World War II Honor List

Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel 

From the National Archives


Name Serial Number Grade Casualty Type
Barnes, Ben B. 0-026355 1 LT FOD
Clements, Richard H. 37078842 PFC DOW
Coonrod, Lyle E. 37771245 PVT DOW
Dennis, Durwood E. 37591239 PVT KIA
Hall, Joseph B. 37323708 TEC5 KIA
Heil, Edmund J. 37078262 PFC DNB
Hunker, Melvin R. 37775247 PVT KIA
Jackson, Harry R. 37289251 PVT DNB
Kerber, Gerald J. 37580579 PFC KIA
Keyser, Glenn E. 37280808 PFC KIA
King, Alvin L. 7060032 TEC4 KIA
Menning, John S. 19075403 T SC KIA
Meyer, Edwin 37566146 SGT DNB
Nicholas, Clarence R. 37275188 PVT FOD
Rediger, Willard E. 37775248 PFC KIA
Ruby, Donald A. 37559540 PVT KIA
Shoop, James H. 0-815568 2 LT FOD
Thomas, Arlo J. 37323710 PVT KIA
Valder, Leo F. 0-691321 2 LT KIA

FOD = "Finding of Death", determined to be dead under Public Law 490.

DOW = "Died of Wounds"

KIA = "Killed in Action"

DNB = "Died, Not Battle"

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