Mellette County, South Dakota
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Publications & News Articles
Mellette County News microfilm index at the South Dakota State Historical Society Archives
The Indian Idiocy.
The Sublime Cheek of Our Red Brothers - Their Wants, Etc.
(Transcribed by RB- Wheeling Daily Register - September 22, 1876)

Red Cloud Agency, September 19, via Fort Laramie, September 21. -
The commissioners succeeded to-day in bringing Red Cloud and his people to the counsil. Among the prominent Indians present were Red Cloud, Little Wound, Swift Bear, Red Leaf, Black Coal, White Tail, Sitting Bull, Pretty Crow, Eagle Dress, Young-Man-Afraid, and Quick Bear. Many officers from Camp Robinson Attended the council, which lasted two hours.

Red Cloud made first speech. He said his people were willing to give up the Black Hills country; also to have his young men take a journey and see the country spoken of by the commission in the Indian Territory, and if they report it as a good country his people will see and consider, and if they report it bad they will consider it bad.

Quick Bear said, when the young men got back from that country, the Indians would want to go to Washington with their agents, chiefs and interpreters, and have a talk with the Great Father before giving this country up.

Sitting Bull said: My father shook hands with the Great Father on the Platte river and was told this country belonged to the Dacotas. I was brought up in this country to be chief. The soldiers have no concern in this country. I have tried to do right. I wish to tell you plainly I have been ashamed ever since the soldiers came here and sat down. I with you my friends, who have frames and hearts to tell my Great Father what my opinion is and what I have said. I agree to the young men going on the journey, but we are going to ask of the Great Father a great many things. We expect to have food and blankets as long as we live. The Great Father has not lived up to his promises in the past.

American Horse said soldiers had no business here. If they wish to arrest anybody, the country is wide, let them go and arrest them. There are a great many bad men in the North, let the soldiers go and arrest them. [Laughter on the part of the Indians.]

Here Red Cloud took Dr. Daniels, Major Howard and Joseph Bennett, and set them among Indian chiefs, and said he wanted them to do this business for him, and go to the Southern country with his young men; he also wanted F. C. Bourcher, Antonne James, Bill Sowland, Hank Clifford, Todd Randall, Frank Solway and Nets Moran to go as interpreters.

Red Dog said the Indians were not willing to sign any paper until the young men got back from the southern country, and they had a chance to go to Washington and have a talk, face to face with the Great Father.

Black Coat, Chief of the Arapahoes, said his people had equal rights with the Sioux to the Black Hills country, and they would want their share of the money received for them. He was willing to go and look at the southern country.

Bishop Whipple replied to the Indians that the Great Father required them to sign the paper binding themselves to go to the Indian territory else they would get no more rations. He urged them to consent to the proposition and go to the Indian territory upon the return of the young men.

Judge Gaylord, Solicitor of the Interior Department, followed to the same effect, urging prompt action on their part in order to secure rations in the future. While he was talking, Sitting Bull, to who the President gave gave the fine rifle last year, broke up the council, saying that there would be plenty more days to talk. Supplies were issued to the Indians for a feast tonight, and it is thought another council may be held tomorrow.
(Transcribed by RB - Aberdeen Daily News - Aug. 21, 1911)

That Mellette and Bennett County Land is the Finest Ever

     Gregory, Aug. 21. - A. E. Kull has returned from a vacation trip to the Pacific coast, and was in Gregory on Saturday inspecting the United States land office which he, in conjuction with other memebers of the special commission which inspected and appraised the lands of Mellette county will occupy with a free information bureau for the benefit of homesteaders during the Mellette and Bennett county registration, October 2 to 21.
     "The only difficulty we encountered in making, the appraisement," said Mr. Kull, "was in drawing the line between agricultrual and grazing land. In Mellette county the soil is all good. The difference in the land rests solely on the fact that some of it is perfectly level, some is gently undulating, some is decidely rough, and some of it fairly stanss on edge. To tell exactly where the farming land quits and the grazing land begins was practically impossible.
     "Of course the perfectly level quarter, every foot of which is gilt-edge plow land, was appraised at $6 and acre. This classification also includes the land that is not quite level, but so near it as to be absolutely good, at $5 and acre. Then the A2 classification embraces land appraised at $2 to $4.50 an acre. The $4.50 land is good and there is a lot of it. Most of these quarters will be found to contain just about the amount of rough land that the average farmer will want for a small pasture, while the remainder is top-notch plow land. The $2 land contains a little more rough land on each quarter than the higher priced quarters. When we found a doubtful quarter we simply sized it up carefully, and if it was more than half plow land it was classified as A2, while if it was more than half rough we classified it as G, or grazing land. Thus it will be seen that a great deal of good agricultural land will be found in the grazing land classification at 25 cents to $2 and acre, and many fine farms will be secured from this classification."

Add Two Townships In Mellette County

(Transcribed by RB - Aberdeen American Aug. 8, 1920)

Mellette, S. D., Aug. 8. - The board of county commissioners have granted the petition presented to them praying for the organization of two new civil townships in Mellette county. This now gives the county three organized or civil townships, viz Cody, Riverside and Roundup, the latter two being those just designated by the county board.
Warm Contest On - Ambitious Towns Go After County Seat in New Mellette County
(Transcribed by RB - Aberdeen Daily News May 17, 1911)

Special to the News
Pierre, May 17: - The county seat contest in the new county of Mellette, to be orginized next week, promises to be a warm one between the towns of Wood, White River and Ogallala. Agent Wood, at Rosebud took occasion of a few cases of small pox among the Indians to delare quarantine on the reservation, and thus shut out the boomers for some of the county seat aspirants. This raised a storm which sent heat waves as far as Washington in one direction and to Pierre in the other, resulting in a quick raising of the quarentine, and all boomers now have free access to the county, and are pushing their towns for all they are worth in the race.
White River Is New County Seat - Town Defeats Wood For The County Seat Of Mellette County
(Transcribed by RB - Aberdeen Daily News May 27, 1911)

Special to the News
Colome, May 27: - By the narrow margin of five votes, the townsite of White River was declared the county seat in the organization election of Mellette Thursday. There were two other candidates in the field, Wood and Ogallalla. The Woods promoters had secured the election call, as that was the only town in the county, but the other towns sprung into existence since as aspirants for the honor. The town of White River being promoted by Jackson Bros., of Dallas.
New Doctor In Mellette Co.
(Transcribed by RB - Aberdeen American Sept. 5, 1919)

White River, S. D., Sept. 3 - Dr. F. E. Bouza, formerly of Tyndall, will come to Mellette county to take up his profession in the near future. Dr. Bouza returned recently after serving in France, with the army medical corps. He held the rank of captain when discharged.
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