Mellette County, South Dakota
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Vital Records -Cemeteries, Burials and Funeral Programs
Mellette County Cemeteries
Advent Episcopal Cemetery Aeschbacher Cemetery Bays Cemetery
Bear Looks Behind Cemetery Black Banks Cemetery Black Horse Cemetery
Black Wolf Cemetery      
Bordeaux Cemetery Brings Three White Horses Cemetery Burnette Cemetery
Butte Cemetery Castaway Cemetery Cedar Butte Catholic Cemetery, St. Joseph
Cedar Butte Cemetery Cedar Butte Congregational Cemetery First Body of Jesus Christ Corn Creek
First Body of Jesus Christ White River Georgoff Indian Burial Ground Good Road Cemetery
Holy Family Catholic, Thin Elk, Lakota? Howell Cemetery Jones Cemetery
Krogman Family Cemetery Little Brave Cemetery Little Chief Cemetery
Lower Camp Catholic Cemetery, St. Joseph's at Two Kettle Marshall Family Cemetery Mediator Cemetery, Calvary, White Thunder
Moran Cemetery Native American Church Cemetery    
Norris Community Cemetery Peacock Cemetery Plenty Bull Cemetery
Prospect Cemetery Red Leaf , Poor Thunder, St. Stevens Ringthunder Sacred Heart Cemetery
Rosebud Cemetery Rosebud Sioux Tribe Veterans Cemetery    
Sacred Heart Cemetery Saint Catherine Catholic Cemetery  
Saint George Episcopal, All People's, Riverside, Bad Nation, Wood Public, All Church Saint Ignatius Catholic Cemetery Saint James Cemetery - White River
Saint James Cemetery - White River Horse Creek Saint James Stamford Cemetery Saint John Episcopal Cemetery - White River
Saint John Lutheran Cemetery - Norris Saint Mary's Garden Catholic Cemetery, Our Lady of Good Counsel Saint Paul Episcopal Cemetery - Norris
Saint Paul German Lutheran Stamford, Friedens Germeinde Saint Philip Episcopal, Two Kettle Episcopal Saint Thomas Episcopal Cemetery - Norris
Split White Blanket Cemetery Spotted Elk Cemetery Standing Elk Cemetery
Stands For Them Cemetery Walking Bull Cemetery Weaver Cemetery
White Buffalo Homestead      
White Hawk Cemetery White River City Cemetery White Thunder Cemetery
Wood Evergreen Cemetery Zion Lutheran Cemetery
Unknown Cemetery Name #1 Unknown Cemetery Name #2 Unknown Cemetery Name #3
A lot of the information was transcribed and posted from the book "Both Feet in the Grave" with permission from the author, Juanita Koskan.

Cemetery names listed may very slightly depending on the source used.
Alphabetical Listing of Burials
Obituaries and Funeral Programs
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