1900 Hand County Census

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Wheaton Township

June 16, 1900


DwellingNameRelation to HeadBirthAge & SexPlace of BirthOccupationNotes
72Joyce, PatrickHeadApril 185446MMassachusettsFarmer
FrancesWifeDec 187524FIowamarried 6 years, 4 children born and still living
JohnSonApr 18946MSouth Dakota
PeterSonDec 18954MSouth Dakota
MaryDaughterDec 18972FSouth Dakota
JosephSonSep 18998/12MSouth Dakota
JohnBrotherMay 185248MMassachusettsFarmer
73Joyce, ThomasHeadJan 185941MWisconsinFarmer
74Baxter, WilliamHeadJune 185148MCanadaFarmerimmigrated 1882; naturalized
SarahWifeJuly 186336FPennsylvaniamarried 15 years; 6 children born, 5 still living
FranklinSonNov. 188712MSouth DakotaAt School
DeltaDaughterApr 189010FSouth DakotaAt School
GeneviaDaughterJan 18937FSouth Dakota
WilliamSonMar 18964MSouth Dakota
MaryDaughterSep 18981FSouth Dakota
75Bobseen, FredrickHeadSep 185841MGermanyFarmerImmigrated 1868, naturalized
Mary E.WifeMay 186535FIndianamarried 13 years, 6 children born, 4 still living
Leslie D.SonJune 18909FIndiana
FrankSonJan 18928MIndiana
Marthy J.DaughterSep 18936FIndiana
Altia P.DaughterJuly 18954FIndiana
76Smith, Sei...dHeadJan 185446MNew YorkFarmer
GeorgiaWifeFeb 185446FVirginiamarried 25 years, 0 children born
77Schade, AlbertHeadMay 184555MGermanyFarmerwidowed; immigrated 1883, naturalized
FrankSonJune 188020MGermany
LeoSonApr 188119MGermany
LenaDaughterJune 188218FGermany
MaxSonJan 188614MSouth DakotaAt School
AlbertSonApr 188812MSouth DakotaAt School
GeorgeSonFeb 189010MSouth DakotaAt School
78Irwin, RobertHeadAug 182970MIrelandFarmerimmigrated 1882, naturalized
HannahWifeJan 183466FCanadamarried 47 years, 12 children born (all living), immigrated 1882
AlonzoSonDec 187623MCanadaFarmerimmigrated 1882
SadieDaughter In LawAug 188217FMinnesotamarried 0 years, 0 children born
ElmerGrd SonJune 188415MSouth DakotaAt School
79Ellis, OtisHeadJan 183565MCanadaFarmerimmigrated 1837
AmeliaWifeunknownMinnesotamarried 35 years; 6 children born, 5 still living
AmasaSonAug 188118MMinnesota
CharlesSonNov 188415MMinnesotaAt School
80Irwin, JohnHeadMar 185842MCanadaFarmerimmigrated 1879, naturalized
MatildaWifeOct 186336FMichiganmarried 19 years; 4 children born, 4 still living
Grace E. [hard to read]DaughterApr 188218FSouth DakotaAt School
George H.SonFeb 188416MSouth DakotaAt School
Hannah M.DaughterFeb 188614FSouth DakotaAt School
ThomasSonNov 188712MSouth DakotaAt School
81Smith, FredHeadJan 185941MGermanyFarmerimmigrated 1866; naturalized
AnnaWifeJune 186633FWisconsinmarried 14 years; 0 children born, 0 children still living
LillyAdpt [?] DaughterNov. 18955FWisconsinunknown where parents born
Tyler, EphraimBoarderNov. 188910MSouth DakotaAt School
82Sell, John J.HeadMar 184555MGermanyFarmerimmigrated 1846
PercillaWifeDec 184653FPennsylvaniamarried 34 years, 4 children born, 4 children still living
DavidSonJune 187623MIowaFarmer
EdithDaughter in LawDec 187722FIowamarried 2 years, no children
83Buchholz, EdwardHeadMay 187624MGermanyFarmerimmigrated 1893, "Pa" for naturlization
NettieWifeDec 187821FIllinoismarried 2 years, 1 child born, 1 child living
WesleySonFeb 18991MSouth Dakota
84Kroning, PaulHeadMar 186139MGermanyFarmerimmigrated 1872, naturalized
AnnaWifeApr 186832FGermanyimmigrated 1882; married 15 years, 8 children born & still living
CarlSonApr 188614MSouth DakotaAt School
AugustaDaughterNov 188712FSouth DakotaAt School
PaulSonMar 188911MSouth DakotaAt School
HenrySonNov 18909MSouth Dakota
ThomasSonJune 18927MMissouri
LouisaDaughterJune 18927FMissouri
AnnaDaughterApr 18946FNebraska
HarrySonMar 18982MSouth Dakota
85Miller, AlbertHeadNov 186336MWisconsinFarmer
HenriettaWifeJune 187326FGermanymarried 7 years; 4 children born and still living
MinnieDaughterAug 18945FSouth Dakota
CarolineDaughterNov 18963FSouth Dakota
EdithDaughterJan 18982FSouth Dakota
MyrleDaughterOct 18997/12FSouth Dakota
86Fallon, JohnHeadFeb 186337MWisconsinFarmer
LizzieWifeJuly 187227FWisconsinmarried 6 years, 3 children born and still living
AlliceDaughterOct 18954FSouth Dakota
MaggieDaughterSep 18972FSouth Dakota
JamesSonDec 18951MSouth Dakota
87Sell, JohnHeadFeb 187426MSouth DakotaFarmer
RosaWifeFeb 187822FGermanymarried 2 years, no children; immigrated 1882
88Hinkley, Jesse F.HeadOct 186138MWisconsinFarmer
MatieWifeSep 187128FIowamarried 8 years, no children
89Sell, LewisHeadJan 186238MMinnesotaFarmer
LouiseWifeApr 187426FGermanymarried 3 years, 1 children born and still living
NoraDaughterMar 18982FSouth Dakota
Williams, ThomasBoarderSept 184851MNew YorkFarmer
90Mill, EarnestHeadApr 186139MGermanyFarmerimmigrated 1861; naturalized
AlvinaWifeMar 186337FGermanymarried 14 years, 1 child born, 1 still living
MableDaughterJuly 188613FSouth DakotaAt School
91Sisson, Orvee A.HeadApr 184456MOhioFarmer
SarahWifeJune 184554FNew Yorkmarried 32 years, 6 children born and still living
WilliamSonOct 187722MWisconsin
GeorgeSonMay 188515MSouth DakotaAt School
92Sisson, LewisHeadDec 187326MWisconsinFarmer
AnnaWifeNov 187425FMinnesotamarried 4 years, 3 children born & still living
ViolasDaughterJan 18973FSouth Dakota
VirgilSonJan 18982MSouth Dakota
RenaDaughterOct 18998/12FSouth Dakota
93Kono, FrederickHeadDec 186336MWisconsinFarmer
MinnieWifeAug 186930FWisconsinmarried 8 years, 2 children born, 2 still living
ElmerSonSep 18927MSouth Dakota
IdaDaughterJan 18955FSouth Dakota
94Porter, Henry B.HeadNov 183664MNew YorkFarmer
Charlotte R.WifeJuly 184752FWisconsinmarried 28 years, 3 children born, 2 still living
ClaraDaughterNov 187623FWisconsinMusic Teacher
ClarenceSonFeb 188119MWisconsinAt School
95Bowles, FranklinHeadOct 187227MIowaFarmer
JennieWifeJan 187822FPennsylvaniamarried 1 year, no children
96Joyce, MichaelHeadJuly 185544MMassachusettsFarmer
RosannWife Mar 185941FWisconsin married 13 years, 8 children born and still living
GertrudeDaughterDec 188712FSouth Dakota
GraceDaughterJan 188911FSouth Dakota
EdwinSonMay 189010MSouth Dakota
DonaldSonSep 18918MSouth Dakota
AnnaDaughter Feb 18937FSouth Dakota
EugeneSonMar 18946MSouth Dakota
RoseDaughterSep 18954FSouth Dakota
GenevieveDaughterDec 18972FSouth Dakota
97Miller, CharlesHeadMar 186535MWisconsinFarmer
98Vens, BarneyHeadJan 184951MGermanyFarmerimmigrated 1872; naturalized
BarnadenaWifeJuly 185347FGermanyimmigrated 1871; married 27 years, 4 children born, 3 still living
JohnSonFeb 187921MIowaFarmer
99Whitman, JohnHeadblankblankIndianaFarmersingle




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