South Dakota

Lawrence County South Dakota


The problem of easy access to the above point is now solved by the opening of the new line of the Burlington route into this live city of the Black Hills country.
On February first the new branch of the B. & M. railroad, leaving the main line of the Black Hills extension at Edgemont, S.D., was opened for business, thus supplying a long felt want for a direct all rail line from the Missouri river to the Black Hills. The service and equipment on this new line will be up to the usual high standard of Burlington XXX route trains and will consist of day coaches and Pullman Palace sleeping cars. A through Pullman sleeper will leave Omaha daily at 10:25 a.m. arriving in Deadwood the next day at 12:01 noon. Parties from points south and east of Kansas City or St. Joseph (MO) can take a through sleeping car leaving Kansas City at 9:15 and St. Joseph at 11:45 p.m. for Lincoln, arriving there the next morning in ample time to make connection with the through sleeper for Deadwood. The Burlington west bound through trains from St. Louis also make direct connection with this sleeper at Lincoln.
For further information in regard to rates, etc., call on or address H.C. Orr, G.S.W.P.A., 900 Main Street, Kansas City, Mo., or A.C. Daews, G.P. & T.A., St. Joseph, Mo.
From the "Richmond Conservator", Ray County, Missouri, July 21, 1892
submitted by Lisa Smalley



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