South Dakota


1883 - 1909 BIRTH INDEX

The following list of births has been extracted from records provided by the South Dakota Department of Health. If there is an individual of interest in the following list, you can go to their web site enter the name and county (Harding) in the relevant boxes and you will receive information concerning the parents of the individual.

Ames, Flora F 12/18/1909 HARDING
Anderson, Andrew M 12/27/1909 HARDING
Arpan, Sarah F 8/12/1909 HARDING
Bard, Chester M 2/7/1900 HARDING
Barnes, Lilliam F 11/9/1908 HARDING
Barnes, Malcolm M 6/30/1909 HARDING
Bennett, Myrtle F 03/26/1899 HARDING
Berge, Marian F 10/22/1909 HARDING
Biffle, James M 3/20/1904 HARDING
Bingaman, Peter M 8/16/1902 HARDING
Bonefield, Effie F 7/18/1909 HARDING
Brengle, Maurice M 10/12/1908 HARDING
Brewer, Carl M 6/8/1902 HARDING
Brewer, Clara F 10/7/1905 HARDING
Brewer, Franklin M 3/30/1905 HARDING
Brewer, Harry M 10/26/1900 HARDING
Brewer, Jessie F 5/11/1904 HARDING
Brewer, Rowena F 10/18/1898 HARDING
Brown, Hazel F 12/26/1909 HARDING
Brown, Minnie F 02/05/1897 HARDING
Brown, Sybilla F 12/08/1892 HARDING
Buchanan, Neola F 4/1/1908 HARDING
Carriere, Joseph M 3/13/1908 HARDING
Carriere, Lillian F 12/31/1903 HARDING
Carter, Ella F 07/25/1887 HARDING
Carter, Orrie M 03/23/1891 HARDING
Chuning, Lynn M 09/11/1890 HARDING
Chuning, Ruth F 05/04/1892 HARDING
Clark, Vernie M 2/5/1903 HARDING
Clarkson, Mary F 1/25/1909 HARDING
Cook, Lizzie F 10/20/1901 HARDING
Cooper, Floyd M 2/25/1902 HARDING
Cory, Richard M 10/29/1909 HARDING
Cox, Edwin M 10/1/1906 HARDING
Craig, Mary F 3/7/1906 HARDING
Curington, Elsie F 7/8/1908 HARDING
Curington, Florence F 11/5/1908 HARDING
Dahlbeck, Lula F 12/14/1908 HARDING
Davis, Alice F 8/28/1906 HARDING
Davis, Catherine F 8/26/1909 HARDING
Davis, Floyd M 3/28/1906 HARDING
Davis, James M 7/6/1908 HARDING
Debelloy, Addie F 11/03/1899 HARDING
Debelloy, Orvetta F 4/25/1904 HARDING
Divine, Opal F 5/5/1907 HARDING
Dolan, Eva F 9/15/1904 HARDING
Donahue, Gladys F 8/20/1907 HARDING
East, John M 01/19/1899 HARDING
Egeland, Darrell F 2/26/1909 HARDING
Evenson, Anna F 6/18/1909 HARDING
Farwell, Georgia F 2/10/1908 HARDING
Fogh, Stuart M 11/22/1909 HARDING
Foust, Gladys F 10/14/1909 HARDING
Frandsen, Carl M 9/8/1908 HARDING
Franklin, Gladys F 2/11/1907 HARDING
Frydenlund, Arthur M 8/16/1907 HARDING
Fugate, Glenn F 9/24/1905 HARDING
Fugate, Jean F 12/17/1909 HARDING
Fugate, Shirley F 6/10/1903 HARDING
Galbreath, Vivian F 1/7/1908 HARDING
Gardner, Herbert M 8/15/1903 HARDING
Giannonatti, Frederic M 9/14/1908 HARDING
Giannonatti, Lena F 6/4/1906 HARDING
Giannonatti, Violet F 6/8/1906 HARDING
Gilbert, Harold M 3/31/1903 HARDING
Gilbert, Theodore M 7/3/1909 HARDING
Graff, Theodore M 11/20/1909 HARDING
Gray, Marion F 1/12/1908 HARDING
Haivala, Ellen F 5/18/1908 HARDING
Haivala, Esther F 5/16/1901 HARDING
Haivala, Gust M 4/15/1904 HARDING
Halvorson, Gunda F 12/12/1908 HARDING
Hanson, Alice F 12/15/1908 HARDING
Hareland, Dorthea F 2/10/1909 HARDING
Herrala, Eric M 10/19/1907 HARDING
Herrala, Walter M 3/13/1901 HARDING
Hilton, Ervin M 10/4/1909 HARDING
Hodge, Edwin M 12/25/1897 HARDING
Hodge, Harold M 11/8/1902 HARDING
Hodge, Leonard M 5/18/1905 HARDING
Holweger, Helen F 3/1/1909 HARDING
Horrell, Stanley M 6/16/1909 HARDING
Jackson, John M 10/03/1883 HARDING
Jacobs, Carl M 10/30/1904 HARDING
Jacobs, Guy M 10/20/1897 HARDING
Jacobs, Maurice M 10/28/1901 HARDING
Jennings, Lillie F 12/24/1896 HARDING
Jern Berg, Elma F 1/6/1908 HARDING
Jesser, Leo M 12/10/1909 HARDING
Jones, Kathryn F 09/25/1887 HARDING
Juntti, Benjamin M 1/27/1906 HARDING
Juntti, Hilda F 1/13/1909 HARDING
Juntti, Mamie F 8/27/1907 HARDING
Juntti, Oscar M 7/27/1904 HARDING
Kammerer, Benjamin M 8/10/1909 HARDING
Kammerer, Joseph M 11/26/1907 HARDING
Kantola, John M 6/11/1902 HARDING
Karinen, Edna F 7/26/1906 HARDING
Karinen, Elma F 8/5/1900 HARDING
Karinen, Vinnie F 5/22/1904 HARDING
Kerr, Sara F 11/20/1896 HARDING
Kinghorn, Russell M 12/17/1906 HARDING
Kinghorn, Ruth F 8/19/1909 HARDING
Lamay, Benjamin M 8/16/1906 HARDING
Lamay, Ruby F 9/9/1903 HARDING
Larson, Alfred M 3/3/1905 HARDING
Larson, Anton M 4/6/1907 HARDING
Larson, Elsie F 2/17/1906 HARDING
Lewis, Cecil M 7/2/1908 HARDING
Lewis, George M 06/11/1898 HARDING
Lewis, Rachel F 07/24/1892 HARDING
Lewis, William M 12/02/1896 HARDING
Lewis, Winnie F 4/2/1900 HARDING
Livingston, Ralph M 09/04/1897 HARDING
Lohti, May F 5/23/1909 HARDING
Lovstad, Carl M 5/16/1909 HARDING
Maedl, Carl M 1/14/1909 HARDING
Martin, Annie F 9/14/1906 HARDING
Matson, Amanda F 10/27/1899 HARDING
Matson, Elmer M 02/13/1898 HARDING
Matson, Theodore M 3/10/1902 HARDING
Mccumsey, John M 11/02/1898 HARDING
Mcdonell, Esther F 09/14/1898 HARDING
Mcdowell, Elda F 11/15/1898 HARDING
Mcpherson, Evelyn F 5/4/1909 HARDING
Mcvey, Helen F 5/15/1909 HARDING
Mills, Hazel F 12/30/1909 HARDING
Mitchell, Elma F 3/20/1909 HARDING
Moseley, Amanda F 03/31/1892 HARDING
Moseley, Eunice F 07/07/1893 HARDING
Moseley, Margaret F 11/22/1896 HARDING
Murray, Esther F 2/11/1909 HARDING
Nelson, Esther F 5/15/1909 HARDING
Nelson, Irving M 1/4/1909 HARDING
Olsen, Francis M 7/8/1909 HARDING
Olson, Chester M 11/23/1908 HARDING
Olson, John M 5/25/1902 HARDING
Olson, Lester M 11/22/1908 HARDING
Ostrander, Dorothy F 9/20/1906 HARDING
Ostrander, Helen F 2/17/1909 HARDING
Ostrander, Lloyd M 4/9/1908 HARDING
Ostrander, Marjorie F 9/28/1909 HARDING
Painter, Frederick M 8/11/1907 HARDING
Painter, Joseph M 11/4/1902 HARDING
Palmer, Hugh M 08/16/1884 HARDING
Panderson, * F 9/9/1909 HARDING
Patenode, Edna F 5/8/1902 HARDING
Patenode, George M 3/17/1904 HARDING
Patenode, Pearl F 9/10/1908 HARDING
Patenode, Robert M 10/15/1905 HARDING
Penn, Claude M 1/1/1909 HARDING
Penn, Walter M 10/29/1905 HARDING
Peterson, Paul M 11/30/1906 HARDING
Peterson, Secrie F 1/7/1905 HARDING
Peterson, Viola F 1/1/1903 HARDING
Peterson, Willie M 9/24/1909 HARDING
Plunkett, Marjorie F 6/1/1908 HARDING
Potocnik, Tony M 7/26/1909 HARDING
Pryor, Rolf M 02/27/1894 HARDING
Pryor, Sarah F 6/17/1900 HARDING
Reding, Arthur M 3/1/1909 HARDING
Reeves, Dorothy F 8/13/1909 HARDING
Ridgway, Lola F 11/10/1908 HARDING
Robuck, Ava F 5/22/1903 HARDING
Rollins, Mary F 9/10/1909 HARDING
Rosenow, Hilda F 4/18/1909 HARDING
Ruona, Eino M 4/9/1909 HARDING
Ruona, Ida F 2/10/1908 HARDING
Ruona, Nestor M 11/3/1902 HARDING
Ruona, Walter M 4/21/1906 HARDING
Ruona, William M 12/30/1904 HARDING
Sabo, Irene F 5/20/1909 HARDING
Salmen, John M 5/24/1909 HARDING
Sandusky, Marian M 5/30/1903 HARDING
Schauer, Lydia F 3/18/1909 HARDING
Sears, Walter M 6/21/1908 HARDING
Sherrill, Sion M 10/21/1908 HARDING
Shevling, Cordelia F 5/6/1903 HARDING
Shevling, Robert M 3/17/1908 HARDING
Simpson, Ronald M 4/26/1908 HARDING
Sletten, Kenneth M 10/8/1909 HARDING
Smith, John M 7/16/1908 HARDING
Smolnikar, Anna F 7/25/1909 HARDING
Sorenson, Thomas M 11/16/1886 HARDING
Sparks, Solomon M 12/16/1898 HARDING
Stearns, Gladys F 3/10/1903 HARDING
Stenseth, Bertram M 12/30/1909 HARDING
Stensgaard, Palma F 5/4/1909 HARDING
Stondahl, Clifford M 7/9/1909 HARDING
Storts, Blanche F 07/29/1887 HARDING
Stouter, Jacob M 7/5/1909 HARDING
Sykes, Edwin M 7/17/1909 HARDING
Thompson, Selma F 3/20/1904 HARDING
Thompson, Violet F 8/28/1906 HARDING
Tokola, Anna F 2/27/1907 HARDING
Tokola, Florence F 4/13/1909 HARDING
Tokola, Rachel F 3/16/1904 HARDING
Tokola, William M 11/30/1900 HARDING
Tracy, Cecil M 4/21/1900 HARDING
Turbiville, Albert M 06/19/1891 HARDING
Turbiville, Charles M 03/27/1886 HARDING
Turbiville, Eugene M 05/21/1888 HARDING
Tweit, Amy F 11/9/1908 HARDING
Van Schuyver, John M 5/1/1901 HARDING
Vanhorn, Estella F 1/9/1909 HARDING
Vanhorn, Mabel F 6/21/1902 HARDING
Vanhorn, Samuel M 11/21/1905 HARDING
Vanhorn, Wilhelmina F 12/5/1903 HARDING
Vansickel, Roy M 01/08/1894 HARDING
Volin, Arthur M 04/23/1896 HARDING
Volin, Bradford M 12/8/1903 HARDING
Volin, Frank M 06/07/1890 HARDING
Volin, Leo M 05/27/1892 HARDING
Volin, Marie F 03/09/1886 HARDING
Waara, Mamie F 10/12/1906 HARDING
Waara, Winnie F 1/10/1908 HARDING
Whitcomb, Jennie F 04/19/1887 HARDING
Wickstrom, Charles M 10/25/1909 HARDING
Willard, Everett M 09/24/1899 HARDING
Willard, Neal   7/10/1902 HARDING
Willett, Lulu F 04/23/1889 HARDING
Willett, Nina F 12/17/1887 HARDING
Willett, Rebeca F 02/07/1891 HARDING
Willson, Daisy F 7/27/1903 HARDING
Wilson, Clarence M 10/3/1907 HARDING
Zocholl, Leonard M 11/6/1909 HARDING
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Harding County

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