South Dakota

Meade County, South Dakota

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Aberdeen Daily News (29 Apr. 1912) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Mrs. Andrew Moseon of Meade county, died at the home of her parents near Howard, shortly after giving birth of a baby boy. The letter announcing the birth of his son and the message telling him of the death of his wife, reached the husband and father on his Meade county homestead at the same time.

Aberdeen Daily News (26 Feb. 1908) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Sturgis - Word was received here that W. A. Lynch, who was taken to St. Paul for treatment, died there on the 15th of this month. Mr. Lynch was a pioneer of Meade county and at one time was a member of the South Dakota legislature.

Aberdeen American (15 Jan. 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Charles Bell, aged 60, died at Lead after an attack of la grippe, after residence in the Black Hills since 1886. He formerly conducted a ranch near Sturgis, in Meade county, and is survived by a widow and three children. Two of his nephews were recently killed in the Dardenelles operations and a brother is a retired British officer. Bell is a native of Scotland.

Morning Republican (Mitchell, South Dakota) Thursday, 14 Nov. 1918; transcribed by FoFG MZ

Sturgis, S.D., Nov. 13. - The body of Franz Ernest Griese, 21 years old, was brought to Sturgis from Clough, Meade county, where he met death in an unknown manner. It is not known whether he met foul play or was killed an a runaway. The authorities are investigating the matter. Griese was a single man and a native of Germany.

Aberdeen Weekly News (10 May 1917) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Word has been received at Lead that Robert E. Tallent is dead in Denver. He had the distinction of being the first white child to enter the Black Hills, coming to Custer with his parents on Christmas eve, 1871, with the Russell-Collins party. He had resided the greater part of his career in the Hills, last at Sturgis, where his mother, the late Mrs. Anna D. Tallant, completed and edited a history of the Black Hills.

Aberdeen Daily News (13 Mar. 1903) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Sturgis - Isaac Turgoose, aged 87 years, died Saturday at his home at Virginia City, above Galena, of old age. He has been on the decline and almost helpless for the past six months. He came to the Black Hills in 1876 and settled at Galena. He had considerable good mining property.

Aberdeen Daily News (22 Apr. 1912) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Sturgis, April 22. - Because of a fancied grievance, Richard Stahl, aged 35, a farmer, living near Piedmont late Saturday afternoon shot and killed Mayor Elmer Ladd of Sturgis. He surrendered, and a little while later cut his throat from ear to ear and died in a few minutes.

Ladd, who was about the same age as his assailant, was talking with an attorney, in the latter's office when the infuriated farmer entered and fired four shots from a big caliber gun. Ladd was struck in the head by the second shot.

No one witnessed the shooting, as the others ran before the firing commenced.

Ladd was the cashier of the defunct Meade county bank at Sturgis. He was born and raised here and held in high esteem.

The bank trouble is not believed to have had any connection with the shooting. Stahl being crazed over financial troubles on his ranch. Both men leaves wives and small children.

Aberdeen Daily News (16 Sept. 1907) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Sturgis, S.D., Sept. 16. - G. A. Anderson arrived here early yesterday bringing news of the killing of Jesse Wallace by Lonnie Ferris, a cowboy, yesterday near the "J. A." cattle ranch, Brushie, Meade county. Anderson was with Wallace at the time.

Ferris and Wallace had been at outs over the cattle range for some time. After a few words when they met, Ferris shot Wallace in the back twice, also making threats to Anderson, who went after help, but before help arrived Ferris shot Wallace again three times, killing him, and left.

Ferris is still at large. The sheriff and coroner have left for the scene of the killing. Great excitement has been caused by the affair.

Aberdeen Daily News (21 Nov. 1914) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Donlan came in on the Northwestern Thursday from Sturgis, where Mr. Donlan has been holding down a homestead. They were married last Wednesday, the bride being Miss Ellena Carney.

Aberdeen (SD) Daily News, Wednesday, September 3, 1913

A severe storm swept through the vicinity of White Owl Friday and considerable damage was caused by wind and lightning.  Several houses were moved on their foundations and unroofed, and other buildings were damaged by lightning.  Many horses and cattle were killed by lightning.  There were no human fatalities, but there were a few cases of injury from flying debris in the Red Owl valley.  J. J. Parrish was badly shocked when his house was struck by lightning.

Aberdeen (SD) Daily American, Tuesday, April 7, 1914

Charles Jensen, of Chalk Butte, Meade county, committed suicide by taking poison.  Just before doing so he made an unsuccessful attempt to shoot his wife.  A wife and six children survive him.  Jensen was taken sick last June and ever since there have been signs that he was mentally unbalanced.

TheDaily Plainsman, Huron, South Dakota

Monday, October 19, 1964

Sturgis - A Rapid City woman was hospitalized Saturday afternoon at Community Hospital here with a gunshot would sustained in a hunting accident near Vale.

Mrs. Raymond Pendergrass sustained a flesh wound in the right leg when a .410 shotgun accidentally discharged as she was getting out of the car. Thirty stitches were taken at the hospital. She is expected to leave the hospital in a day or two.

Mrs. Pendergrass, an experienced hunter, was hunting pheasants with her husband and family when the mishap occurred near the Mead-Butte County line.