McPherson County, South Dakota


Wills and Probate Records

Jacob and Rosina Hertel
Pertinent data from the records of Jacob and Rosina Hertel, McPherson co., South Dakota from a letter from the Clerk of Courts in Leola, South Dakota

Rosina died during the probate of her husband Jacob's estate.
Petition for Letters of Administration of Rosina Hertel, lists that Jacob Hertel died Oct. 3, 1886 in Twp. 126, Rge 73.
Property: The SW 1/4, Sec. 11 in Twp. 126 R 73, unproved, value about $200.00. Personal property about $400.00, consisting mainly of cattle.

The next of kin of Jacob Hertel are his wife Rosina Hertel, children Jacob age 21, Fredrick age 19, Katrina age 17, John age 15, Fredrica age 10, Christian age 7, Rosina age 5, Christina age 3 and Carl age 2, all residing in McPherson County, SD. Rosina Hertel the widow waived her rights to act as administrator and for the best interest of the estate asked that E. D. Haynes be appointed administrator. Dated Oct. 13, 1886. Filed Oct. 13, 1886.

An order dated Oct. 25, 1887, Gearge [sic] Knickerbacher petitions the court that LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION be issued for Rosina Hertel deceased. Rosina Hertel died Aug. 15, 1887. Petition for letters filed Oct. 25, 1887. E. D. Haynes administrator. Left surviving her children: Fredrick Hertel age 19, Katrina age 17, John age 15, Frederica age 10, Christian age 7, Rosina age 5, Christina age 3 and Carl age 2 all children are the only heirs of said deceased. [note: what happened to Jacob?]

LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION PETITION dated March 22, 1889 and filed March 22, 1889, Friedrich Hertel petitions the court that he be appointed administrator of the estate of Jacob Hertel deceased (Jacob died Oct. 3, 1886).

The children of said deceased are listed as follows: Jacob 23, Fredrich 22, Kate 19, John 18 years, Fredericka 15 years, Christian 12 years, Rosina 10 years and Charley 3 years - all residents of near Eureka in McPherson County. Notice Christina is missing.

In a Testimony of Petition for appointing administrator, dated May 20, 1889, lists children: Jacob 21, Frederica 19, Kate 17, John 15, Frederica 12, Christian 9, Rosina 7, Christina 3 and Charley about 1. Al living except Christina who died in 1888.

A PETITION dated March 18, 1893 and filed April 4, 1893, lists the heirs of said decedent Jacob Hertel so far as known to this affiant your petitioner are: Frederick Hertel, John Hertel, Christian Hertel, Karl Hertel and Rosina Hertel. No where in this probate can I find what happened to Jacob Jr. If he left and they did not know his whereabouts, he should still have been mentioned as an heir.

ORDER OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE filed June 3, 1893, authorizes Friedrich Hertel to sell at private sale at Eureka, SD on July 8, 1893.
When a Quiet Title action is filed it is for the reason of clearing the title. If no one comes forward to claim any right to the real estate, it clears title for confirming sale of real estate to the purchaser thereof. As for addresses of the heirs listed, on a small sheet of paper are listed Friedrich Hertel, McLaughlin or Wakpala, SD, Katharina Kertel, John Hertel, Friedricka Hertel, Christian Hertel, Rosina Hertel and Christina Hertel. Below this: 76 NW 233 (I don't know what this was used for - no date listed)

One marriage record in the office of the county treasurer.
Record No. 3, page 163, lists Gustave Zenk, pastor of the Reformed Church at Eureka, SD at that time married Christian Hertel age 30, and Paulina Frey age 20 on Dec. 29, 1909.
[Submitted by Sylvia Hertel; Transcribed by K. Seeman]

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