Lake County Directories


1881 Madison Business Directory

from "History of Southeastern Dakota, Its Settlement and Growth"

published Sioux City Iowa: Western Publishing Company, 1881

transcribed by Karen Seeman


Attorneys.—F. L. Soper, G. K. Tiffany, S. M. Smolltn, J. M. Preston, W. F. Smith. C. B. Kennedy.

Agricultural Implements—Wadsworth & Harth, A. E. Howl and Son, J. F. Richardson.

Blacksmithsn— John Huntimer, B. D. Holt, W. S. Revee, Peter Hansen.
Boarding House—Mrs. Mary Gilden.

Banks—Citizens' Hank, J. A. Trow, Cashier; Lake County Bank, F. W. Thaxter, Cashier.

Boots and Shoes—John McCormack.
Barber—E. Rice. F. M. Cooksin.

Contractors and Builders—Fuller Bros., John Buckley.

Depot Agent—W. J. Halloo.

Druggists—Clough & Howe, A. A. Broodie.

Fuel— R. R. Company, H. J. Patterson.

Flour and Feed—U. J. Patterson.

General Merchandize—P. H. Harth, Daly and Fitzgerald. A. McKay. J. W. Davison. C. S. Raymond. Clark & Cameron.
Hardware—E. W. Dyer, McCallister Bros.

Hotels—Madison House, J. D. Andrews; Commercial House, J. J. Cranney.
Insurance.—C. B. Kennedy, F. W. Thaxter.
Jeweler.—O. G. Auley.

Livery,—Scott & Sheridan, J. Vandervort, A. W. Clark.
Lake County Flouring Mills.—B. D. Sprague.

Lumber. —John Paul, Henry Gulstein, Agent; C. L. Coleman, Wesley Hill, Agent; Drew Bros., by Frank Drew.
Merchant Tailor.—Grosch,
Meat Markets.—Renner & Schultz, Frank Snyder.
Millinery.—Mm. A. E. Clough, Miss Jennie Jones.

Newspapers.—Lake County Leader, Fuller A Co. Proprietors, J. M. Preston, Editor; Madison Sentinel, W. H. Jones, Editor and Proprietor.
Notions.—A. Fritz.

Physicians.—A. E. Clough, S. M. Jenks.
Postmaster,—P. H. Harth, J. M. Preston, Assistant.
Painter.—W. A. Cole.
Restaurant.—L. Ricker.

Real Estate and Loan.—Citizen's Bank, Lake County Bank, C. B. Kennedy, W F. Smith, F. L. Soper, Scott & Sheridan.
Stone Masons.—S. Q. Brown. James Barrett.

Saloons.—Batchelder & Smith, A. B. Houts, T. Lannoa, A. Froeliger.








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