South Dakota

Lake County South Dakota


Aberdeen Daily News (15 Apr. 1913) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Mrs. Mary Lawrence Patterson of Madison died Thursday morning of last week at the age of 87 years 5 months, having been in feeble health for some time. She was a resident of Madison for seventeen years. The following children survive: F. W. Patterson, Wentworth; J. W. Patterson, Aurora, Col.; Mrs. L. D. Miller, Florence; Miss Emma Patterson, Madison.

Aberdeen Daily News (22 Dec. 1911) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Mrs. Angeline E. Johnson died at her home in Waupon, Wis., Thursday, December 7, aged 83 years, 4 months and 1 day. She resided for many years in Madison, this state.

Aberdeen Weekly News (11 Jan. 1900) transcribed by FoFG MZ
MADISON, S.D., Jan. 9. - A very singular accident happened here in the almost simultaneous death of an old and respected couple, J. H. Killion and wife, aged 83 and 73 respectively. The husband died while the remains of the wife were being interred.

Aberdeen Daily News (23 Mar. 1899) transcribed by FoFG MZ
MADISON, S.D., March 23. - John G. Calinan, the veteran conductor of the Bristol-Madison line, died Monday, aged 70 years. He had been engaged in railroading for nearly forty years and was employed on the S.M. and Prairie du Chien divisions.

Aberdeen Daily News (27 Dec. 1911) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Mrs. Lydia Morse Waters died at her home in Madison Monday, December 11, of heart trouble. She leaves four children, her husband having preceded her in death.

Aberdeen Daily News (2 Dec. 1911) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Daniel Gillis died at his home at Madison, at the age of 56 years. Death was due to pneumonia. A widow and three sons survive him, the eldest being fourteen years. Deceased was a pioneer resident of Lake county.

Aberdeen Daily News (26 Dec. 1908) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Mrs. Perry Stokes, aged 19, wife of Perry Stokes, died at St. Luke's hospital, and the remains will be taken to Madison, S.D., tomorrow night for internment. Besides her husband there are left two children, one aged about a year and the other two weeks old. Mr. and Mrs. Stokes have lived in this city about two years, Mr. Stokes being a conductor on the Milwaukee. A father, mother, four sisters and a brother reside at Madison.

Sioux City Journal (8 Mar. 1896)
E. Bullock, of Madison, S. D., died at the New Exchange hotel at 8:30 last night of dropsy. Mr. Bullock was an uncle of Mrs. W. W. Janes, the wife of the proprietor of the hotel, and was being taken to the home of his daughter in Nebraska, but became too feeble to journey further than Sioux City. His remains will be shipped to his old home, Milton, Wis., for internment.

Sioux City Journal (8 Mar. 1896)
Madison, S.D., May 20. - A telegram has been received here from the family of N. A. Fox, ex-sheriff of Lake county, stating that their daughter, Maud, had died of consumption at Franklin, Ore. Sheriff Fox went to Idaho and from there to Oregon with his daughter, who was quite sick before they left here, in hopes that a change of climate might be beneficial.

Source: Duluth News Tribune (Duluth, St. Louis County, Minn.) 1 June 1901; transcribed by Marla Zwakman
H. H. Nelson, who came to Cass Lake from Prairie Queen, S. D., a week ago, and went to his father's claim on Moose Lake, died there last Sunday of diphtheria. The remains were brought to Cass Lake Tuesday and interred in the cemetery here.

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