1900 Hand County Census

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York Township


DwellingNameRelation to HeadBirthAge & SexPlace of BirthOccupationNotes
51/51Dowler, A. JamesheadFeb 185743MIowaFarmermarried 20 years
Dowler, OliewifeMay 185842FIowa
Dowler, BerthadauOct 188118FIowaTeacher
Dowler, HazeldauNov 18945FSouth Dakota
52/52Brown, TheodoreheadJune 185643/44MIllinoisFarmermarried 16 years
Brown, MarywifeMay 186238FGermany
Brown, Axlaxander [sic]fatherMay 182773MOhiomarried 52 years
Brown, E. CathrinemotherSep 183070FVirginia
Brown, HenryadoptedAug 188712/13MIllinoisFarm Laborer
53/53Haskins, JaelheadJan 186040MIllinoisFarmermarried 18 years
Haskins, GracewifeSep 187524/25FIllinois
Haskins, VioletdauApr 188515FIllinoisServant
Haskins, VictordauJan 188812FIllinoisat school
Haskins, AlicedauMch 189010FIowaat school
Haskins, JessiedauMay 18955FNorth Dakota
Owen, RichardlaborSep 186633/34MWalesFarm Laborermarried 8 years
Owen, L. CarriewifeOct 187227/28FIllinois
Owen, VianndauNov 18937FSouth Dakota
Owen, B. JessiedauApr 18965-AprSouth Dakota
54/54Palmer, B. SamuelheadNov 184752/53MPennsylvaniaFarmermarried 24 years
Palmer, ElmedawifeJan? 184852MPennsylvania
Palmer, C. WessleysonJan 187723MPennsylvaniaFarm Labor
Palmer, L. EasterdauApr 188416FIowaServant
Palmer, P. CalvinsonMay 189010MIowaat school
Palmer, OtissonJan 18937MSouth Dakota
Palmer, C. WelcomfatherApr 182457MNew YorkFarm Labormarried 57 years
Palmer, EastermotherFeb 182773FPennsylvania
Palmer, H. JamessonMay 186733MWisconsinFarm Labor
Palmer, Johng. sonFeb 188416MIowaFarm Labor
55/55Parks, Ebiu...headMch 186446MMichiganFarmermarried 7 years
Parks, AddiewifeOct 187128/29FIowa
Parks, MinniedauNov 188713-DecSouth Dakotaat schoolbirthplace of father is "don't know"
Parks, Ern...sonOct 18945/6MSouth Dakota
Parks, BerthadauJan 18964MSouth Dakota"male", name Bertha
Parks, AlicedauJan 18982MSouth Dakota"male", name Alice
56/56Odle, CalebheadFeb 185446MNew YorkFarmermarried 15 years
Odle, M. Amora?wifeOct 186138FIowa
Odle, MaryettadauJan 188614FIowa
Odle, EssiedauFeb 189010FIowaat school
Odle, JohnsonJun 18918MSouth Dakota
Odle, CeliadauAug 18936FSouth Dakota
Odle, EarnestsonMch? 18964MSouth Dakota
Odle, OrriesonSep 18981MSouth Dakota
57/57McCarty, RobertheadOct 185544/45MNew Yorkmarried 24 years
McCarty, RosewifeJul 185940/41FNew York
McCarty, ElliadauDec ????18FNew YorkTeaches School
McCarty, RobertsonFeb 188713MSouth DakotaFarm laborer
McCarty, ElmersonMay? 188911MSouth Dakotaat school
McCarty, Addiedau??? 18955FSouth Dakota
illegible nameservantAp 1874?26MCanadaFarm Labor
Dennis, IsabelservantSep 188118FMichiganServant
King, CatharinenurseMch 184961FNew JerseyNursewidowed; birth year of 1849 and age 61 do not match
58/58Crstensen [sic], NielsheadNov 184653MDenmarkFarmermarried 20 years
Crstensen [sic] JohannawifeFeb 185643FDenmark
Crstensen [sic], John...sonFeb 188020MDenmarkFarm labor
59/59Walton, LincolnheadOct 186336/37MIowaFarmermarried 17 years
Walton, J. MarywifeDec 186534FIowa
Walton, ClarancesonNov 188317MSouth DakotaFarm Labor
Walton, FranksonJul 188514/15MSouth Dakotaat school
Walton, FrancesdauAug 188712/13FSouth Dakotaat school
Walton, GeorgesonAug 188910/11MSouth Dakotaat school
Walton, LincolnsonNov 18918/9MSouth Dakota
Walton, JohnsonMch 18946South Dakota
Walton, CassiedauAug 18964-MarSouth Dakota
Bowman, Benjeman?servantFeb 187030MIowaFarm Labor
60/60Petzel, AnnaheadDec 184752/53IowaNursingmarried 35 years
Petzel, HenrysonJun 1882?18MIowaFarm Labor
Petzel, F. LizzedauFeb 188317FIowaServant
Petzel, JohnsonAp 188911MIowaat school
Herd, WilliamboarderMch 187624MOhioDay Laborer
61/61Dear..., C. RichardheadJan 184951MIllinoisFarmerwidowed
Dean, E. CharlessonJul 187623/25MIllinoisFarm Laborer
Dean, O. MarydauSep 187524FIllinoisServant
Dean, NoradauSep 188316/17Illinoisat school
62/62Miller, E. MaryheadNov 184158FIowaTeach Schoolwidowed
63/63Stevens?, A. JohnheadFeb 186733MMissouriFarmermarried 3 years
Stevens?, MaudewifeFeb 187723FMissouri
Stevens?, R. JamessonJul 189910 mos.MMissouri
64/64Roberts, S. SamuelheadDec 185445/46MIllinoisFarmermarried 19 years
Roberts, AdellawifeMay 185347FIllinois
E. FreddiesonJun 18954/5MSouth Dakota
MargreatdauSep 18972/3FSouth Dakota
65/65Daugherty?, S. CharlesheadJun 186237/38MOhioFarmermarried 10 years
Daugherty?, A. EmmawifeDec 186732FIowa
Daugherty?, C. FredricksonJul 18927MSouth Dakota
Daugherty?, M. EdnadauMay 18955FSouth Dakota
Daugherty?, B. ElmersonJul 189910mosMSouth Dakota
Mish, JohnboarderMch 183268MPennsylvaniaFarm laborer
66/66Johnstone, A. ZanthaheadAug 184653FIndianaConduct Farmwidowed
Johnstone, F. EdwardsonAug 187722MIowaFarm labor
Johnstone, G. AdelladauApr 188416FKansasServant
Johnstone, G. LorenadauMch 188614FSouth Dakotaat school
Johnstone, J. MariondauOct 188712FSouth Dakotaat school
67/67Griswold, EdwardheadNov 184456MNew YorkFarmerdivorced
68/68Biddle, A. HenryheadAug? 186832MIowaFarmermarried 5 years
Biddle, L. CatharinewifeOct 187821FIllinois
Biddle, H. CliffordsonDec 18955MSouth Dakota
Biddle, MeryldauSep 18981FSouth Dakota
Wentsworth?, H. EliasboarderFeb 186733MNew YorkFarm Labor
69/69Wilson, L. EliphaletheadOct 184257MMassachusettsFarmermarried 35 years
Wilson, J. ElizawifeMch 184555FIowa
Wilson, C. ViviandauDec 187920FIowateach school
Westfall, N. Albertorphan188911MSouth DakotaFarm labor
70/70Carrico ?, A. WilliamheadJan185248MIllinoisFarmermarried 15 years
Carrico ?, A. SarahawifeOct 186237/38MMissouri
Carrico ?, F. AlfordsonJul 188614MSouth DakotaFarm labor
Carrico ?, P. OlivedauMay 188812FSouth Dakotaat school
Carrico ?, R. GracedauSep 18909/10FSouth Dakota
Carrico ?, C. WeaversonFeb 18928MMissouri
Carrico ?, L. AlicedauNov 18954/5FSouth Dakota
Carrico ?, M. GoldadauSep 18981FSouth Daktoa
71/71Cawley, WilliamheadJun?186930/31MIllinoisFarmermarried 9 years
Cawley, E. MarywifeNov 187425/26FIowa
Cawley, LeonardsonAug 18927MSouth Dakota
Cawley, M. CharlessonMay 18946MSouth Dakota
72/72Carmely, W. JamesheadDec 186336MWisconsinFarmermarried 10 years
Carmely, H. IsabellawifeJuly 187029FScotland
Carmely, S. EdwinsonNov 18919MSouth Dakota
Carmely, J. ArchibaldsonFeb 18937MSouth Dakota
Carmely, E. MaydauApr 18964FSouth Dakota
Carmely, L. WilliamsonSep 18972/3MSouth Dakota
Carmely, AgnussisterDec 188019/20FIllinoisServant
Barret, JamescousinJun 187029/30MScotlandFarm Labor
73/73Conkey, DanielheadFeb 184852MCanadaFarmermarried 29 years
Conkey, C. NancywifeFeb 185743FCanada
Conkey, D. RobertsonSep 187920/21MCanadaFarmer laborer
Conkey, D. GordonsonNov 188019/20MCanadaFarm Labor
Conkey, HarrysonAug 188218MCanadaFarm Labor
Conkey, L. SusandauNov 188910/11FSouth Dakotaat school
Conkey, A. ClarancesonOct 18936/7MSouth Dakota
74/74Hall, H. ArchabaldheadOct 186836/37MCanadaFarmermarried 11 years
Hall, J. LizziewifeApr 186436FMinnesota
Hall, C. RaysonJune 189018MSouth DakotaFarm labor
Hall, M. VeradauFeb 18928FSouth Dakota
Hall, E. EtheldauSep 18945/6FSouth Dakota
Hall, GladysdauSep 18999mosFSouth Dakota
75/75Goyke, L. MichaelheadAug 185347MGermanymarried 22 years
Goyke, MarywifeJan 185842FGermany
Goyke, RuthdauFeb 188317FIllinoisTeach School
Goyke, R. HerbertsonDec 1881?20MIllinoisFarm labor
Goyke, LilliedauNov 188514FIllinoisServant
Goyke, BernetsonJan 188812MSouth Dakotaat school
Goyke, LawrencesonMch 18946MSouth Dakota
Goyke, MilldreddauDec 18972FSouth Dakota



Ages written as --/-- indicate that two numbers were written in.




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