South Dakota

Hutchinson County, South Dakota

Newspaper Articles

The Aberdeen (SD) Daily News, Wednesday, March 17, 1915
Miss Edna Wintersteen of Oliver had a thrilling experience and a narrow escape when she fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom, a distance of about fifteen feet. She was picked up unconscious, but was revived and was found to have suffered many severe bruises but no permanent harm.

Aberdeen (SD) Weekly News, Thursday, April 27, 1916

Recently it was reported at Parkston that Harold Thomas, who formerly lived there with his parents, had been drowned n the White river, west of Chamberlain. A letter now has been received from the young man saying he is alive and well, and that it is a mystery to him how the reports of his death got into circulation. The family lives at Belvidere.

Aberdeen (SD) Weekly News, Thursday, April 27, 1916

A large barn on the J. M. Furrow farm, seven miles from Parkston, was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Four head of cattle and a nuber of bushels of oats and other grain, besides harness and other articles, were also burned. Some insurance was carried.

Aberdeen Daily News, Wednesday, July 18, 1917

John D. Wipf, a Parkston buyer, reports that since last spring he has purchased an aggregate of $10,000 worth of eggs alone from the farmers of that section. The eggs purchased made between xix and seven carloads.

Aberdeen American 01 Apr 1909

Kaufmann Trial June 1

Sioux Falls. March 26. - At Flandreau on June 1 will begin the second trial of Mrs. Emma Kaufmann for the murder of Agnes Polrels, a girl in her employ as a servant. This
was announced today by State's Attorney Danforth, who says the circuit court will adjourn to that date after the regular session at Flandreau.

Mr. Danforth has virtually engaged as assistant a South Dakota attorney satisfactory to the people of Parkston, the dead girl's home, but has not announced his name. As Judge
Smith is to be appointed to the supreme court, it will be necessary for Judge Jones, in whose court an affidavit of prejudice was filed by Mrs. Kaufmann's attorneys, to name another trial judge.

26 Nov 1885 The Huronite (Huron, South Dakota)

John Nelson, of Hutchinson County, Mysteriously Disappears and Cannot be Found

Some farmers in the city from the neighborhood of Menno, Hutchinson county, give the following particulars of a case of mysterious disappearance which occurred not long since: On, or about, the last of October, or the first of the present month, one John Nelson, a Swede, aged about 38 years, described as being a large, muscular man, about five feet ten inches in height, with light complexion and a mustace of short growth, left his home, tow miles northwest of Menno, with his team and wagon, having on board a load of wheat for the mill, intending to go to Menno and have a wheel of the wagon which was broken, repaired. He went to the blacksmith shop, left his order for the repairs, then went to a saloon and played a game of pool, from which place he started for the depot. Since this time he has neither been seen or heard of, and what has become of him can only be surmised. There was no occasion for his leaving home, being in comfrotable circumstances financially and being blessed with a good wife and several children. His friends have been diligently searching for him, butr as yet have met with no favorable clue to his whereabouts. Any information will be thankfully received by his wife, whose address is Menno, D. T.

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