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Aberdeen (SD) Daily American, Tuesday, April 7, 1914


Faithful Wife's Patient Vigil Brings Her and Children To Want
Sioux Falls, April 6: -- The mystery surrounding the identity of a former South Dakotan giving his name as McCallum, who has been lodged in jail at Grinnell, Ia., on the charge of obtaining money under false pretenses, has been solved by the discovery that he is the McCallum who was a convict and was sentenced to a term in the Sioux Falls penitentiary.

Several years ago McCallum was sent to the penitentiary from Alexandria, Hanson county, to serve a tern of five years for forgery. He left behind him at Alexandria a faithful wife and four children. They finally followed him to Sioux Falls in order to be near him while he was serving his tern. When McCallum finally was pardoned his faithful wife was at the prison door as he stepped forth to greet him and gave him a hearty welcome.

It was only a short time until he again became involved in trouble through his penchant for committing the crime of forgery. Involved with him was a doctor connected with a Sioux Falls institution but through a peculiar construction of the law McCallum was not prosecuted.

In the meantime Mrs. McCallum had procured employment in Sioux Falls, was taking care of herself and children when her husband, soon after his release, took up his residence at Des Moines, Ia. He wrote for her to join him there. She refused, fearing he would not be able to support herself and children.

Soon after her refusal she received a pitiful message sent in the name of a man purporting to be a physician and stating that if she wished to see her husband alive she would have to make a hurrying visit to Des Moines. She responded to this urgent message, and when she left the train at Des Moines was surprised to find her husband at the depot, well and healthy. He had taken this means of securing the presence in Des Moines of his wife.

A few days ago he became involved in the difficulty which resulted in this arrest at Grinnell, and from information received here his wife and children are in a destitute condition at Des Moines.

13 Aug 1914
Aberdeen American

An immense barn on the farm of John Blenkiron of Mitchell was completely destroyed by fire Monday night. The farm is located in the northwest corner of Hanson county. The cause of the fire is unknown. The tenant, Clay Bartee, having no means of fighting the blaze, was forced to stand by and watch the building go up in flames. The loss was $1,200.

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