South Dakota

Lincoln County South Dakota

1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Contributed by Penne Cartright


No. of CertificateName of PensionerPost OfficeCause of which pensionedMonthly rateDate of original allowance
211,065Bonine, Wm. S.Brooklynchr.diarr., loss little toe, part.loss of 4th of l.foot, 3rd of r.foot, inj. To heels from scurvy$8.00June 1882
22,083Black, Rob'tCantong.s.w.l.thigh$6.00December 1863
52,487Angelo, Edwindoloss 2d fing.l.h'nd$4.00November 1865
Glidden, Wilder B.doinj.of spine$18.00October 1880
214,134Rudolph, Arthur F.dowd.l.forearm$4.00June 1882
66,234Russell, Oliver$17.00June 1866
192,881Spicer, Matildadowidow and 1 child$10.00July 1881
Morrison, Martin V.B.dominor of$23.00June 1882
163,126Luther,$4.00October 1879
118,142Wimer, Wm. Jdoinj.chest, causing dis.lungs$14.00July 1872
94,451Seretson, Amosdowd.r.arm, anchyls.of elbow$8.00December 1868
Morlen, BarzellaiEdenloss l.eye & dis.of r.$18.00
83,103Manning,$6.00July 1867
165,414Ball, Wm. IIdoinjury to abdomen$8.00March 1880
Bridgeman, Jas. abd., inj.of spine, dis.bladd. & kid.$18.00May 1880
Craine, Wellsleydog.s.w.r.thigh$2.00June 1881
165,705Miner, Wm. legs$6.00March 1880
84,755Mendenhall, Wesleydog.s.w.r.forearm$6.00September 1867
166,540Sickels, Henrydog.s.w.r.h'nd & r.leg$6.00April 1880
188,562Peck, Thos. S.Kidderg.s.w.r.leg$4.00May 1881
164,066Hinkley, Orin D.doinjury to abdomen$4.00January 1880
102,797Bertcsh, Geo.dochr.rheum.$12.00April 1870
Hitchcock, Sam'l F.Lennoxg.s.w.l.hip$20.00
174,982Allyn, Edmond R.Long Creekdis.lungs$6.00October 1880
43,919Huetson, Fred'k G.dowd.l.leg$6.00June 1865
17,043Smelker, Theo. W.Maple Groveg.s.w.r.arm$14.00September 1863
107,810Redfield, Leonard L.Saddle Creekdis.lungs$8.00May 1880
Redfield, Ruth A.domother$8.00
190,962Moscrip, Edw'dSelinag.s.w.l.hip$6.00June 1881
184,509Heyworth, Sampsondominors of$12.00January 1879
124,919Stoner, SaulSilver Lakeg.s.w.r.thigh$4.00September 1873
Gallop, Jos.Worthingchr.rheum.$18.00
168,882Frank, Henrydoshl.wd.r.side$4.00June 1880



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