Lyman County News

The Aberdeen (SD) Weekly News, Thursday, June 3, 1909
David Whalen, little son of a rancher near Oacoma, was caught in a rope as he was watching some men brand some horses, and received injuries which resulted in his death.

Aberdeen American
01 Apr 1909

Winner of First Number on Rosebud Turns Down All Suitors

Gregory, March 29.—All eyes in South Dakota turn this week to buxom May Melser of Kennebec, former school-ma'am and ranch owner, now in the limelight as the lucky woman who drew No. 1 In Uncle Sam's big land lottery of Tripp county homesteads. When at 9 o'clock on the morning of April 1 the prospective claimholders line up to select the quarter section they like the best, Mrs. Melser will head the procession. This plucky young woman, who is a product of the breezy prairies, already has "spotted" what is said to be the best parcel of land in the list. She will establish residence upon her farm immediately. She has already made arrangements to have plowed and will put it into flax.

Since she drew the lucky number, Mrs. Melser has had hundreds of offers of marriage. The first thing she did was to divorce her husband on grounds of infidelity. However, she
has not seemed impressed with any of her numerous suitors and as she is abundantly self-reliant, she will run her own ranch to suit herself.

She is 32 years old, has brown eyes and light hair and is of medium height and rather plump. She received a good education and for five years taught school in Douglas county.

There were over 114,000 original applications for homesteads at this opening. Six thousand of these names were drawn, but many of the last few thousands will not attempt to prove up on claims. It is declared there are not more than 3,000 claims of value.



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