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Weekly State Spirit and Dakota Huronite, Huron, South Dakota
October 14, 1909, page 4

Contributed by Suzanne Folk

Harding's First Court.

New County Opens With a Conviction for the Crime of Arson.

Belle Fourche, S.D., Oct. 1 - At the first term of court ever held in Harding county, formerly a portion of Butte county, Louis Montgomery, of Whitewood, this county, was tried on a charge of arson and convicted. Judge Levi McGee, of Rapid City, sitting for Judge Rice, who was disqualified, sentenced Montgomery to four years in the penitentiary. Montgomery was accused of deliberately setting fire to the Meritt and Currington ranches in Harding county a year ago and later confessed to several people. In his trial he repudiated his confessions, but the jury believed them. His alleged partner in crime, Roger Boe, was not tried at this term, as his case went over.

Aberdeen (SD) Daily News,

Tuesday, Aug 18, 1914

John Karinen, an old time near the town of that name, claims to be the championship rattlesnake killer in South Dakota. He killed thirty-six rattlers in one place at one time. There were four old ones who had evidently accepted the Rooseveltian theory of anti-race suicide, for they had thirty-two young ones all together, and Karinen slew them all.


Harding County

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