McCook County, South Dakota

1885 Union Veterans Census

Contributed by Laurel Durham


Last NameFirst NameCoRegiment Date EnrolledAgeStateEnlistmentEnd ServiceBeginning RankEnding RankFrom Arrived in SDWoundedPensionedEngage-mentsRemarks
AikenFrancisHays Texas Regular Mounted Volunteers Aug 184820VT1 yearDec 1848PrivatePrivate IAMay 1882NoNoNone
ArnoldAmasaU.S. Navy186132 NY3 yearsOct 1862PrivatePrivate NYJune 1883YesYes1
AshThomasI44th WI InfantryFeb 186436 NY1 yearSep 1865PrivatePrivate MNNov 1882NoNo
AustinMartinH38th WI InfantrySep 186445WI1 yearJune 1865Hospital StewardPrivateIAMarch 1880NoNo2
BaconEdmund RD37th IASep 186251 NY3 yearsMay 1865PrivateCorporal IAApril 1885NoNo0
BakerGeorge WH6th MN InfantryJan 186433NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate MNJune 1878NoNo
BaldwainWilliamH16th IA InfantryDec 186117IA3 yearsJune 1865PrivateCorporal MNOct 1879YesYes38
BallingerWilliam JA92nd IL Infantry Aug 186233PA3 years1863CaptainCaptain ILMarch 1880NoNo17
BarrettPatrickA19th IL InfantryAug 186232Ireland3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate WISep 1883NoNo27
BartlettClark BG8th MN VolunteersAug 186219MN3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1879NoNo12
BayneThomasVTFeb 186540 VTJune 1865ChaplinChaplinNebraska1881NoNo0
BrownWilliam CB20th Maine Volunteer InfantryJuly 186219Maine3 yearsJune 1865PrivateMusicianMaine March 1880NoNo14
BurrGeorge GB13th WI InfantryJan 186230NY3 yearsJan 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1881NoNo5
BushArdol HB2nd MN CavalryNov 186316 NY3 yearsDec 1865PrivatePrivate MNJune 1880NoNo2Served on Indian frontier in ?
CaleJamesB2ndJan 186323 NY3 yearsJan 1864PrivatePrivate IAFeb 1878YesYes2
CaniffThomas HI8th Missouri Infantry Oct 186315WI3 yearsMay 1866PrivatePrivate IAJune 1882NoNo10
ChandlerCharles HA6th Maine VolunteersApril 186139Maine3 years March 18631st LieutenantLieutenant ColonelMaine March 1879NoYes
ClarkSteven HD28th WI VolunteersSep 186227WI3 yearsNov 1866PrivatePrivate IAMay 1878NoNo4
ColleranEdwardA6th MNJuly 186446Ireland3 years Oct 1864PrivatePrivateMNMay 1878NoNo0After Indians
ColleranDanielU.S. NavyMay 186225Ireland3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate MNAug 1881YesYes8Inl Lieutenant Crosby, Admiral Foregut PR
CookeWiliam H HH4th IA CavalryJan 186425NY3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1879NoNo21Sun stroke
CorlH WB46th IL InfantryFeb 186424 IL3 yearsMarch 1865PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1881YesNo2
CrandleR BF23rd WI InfantryAug 186223 WI3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateOrderly SergeantWIMarch 1879NoNo18
CrossMartin TA142nd NYAug 186225 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate NYApril 1881YesYes
CrowhurstS JE12th IA InfantryOct 186119IA3 yearsJan 1866PrivateSergeant IANov 1881YesNo10
DavidsonWilliam WI7th WIFeb 186418Ohio3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIMarch 1882NoNo18
DavisPerryH185th NYJune 186418 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate NYMay 1876NoNo10
DawsonJamesH8th MNFeb 186436Scotland3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878NoNo2Lots of skirmishes.
DieboltGeorgeF15th ILFeb 186528 NY1 yearSep 1865PrivatePrivate IAMay 1883NoNo0
DuxburyWilliamEngland MNMarch 1883NoNoDrafted but never enrolled.
EllisonCharlesC2nd MN CavalryDec 186322NY3 yearsNov 1865PrivatePrivate IAMay 1878NoNo2
EltonSamuel HG3rd Missouri Cavalry Nov 186317Missouri3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateBugler WIMay 1879NoNo30
EnnisJamesA4th WI CavalryMarch 186321Scotland3 years Aug 1865PrivateSergeantMNMay 1880YesNoA large number of battles.
EricksonE AB12th IA InfantryDec 186219Sweden3 years Jan 1866PrivatePrivateIAMarch 1883NoYes4Reenlisted
FalorGeorge WB73rd IL InfantryJuly 186218 IN3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1883NoNoSeveral
FarleyJamesC20th WI InfantryAug 186223 WI3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIMay 1880NoNo14
FarmerJohnI28th IA InfantryJuly 186217 IA3 yearsAug 1865IAFeb 1880NoNo22
FarnsworthIsaacC3rd MNOct 186123 NH3 yearsDec 1865PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1882NoYes0
FelmlyWilliam SM8th IL CavalrySep 186119NY3 yearsDec 1862PrivatePrivate IAMay 1879YesYes10
FreemanPhillipC72nd 1st Board of Trade ChicagoIL3 years ILJune 1880NoNo
FrintzJacobH2ndAug 186119Germany3 years Oct 1864PrivatePrivateIAMarch 1878NoYes
GarrisonGeorge AD25th MI InfantryAug 186224MI3 yearsSep 1865PrivatePrivate MIMarch 1879NoNo10
GimmermanCharlesD6th MNAug 186218 IL3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate MNJune 1880NoNo1
GipsonJohn CC1st NY Light Artillery Aug 186118NY3 yearsSep 1864PrivateSergeant NYNov 1882NoNo20
GoodDanielA54th PA VolunteersNov 186133PA3 yearsJuneNoNo
GoodenoughGeorgeG6th Regular NY Artillery Aug 186218NY3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate NYJune 1883YesNo2
GreenS R3rd MN InfantryNoNo
GregoryStevenE17th WI InfantryNov 186444WI1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNSep 1881NoNo8
HammittHA8th IA InfantryDec 186330 IA1 yearNov 1864PrivatePrivate IAJune 1880NoNo1
HandJohnG10th MI InfantryFeb 186217 NY3 yearsDec 1864PrivateOrderly Sergeant MIMarch 1883YesNo60Reenlisted for 3 years or during war.
HapgoodJoseph HA15th MA InfantryJuly 186120 MA3 yearsSep 1865PrivateCorporal ILOct 1880YesYes15
HerrethFrancisA7th WI InfantryJan 186320WI3 yearsMarch 1864PrivatePrivate WIJuly 1878NoNo8
HodgeAndrew JM1st WI CavalryDec 186119 WI3 yearsNov 1863PrivatePrivate ILOct 1880YesNo6
HowardIsaac M3rd MN ArtilleryFeb 186538NY1 yearMarch 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1881NoNoNone
HughesWilliam HK101st NYDec 186121 NY3 yearsMarch 1862PrivatePrivate WINov 1879YesYes0
HutchinsonJno DF10th IA InfantryAug 186229NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate IAMay 1876NoYes18
JeromeFranklinF93rd NYNov 186125 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate NYDec 1880NoNo32
JordanJerryL8th IL CavalrySep 186130 IL3 yearsSep 1864PrivatePrivate ILJune 1884YesYes17
KaimesbottomJamesD37th WI Infantry March 186420MA3 yearsJuly 1865Private 1st LieutenantMNApril 1873YesNo7
KarnsPhilipI87th Ohio InfantryJune 186219Ohio3 months Oct 1862PrivatePrivateKansasApril 1879NoNo3
KinneyR JI38th WI InfantrySep 186419 WI1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate WISep 1880YesYes2
KinyonWilliam HD6th IA CavalryNov 186243NY3 yearsNov 1865PrivatePrivate IAJune 1878YesNo3Lost sight of one eye.
KutzlerWilliamI10th MN InfantryFeb 186218PA3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateCorporal MNMay 1878NoNo11
LarsonJohnC2nd WI CavalryJan 186428 WI3 yearsNov 1865PrivatePrivate WIMay 1876NoNo2
LewisBery GD33rd WI InfantryAug 186236 NY3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate WIJune 1884NoNo50
LoutzenhiserJohnG145th PA Infantry Feb 186417PA3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateKansasApril 1884NoNo7 Six months in Andersonville Prison.
MartinHenry EC3rd NY CavalryAug 186427 VA1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate IAJune 1881NoNo5
MaulsbyLausonE103rd ILAug 186221 IL3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateCorporalMissouriJuly 1882NoNo17
McColloughJohnB98th NYOct 186122Canada3 years Dec 1863Private1st LieutenantMNApril 1884NoNo21
McCrearyC CI16th IN VolunteersApril 186122 IN1 yearJuly 1865PrivateCaptainColorado March 1879NoNo53Went in as Private, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, then 1st Lieutenant and afterwards Captain.
McDonaldThomasI1st MNFeb 186518Ireland3 years Oct 1865PrivatePrivateMNMarch 1883NoNoNone
McKeeJoseph ThomasK6th U.S. CavalryJuly 186118 PA5 yearsApril 1866PrivateCaptain IAMay 1880YesYes143
MooreFrank D8th WI Light Artillery Feb 186418WI3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878YesNo2
MorganDavid CC2nd MN InfantryJune 186119Ohio3 yearsJune 1864PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878YesYes10 or more
MulloyDanielE7th MNAug 186225Ireland3 years Aug 1865PrivatePrivateMNMarch 1880YesNo20 at least
MulloyPatrickE3rd MNOct 186137Ireland3 years Sep 1865PrivateLieutenantMay 1882NoNoA large number of battles.
MuloyWilliamH8th MNFeb 186422Ireland3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1883YesNo9
MutersHenryH4th Ohio VolunteersJune 184624Germany1 year Jan 1847PrivatePrivateIAApril 1883NoNoApplying for pension.
NopensCharlesH14th NY Heavy Artillery Oct 186318Germany3 yearsAug 1865PrivateCorporal IAMarch 1882YesNo18
NourseJames EA15th IL InfantryMay 186123 IL3 yearsJune 1864PrivatePrivate ILMarch 1879NoNo5
NugentPeterF63rd PA InfantryAug 186124 PA3 yearsSep 1863PrivatePrivate MNMay 1882YesYes21
OlinJamesK1st MN ArtilleryFeb 186533 VT1 yearOct 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878NoNo0
PatchettWilliamC16th WIOct 186121England3 years Oct 1865PrivateSergeantWIMay 1878NoNo10
PatchettRobertG37th WI InfantryFeb 186516WI1 yearAug 1865PrivatePrivate MNApril 1878NoNo2
PotterO CC157th NY VolunteersAug 186219NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate ILMay 1880YesYes
PrestonJames CL2nd WI CavalryNov 186428WI1 yearDec 1865PrivatePrivate WIMay 1881YesNo
PulfordJohnithan WK16th WIOct 186125 NY3 yearsNov 1862PrivatePrivate WIMay 1878YesNo1
RanneyAlbert AG4th WIOct 186231 NY3 yearsOct 1863PrivatePrivate IAMay 1879NoYes1
RanskeDavid OC3rd WI InfantryMay 186120 PA3 yearsMay 1864PrivateCorporal IAApril 1882NoNo12
RichardsonA J92nd NY VolunteersJan 186119NY3 yearsMarch 1862PrivateCorporal NYNov 1880NoNoNoneIn a few skirmishes only.
RillingFredA16th WI Volunteer Infantry Sep 186442Germany1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate WISep 1883NoNo
RobbinsL WF6th Ohio CavalrySep 186318Ohio3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1883NoNo13
RobinsonLuther HG30th WI Infantry March 186345VT3 yearsOct 1865PrivatePrivate MNJune 1880NoNo
RodgersAlbert JB186th NY InfantryAug 186434NY1 yearSep 1864PrivatePrivate IAJuly 1881NoNo
RowsdellH AM1st Maine Heavy Artillery Jan 186420Maine3 yearsSep 1866PrivateSergeant IAApril 1881YesNo16
RussillH WI1st IL Artillery3 yearsNoNo
SaundersOliver HF23rd MA InfantrySep 186119MA3 yearsAug 1865PrivateCorporal MNApril 1880YesYes65
SchmidtJohnE12th WIJune 186323Germany3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1882YesNo2 or 3Went to Atlanta with Sherman.
SchreaderHenry WE146th IL Infantry Aug 186423Germany1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate IASep 1883NoNo
ShermanGeorge RI26th MaineSep 186218Maine9 months Aug 1863PrivatePrivateMNApril 1879YesNo4
SpauldingJosephM1st WI CavalryJan 186227Maine3 yearsFeb 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878YesYes0
SysterJeremiahAug 186420 PA1 yearPrivatePrivateIL March 1880NoNoNone
TerrillJulius OI7th WI InfantryDec 186324VT3 yearsDec 1866PrivatePrivateNebraska Sep 1884YesYes26
ThorpHenryGWI S SSep 186117 WI3 yearsOct 1862PrivatePrivate WIMay 1879NoNo0
TurnenW MA74th IL InfantryAug 186223 IL3 yearsAug 1865PrivateOrderly Sergeant IAMarch 1883NoNo3
TurnerO DH49th IN InfantryNov 186123 IN3 yearsDec 1864CorporalSergeant MNOct 1883YesNo27
TurnerD WK91st IN InfantryAug 186817 IN6 monthsApril 1864PrivatePrivate MNApril 1879NoNo2
Van WaertHenryH8th IL CavalrySep 186123NY3 yearsJune 1862PrivateCorporal IASep 1878NoNo1
WadeN WG21st NY Volunteer InfantryMay 186220 NY2 yearsSep 1865PrivatePrivate NYJune 1873NoNoNoneReenlisted
WareMoroniK5th WI InfantryAug 186421 NH1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1884YesNo6
WellsD EH54th NY InfantryMarch 186416 NY3 yearsApril 1866PrivatePrivate IAJuly 1876NoNo4


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