Stentland, A. H. 6/12M   Wis.
144/144 Bergstrom, C. 34M Laborer (illegible)

Bergstrom, Helen 28F Keeps house (illegible)

Johnson, Olivia 14F (sister-in-law) (illegible)
145/145 Bergstrom, Aug. 41M Laborer (illegible)

Bergstrom, Lizzie 44F Keeps house Sw

Bergstrom, Mary 12F   Sw

Bergstrom, Eliz. 7F   Sw
146/146 Jacobson, C. 34M Boarding house Sw

Jacobson, Jannie 33F Boarding house Norway

Jacobson, Mary 7F   Sweden

Gull, E. 53M Laborer Sweden

Gull, Annie 65F   Sweden

Tonstadt, Louis 40M Laborer Sweden

Oquist, Andrew 40M Laborer Sweden

Oestrich, O. C. 39M Laborer (illegible)

Hetland, G. 38M Laborer Wis.

Anderson, N. L. 31?M Laborer Nor.

Helgerson, A. 30M Laborer Sw.

Nolan, Wm. 35M Laborer Nor.

Lommrud, O. S. 34M Laborer Minn.

Nordland, R. 33M Laborer Nor.

Nickerson, Ole 32M Laborer Sw.

Sever, D. 31M Laborer Nor.

Meehan, C. 31M Laborer Wis.

Jenkins, B. 29M Laborer Can.

Colson, Louis 23?M Laborer Ill.

Odegaard, P. 23?M Laborer Sw.

Dexter, B. 22?M Laborer Norway

Oleson, H. 28M Laborer Nor.
147.147 Oleson, Gunder 24M Keeps Board. House Nor.

Oleson, Marg. 36F Keeps Board. House Nor.

Oleson, And. 13M   Minn.

Oleson, Osen 11M   Minn.

Oleson, B. 7M   Minn.

Oleson, P. 5M   Minn.

Oleson, Annie 3F   Minn.

Elet, Geo. 44M Laborer Ind.

Holcomb, J. M. 20M Laborer Iowa

Robinson, Martha 49F   Can.

Robinson, Henry 46M Laborer Eng.

Elet, F. 13M Laborer Wis.

Chandler, W. O. 21M Laborer Wis.

Steinbeck, E. J. 23M Civil Eng. Syria

Park, G. W. 36M Laborer Ill.

Jewell, G. F. 23M Laborer Iowa

Revard, Henry 23M Laborer Wis.

Nichols, A. C. 35M Laborer (illegible)

Doyles, T. J. 26M Laborer Wis.

Hanson, Ole 30M Laborer Sw.

Riff, W. W. 23M Laborer N.Y.

Johnson, R. 30M Laborer Me.

Moore, G. D. 23M Laborer N.Y.

Daum, T. 26M



Doyle, P. 36M Laborer Wis.

Berg, L. 45M Laborer Nor.

Stedman, W.?. 18M Laborer Wis.

McElroy, A. R. 30M Laborer Ohio

Gibbs, John 18M Laborer Wis.

McCarty, D. 24M Laborer Iowa

Hackett, R. F. 22M Laborer Wis.

Andrews, J. 24M Laborer Wis.

Lee, A. 28M Laborer Iowa

Lee, Wm. 21M Laborer Iowa

Andrews, C. 19M Laborer Wis.

Gilfillan, Wm. 24M Laborer Can.

Bostick, G. W. 26M Laborer Wis.
148/148 Bostick, W.H. 43M Keeps boarding house Conn.

Bostick, M. J. 38F Keeps boarding house N. Y.

Bostick, E. S. 14M   Wis.

Bostick, C. H. 10M   Wis.

Bostick, D. E. 7F   Minn.

Bostick, A. C. 5M   Minn.

Bostick, A. H. 2M   Minn.

Oleson, Ole 29M Laborer Nor.

Peterson, L. 24M Laborer Nor.

Madin, Fred. 44M Laborer Sw.

O'Neil, Thos. 23M Laborer Ky.

Enderson, J. 22M Laborer Nor.

Hamberg, A. G. 29M Laborer Sw.

Callahan, S. W. 27M Laborer Pa.
149/149 Riff, Wm. 48M Laborer N.Y.

Riff, Eliza 40F Keeps house Can.

Riff, D. M. 13F   Ill.
150/150 Goodall, M. B. 37M Laborer N.Y.

Goodall, Harriet 47F Keeps house N. Y.

Goodall, Fred 14M   Iowa

Goodall, Frank 11M   Iowa
151/151 Bates, Chas. 23M Laborer Minn.

Bates, Alice 18F Keeps house Iowa

Fisher, B. 24M Laborer Ill.

Wood, Wm. 23M Laborer Neb.

Myers, J. B. 34M Laborer Pa.
152/152 Stafford, Ed. 42M Laborer Can.

Stafford, Eliza 36F Keeps house Mich.

Stafford, J. F. 17M   Mich.

Stafford, Etta C. 14F   Mich.

Stafford, A. J. 11M   Mich.

Stafford, Maude 6F   Dakota

Dickinson, A. L. 19M Clerk Wis.

Davis, Albert 21M Laborer Mich.

Jacobson, T. F. 30M Laborer Nor.

Hammersby, R. F. 25M Clerk N.Y.

Hand, Ellis 28M Laborer Ill.

Foster, F. C. 23M Laborer N.Y.



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