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1885 Article by O. H. Holt

Newspapers of Jerauld County (1885)




Dakota 1885
Compiled by O. H. Holt


This county is centrally located In Southern Dakota, midway between the Missouri and Dakota rivers. It is divided near the centre, north and south, by the Wessington Hills, which extend entirely through the county. The plateau of the hills and the western slope are drained by two branches of Crow creek, and the eastern portion by the Firesteel creek, the former eventually discharging into the Missouri river, and the latter into the Dakota.

There are a number of small lakes and several marshes in the county. The eastern part is generally level, and the western part considerably broken by hills and bluffs, bat not sufficiently to interfere with cultivation. The soil is a fruitful loam wiih clay subsoil.

The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway extends through a small part of the northeastern portion of the county.

Wesslngton Springs is the principal town. It was platted in 1889, and now contains a population of 200.

Waterbury is a young, but rapidly growing village.

Compiled by O. H. Holt


Jerauld County Journal, Rep.....Alpena
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News..................... Waterbury
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