Marshall County, South Dakota
Early Marriages

Aberdeen American (10 Sept. 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Amherst - A quiet wedding took place in Aberdeen at Rev. Kneedy's home when Miss Hazel Fern Wurster and Otto A. Doctor were united in marriage.

Aberdeen American (28 Nov. 1911) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Miss Ethel Philbrook, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Philbrook of Webster, and Warnie Cargo of Britton, were united in marriage at the Methodist parsonage at Butler on November 21. They will reside on a farm near Britton.

Aberdeen American (10 Sept. 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Britton - Miss Jettie Stocking and Myrven Stewart were married Sept. 20th, by Rev. Martin Lien at the Lutheran church parlors in this city. They will make their home on a farm five miles southwest of here.

Aberdeen American (31 Dec. 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Kidder - Married, L. S. Havren of Victor and Miss Mabel Selette Haverly of Kidder.
The young couple will spend the holidays at Kidder, after which they will return to Victor, their future home.

Aberdeen American (8 Apr. 1917) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Langford - Married, Albertus E. Smith and Miss Julia Otis, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Christopher.
The event was a surprise and occurred at a shower given for the bridal couple. A mock wedding was proposed, and Rev. James Fisher, performed the wedding ceremony. It was not until the party took the train, that it became known that the ceremony was a real one.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith will reside in Langford, when they return from a honeymoon spent in Minneapolis.

Frank RYKERT to Clara FRIESS Dec 11, 1900
Married at the Deathbed of his "mother".
Mrs. Sarah Palmer, wife of Edward Palmer of Newark township, died last night. Mrs. Palmer's son, Frank Rykert, and Miss Clara Friess, daughter of Fred Friess of Pleasant Valley, were married by Justice Howell at the bedside an hour before Mrs. Palmer passed away, it being the last request of the dying woman that her son should be married before she died.
Contributed by Dena Whitesell - Aberdeen Daily News December 13, 1900

	BRIDE/GROOM  -- DATE  - Selected marriages contributed by JoAnn ScottAadaland, Ingval Mabel Hickok     23 Sep 1934    Aadland, Albin Lorna Reisenweber     13 Feb 1944    Aadland, Bennie Lillian M Olson   9 Jun 1926 Aadland, Harriet A. Mens O Berg      15 May 1944   Aadland, Henry Genevieve I Helseth       28 Aug 1924      Aadland, Jacob E.  Lorene Gill  8 Nov 1921 Aadland, Jewel James Nickeson    26 Jan 1946 Aadland, Mayme  Clayton E Bosse  29 Sep 1935    Aadland, Norma, Jr. Henry Turner   26 Apr 1926      Aadland, Olida Nils Olson       12 Dec 1933     Aadland, Orville Gertrude Deeks 30 Jul 1932      Aadland, Osmund Louise Anderson     06 Jul 1910     Aadland, Sena Carl E Nelson      28 Apr 1914      Aadson, Deloris Albert Solberg 1 Jul 1943 Aarre, Richard A Clara Chindberg      21 Oct 1932    Aartrom, Geo Lottie K Vig       18 Dec 1906   Aasen, Ida Jens Anderson     29 Jun 1911   Aasen, Ole Lise Brettingen     22 Jan 1912      Aasheim, Nellie A.  Rey R Holland       15 May 1915    Abbas, Elizabeth Buell Nelson     31 Mar 1947     Abbas, Epks  Mabel Davis       4 Aug 1936   Abbas, Henry  Ella Stillson      8 Sep 1926      Abeen, Clara S.  Charles E Rief      18 Jul 1920    Abels, John Frederick  Mabel Tuttle Eisenlohr      19 Jun 1930 Able, Susan  Louis Hill    25 Apr 1912      Abraham, Louis C. Mary Peterson     22 Jul 1914      Abraham, Nafie Eldred Haggerty 8 Nov 1920 Abraham, Tom Barbara Vrchota     26 Nov 1928    Abraham, Verona  Douglas Wilgers      2 Sep 1947      

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