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1908 Street Scene

Broadway, from the north


First National Bank
First National Bank-2
Miller, 1914
Winter Scene in Miller
Winter Scene in Miller
Winter Scene in Miller
Winter Scene in downtown Miller
First Presbyterian Church
Early Downtown Miller
Downtown Miller
The Bushfield Block
North Broadway
The West Side of Broadway
Masonic Lodge
Street Scene

St. Ann's, early 1950s

St. Ann's Church

Broadway, 1952

3rd Avenue Residences


Miller Public School, 1937

Ghrist residence

Miller, 1952

1937 Rustler

Basketball Team

Miller High School, 1915


Red Owl Store Interior, Miller


Red Owl Store Interior, Miller

Red Owl Store Interior, Miller


St. Lawrence


Early St. Lawrence

The Lovell House at St. Lawrence
Hotel behind


Ree Heights


Ree Heights School


Early Ree Heights

Ree Heights Street Scene




St. Liborius
about 1935
St. Liborius
St. Liborius
about 2001
St. Liborius
about 2001




 Rev. F. S. Meyer


Max Ortmeier-
Elizabeth Schaefers 


 Joyce, Harrity, McDonald, O'Connell


Donovan Schoop



Vance, Roach


Ona Morgan



Farm of U. G. Harris


Farm of Gottfried Heller


Farm of Austin Connelly


Anna Kindle, from her headstone





Joseph Kindle, from his headstone





W. R. Van Walker
Miller HS Science and Math Teacher

From the 1915 Argus


M. Ethel Swartout

Miller HS German and Bookkeeping Teacher

from the 1915 Argus



Grace Rice

Miller HS Latin and History Teacher

from the 1915 Argus



Harriet Chubbuck

Miller HS English Teacher

from the 1915 Argus



Gertrude Shearer

Miller HS Mathematics Teacher

from the 1915 Argus


Ora Blackmun

Miller HS History Teacher

from the 1915 Argus


Gertrude Cahalan

from the 1915 Argus



Mabel Winegar

from the 1915 Argus



Richie Schriver

from the 1915 Argus


Dimple Halbig

from the 1915 Argus


Hazel Schmieter

from the 1915 Argus



Harold Kositzky

from the 1915 Argus



Lillian Kelley

from the 1915 Argus



Clifford Smith

from the 1915 Argus



George Kenady

from the 1915 Argus




Vesta Kruger

from the 1915 Argus




John Cummings

from the 1915 Argus



Beatrice Williams

from the 1915 Argus



Mamie Doty

from the 1915 Argus



Carl Moyer

from the 1915 Argus



Hobart Mead

from the 1915 Argus



Hazel Winegar

from the 1915 Argus



Jean Garrett

from the 1915 Argus



George Bottum

from the 1915 Argus



Erdine Berry

from the 1915 Argus



Lloyd Tamblyn

from the 1915 Argus

Olga Anderson

from the 1915 Argus


Clara Erb

from the 1915 Argus


  More Hand County Farms and Residences - 1910

These are lesser quality pictures, from the 1910 Hand County Atlas

Anderson, A. M., Farm Buildings

Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer

Bailey, Capt. & Mrs. J. F.

Bawdon, Obed Herefords, at Evergreen Farm

Beck, William, Farm Scene

Bell, Hon. Winfield Scott, of Ree Heights

Benning, Frank, Farm Home

Bothwell, W. A., Springdale Stock Farm

Campbell, C. C., Dep. State Surveyor, City Engineer, Miller

Coquillette, John W.

Hall, John E., Orient

Hand County Court House, Miller

Hanson, Christ (Tennis,SD)

Jensen, John & Son, Steam Plowing in Carleton Twp.

Keil, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W., Orient

Koc, M., Farm Buildings

Lawler, John, Farm Buildings

Lister, Mr. & Mrs. Martin, St. Lawrence

Lloyd, William W., of Miller

Marston, J. E., Stock on Ash Grove Farm

McGinnis, Mr. & Mrs. J. Harvey, Burdette

McMurty, John, Residence

Moncur, Alex., Residence

Namanny, Peter C., Farm Scene

Newlin, G. A. family, St. Lawrence

Nicholas, Mr. & Mrs. Percy & son, Miller

Nickerson, E. W. Residence

Noel, A. E., Residence

Oleson, Gust C. Residence

Pierce, C. B., Residence

Puffer, James S., Bailey

Puffer, Thomas, Farm Scene, Residence

Pusey, John, Residence

Rowen, Mr. & Mrs. A. P.

Rudd, W. J. Residence

Scott, Henry, Farm Buildings

Scott, Mr. & Mrs. Robert, Miller

Sharp, W. C.

Shoop, B. F, Residence

Shreffler, C. C., Ree Heights

Sivertsen, Emmet - Miniature Claim, Residence

Struiff, J. J., Farm Scenes

Swab, L. A., Pearl Valley Farm

Thomas, W. S., County Treasurer, Miller

Todd, Frank family, Wessington

Ufen, G. F., Farm Scene

Verdon, E. A. & family, Miller

Vogelsang, Henry, Residence

Wade, Mrs. A. W.

Walton, William, Miller

Waters, William H., Miller

Waters, William H., Residence

Weiblen, C. M., Miller

Wessels, John & Maude, Miller

Wilson, Jack, The Land Man, Miller

Winn, William, Farm Buildings



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