Polo, South Dakota

Polo consists of St. Liborius Church and School, Polo High School, a store, Legion Hall, Fire Hall, and a few other businesses and homes.  The town was connected to the rural electric system in 1949.  Polo's population in the later 1980s was just over 300.

The Polo Store was built in 1924 by J. B. Miller, who had prior to this come from Howard, South Dakota in his van to sell merchandise.  He chose Polo for his store because of the presence of a Catholic school.  Henry and Mildred Venjohn took over ownership of the store in 1947, followed by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Naughton.

Three area residents of that era, Casper Kluthe, George Lechtenberg, and William Froning, decided that Polo needed a Catholic school, and organized the community to make St. Liborius school a reality.  Father Pothmann arranged for the Benedictine Sisters to come from Yahnkton in 1923 to teach at the school.    They also taught in the public high school until 1959.

The first Mass recorded at Polo was Christmas Eve of 1884, at the Schaefers farm.  St. Liborius Church was constructed at Polo in 1904, on land donated by Xavier (Seph) and August Schaefers.


This is a photo of St. Liborius Church
at Polo, taken in 1938.

This is St. Liborius Church and
School, as it appears today.

The inside of St. Liborius Church.



Facts taken from the Orient, SD Centennial book.


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