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Aberdeen American (30 Dec. 1917) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Buffalo, Dec. 29. - Dennis Kinkade, the oldest employe of the postal department in the country, died here today in his ninetieth year. He had delivered the mails in this city from 1853 until 1913 with a total absence of only 11 days.

Aberdeen Weekly News (3 Mar. 1904) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Buffalo, Feb. 27. - Henry L. Schwartz of Baker & Schwartz, attorneys, was shot and probably fatally wounded in his private office in the Marine Bank building by H. A. Knowles of the dry goods firm of Knowles & Gardner. Knowles, after holding the police at bay for a few moments, turned the revolver on himself and blew his brains out.

The crime is believed to have been the result of business complications.

Schwartz died soon afterwards in the hospital.

Aberdeen Weekly News (15 Jan. 1906) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Buffalo, Jan. 15. - Isidor Schweitzer, manager for a house furnishing firm, committed suicide in the presence of a room full of guests invited to attend his farewell bachelor dinner. Schweitzer was to have been married in a few days. After the dinner, which was a merry affair, Schweitzer invited his guests into another room.

"I have a great joke in store for you,"" he said. He took a number of envelopes from a drawer and distributed them among his guests and while they were examining them and trying to solve their host's mysterious actions Schweitzer picked up a bottle of carbolic acid and drank it. He died before a doctor arrived.

The woman to whom Schweitzer was engaged was Mrs. Maud C. Gould, a widow, of Grand Rapids, Mich. Failure of certain financial ventures and his inability to provide for his bride as he had hoped to do is given as the cause of Schweitzer's suicide.


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