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1883 Pensioners on the Roll, Boreman County

1890 Veteran's Census, Ewing County

1890 Veteran's Census, Pratt County

1890 Veteran's Census, Chamberlain, Presho County

1895 South Dakota State Census, Pratt County

World War II Honor List - Washabaugh County

World War II Honor List - Washington County


Cole county -  name changed to Union County.

[History of Southeastern Dakota, Its Settlement and Growth, Sioux City Iowa: Western Publishing Company, 1881.  See the Genealogy Trails Union County website for a history of Elk Point.]


Pyatt county, formed from unorganized territory in 1883, was changed to Armstrong county in 1896. Jerauld county was created in 1883 from part of Aurora county. The population of Boreman county, which was 534 in 1880, is included in the Standing Rock Indian reservation in 1900. Butte county, originally formed from unorganized territory, and part of Harding county, was increased in 1899 by the annexation of Rinchart, Martin, Choteau, Ewing, Harding and Wagner counties. Between 1880 and 1890 the Sisseton and Wahpeton Indian reservation was divided, and added to Day, Codington, Grant, Roberts and Marshall counties. Marshall county was formed in 1885 from the Indian reservation above mentioned and part of Day county. Part of Grant county was taken to form Roberts county in 1883. Fall River county was organized from part of Custer in 1883. Scobey county was formed from part of Delano in 1883, and both Delano and Scobey were attached to Meade in 1899. Meade county was formed in 1889 from part of Lawrence county. The name of Rusk county was changed to Dewey in 1883, and the population in 1900 is included in the Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Indian reservations. Todd county was annexed to Gregory in 1899. The same year Jackson, Nowlin and Sterling counties, all formed from unorganized territory in 1883, were annexed to Stanley. Pratt and Presho were annexed to Lyman county in 1899. Sanborn was organized from part of Miner county in 1883. Ziebach was annexed to Pennington in 1899. Schuasse county was formed in 1883 from unorganized territory; the population was included in Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Indian reservations. Part of Shannon county was taken in 1883 to form Washington county, which is within the limits of Pine Ridge Indian reservation. Tripp county is within the Rosebud reservation. Washabaugh was organized from part of Lugenbeel and Indian reservation. Both Washabaugh and Lugenbeel are in the Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations. Washington was organized from part of Shannon in 1883, and the greater part of it lies in the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. The Cheyenne River Indian reservation includes the counties of Armstrong, Dewey, Schuasse and Stanley. The Rosebud reservation consists of the counties of Gregory, Lugenbeel, Lyman, Meyer, Stanley, Tripp and Washabaugh counties. Pine Ridge reservation lies in Lugenbeel, Shannon. Stanley, Washabaugh and Washington counties.

-from The Province and the States: Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vol. 6, edited by Weston Arthur Goodspeed





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