South Dakota


1890 - 1909 BIRTH INDEX

The following list of births has been extracted from records provided by the South Dakota Department of Health. If there is an individual of interest in the following list, you can go to their web site enter the name and county (Jackson) in the relevant boxes and you will receive information concerning the parents of the individual.

Babby, Maurice M 30-Oct-1909 Jackson
Blackney, Wandelose M 19-Aug-1906 Jackson
Davis, Nona M 21-Jun-1902 Jackson
Davis, William U 23-Feb-1909 Jackson
Dolezal, Aldrich M 5-Dec-1909 Jackson
Dolezal, Joseph M 10-Apr-1907 Jackson
Eddy, Lois F 24-Sep-1906 Jackson
Edwards, Dorothy F 11-Sep-1909 Jackson
Edwards, Ollie F 10-Sep-1909 Jackson
Engelen, Dale M 24-Feb-1908 Jackson
Fauske, Bertha F 6-Dec-1909 Jackson
Goodrich, Myrtle F 23-Aug-1909 Jackson
Hall, Joseph M 2-Nov-1905 Jackson
Hallman, Vera F 12-Mar-1907 Jackson
Hawkey, Goldie F 29-Apr-1909 Jackson
Henry, Frances F 7-May-1908 Jackson
Hughes, Faye F 22-Jun-1907 Jackson
Johnson, John M 8-May-1897 Jackson
Jupiter, Joseph M 3-Feb-1900 Jackson
Kathan, Eleanor F 11-Mar-1907 Jackson
Kejsar, Christine F 18-Sep-1908 Jackson
Krovoza, Frank M 5-Sep-1906 Jackson
Linn, Eva F 11-Oct-1905 Jackson
Lobdell, Harry M 8-May-1908 Jackson
Mchenry, Charles M 24-Oct-1909 Jackson
Mills, Goldie F 13-Aug-1907 Jackson
Nelson, Merlin M 29-Oct-1907 Jackson
Nielsen, Stanley M 11-Oct-1906 Jackson
Ogdie, Samuel M 28-Jan-1908 Jackson
Patnoe, Florence F 24-Oct-1909 Jackson
Peterson, David M 3-Dec-1908 Jackson
Reed, Mildred F 30-Dec-1907 Jackson
Rygh, Anna F 12-Sep-1908 Jackson
Saunders, Mildred F 31-Jul-1906 Jackson
Schroder, Walter M 4-Jul-1905 Jackson
Severson, Gladys F 14-Jun-1909 Jackson
Shepherd, Ethyl F 5-Jun-1906 Jackson
Smith, Marie F 15-Jun-1909 Jackson
Steinbach, Christoph M 14-Jan-1890 Jackson
Washecheck, Laura F 9-Feb-1908 Jackson
Whipple, Albert M 16-May-1890 Jackson

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