Lyman County Family Histories

The Brickman Family - Contributed by Carmen Lamb

The Shanahan Family - Contributed by Dorothy Seehausen

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Johann and Matilda Brickman

    Johann (John) Brickman was born on September 16, 1872 in Alt Elft, Bessarabia, Russia.  Matilda Ring was born November 20, 1876 in Alt Elft, Bessarabia, Russia.  In 1901 Johann and Matilda along with baby John came to the U.S.  They went directly to Naper, Nebraska.  They stayed in Naper until the middle of 1905 and then they moved into South Dakota probably to Presho. In May of 1907 the Brickman family homesteaded at Hilmoe, S.D. and they had the property from 1908 until 1911.  I am not sure that they lived at this property all of this time.  From Hilmoe they moved to Witten and daughter Edith was born here in 1909, they moved back to Hilmoe where another daughter was born in 1911.  After a brief stay here they again moved to Witten where another daughter Marie was born and this is where my grandparents lived when by grandfather died on January 23, 1916.

    My grandparents had a large family, one baby girl was born in Russia and died at 3 months old.  John was born February 21, 1901 in Russia.  The next baby was a girl, this was my mother Salamina Katarina (Catherine) born on September 29, 1902 at Naper, Nebraska, the next baby born was Reinhold and he was also born at Naper, Neb., April 12, 1904.  Bertha was the next child, she was born October 19, 1905 at Presho, S.D.  The next baby boy, Robert, was born in Presho; the family now moved to Hilmoe and here is where two year old Robert died and he was buried in the Presho City Cemetery April 17, 1909.  Baby Theodore was born in Hilmoe and died at the age of 8 months and he was buried next to brother Robert at the Presho City Cemetery April 7, 1908.  Edith was  born in 1909 at Witten and Frieda was born June 21, 1911 at Hilmoe.  Marie was born in Witten on September 11, 1915, three months before her father died on January 23, 1916.  After grandfather's death Grandmother and the other children moved from Witten to a little place down the hill from the Hope Lutheran Church in rural Wewela.  Grandmother moved to Snohomish in 1936 to be with some of her children.  She died of cancer in 1944.

    Johann is buried at the Old Witten cemetery.  We tried to locate the cemetery in hopes that if we found the cemetery we would somehow be able to pinpoint his grave site but we had no luck in either search.  His body has never been moved and is still there somewhere.  The Brickmans lived four miles northeast of Old Witten.