Miner County, South Dakota



Bender, William

Driscoll, W. E.

Foos, Gladys

Johnson, Elmer

Loring, Frank

Loring, Frank

Mack, Anna

Malwitz, Bertha

Malwitz, Frank

Olson, Mrs. Peter

Rehfeld, Lena

Sandven, Mrs. Dan

Sandven, Mary

Schmit, Dorothy

Seney, John W.

Sterrett, Lois Merkle

Thompson, Kenneth

Trollinger, Mrs. M.

Wire, Roscoe



Evening Huronite May 28, 1931


Following an illness of but a few days duration William Bender, who would have been 71 years old September 20, died last night at about 9 o'clock at a Huron hospital.

Mr. Bender, who was born in Victor, Ia., in 1860, came to Beadle county in 1928 and resided in Dearborn township.  From 1861 to 1889 he lived with his family near Gilman, Ia., and then he moved to Ida county, Ia.  In 1899 he returned to Gilman and made his home there for nine years until 1908 when he moved to Carthage, SD.  After residing there for 20 years he moved to Beadle county in 1928.

Funeral services are to be held Sunday afternoon.  Short services are to be conducted at 1 o'clock at the home and at 2 o'clock at the Methodist church at Alpena with the Rev. J. E. Washburn officiating.  Burial is to be made in the Alpena cemetery.

In addition to the widow, Mrs. Marie Bender, he is survived by these children: John and Eldo, who reside at home; William, Harry and Mrs. Mildred Patten of Carthage; Mrs. Cora Shinn of Willow Lake; Raymond of Green Mountain, Ia., and Mrs. Anna Wilson of Des Moines.  There are also 10 grandchildren surviving him.

Aberdeen American (14 July 1907) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Sioux City, Ia., July 14. - John W. Seney, of Howard, S.D., a prominent lumberman and republican politician of South Dakota, died in a hospital yesterday after an illness of several weeks.

Huron (SD) Daily Plainsman
Thursday, Feb. 7, 1974


Death: Brookings, "Tuesday"
Funeral: "Friday"
Birth: March 28, 1909, near Winfred
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. William A. Thompson
Marriage: Matilda Balster, April 27, 1940, at Howard.

Huron (SD) Daily Plainsman
November 24, 1972



Funeral: "Wednesday" at Congregational Church

Death: "Monday", Jerauld County Memorial Hospital, Wessington Springs.

Birth: Aug. 13, 1923, Aurora County

Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Merkle
Marriage: Lester Sterrett, May 28, 1941, Pipestone, Minnesota


The Huron (SD) Daily Plainsman
Tuesday, October 25, 1966


Funerals: Thursday, Trinity Lutheran Church in Carthage
Mrs. Mary Sandven, age 92.  Died "Monday" at Good Samaritan Home in Howard
Mrs. Dan Sandven, age 63 (daughter-in-law).  Died "Monday" at her home in Howard
Burial: Carthage Cemetery

Huron (SD) Daily Plainsman
Monday, Nov. 20, 1972


Death: Sunday at Madison
Funeral: St. John Lutheran Church, Howard.
Burial: church cemetery
Birth: Aug. 10, 1903, Clear Lake
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Perin Lewis
Marriage: Paul Rehfeld, Sep. 19, 1919.  Ramona, SD  (he d. 1952)

The Huronite and Daily Plainsman, Huron, South Dakota
Monday, November 14, 1955


Age: 94
Death: home of her son, Elmer, on Sunday
Funeral: Tuesday, Trinity Episcopal Church
Burial: local cemetery
Birth: Mandemark, Moen, Denmark.  Feb. 13, 1861.
Other: located in Miner County in 1886.
Marriage: Peter Olson, Nov. 9, 1888.  (he d. 1953)

The Daily Plainsman, Huron, South Dakota
Friday, July 9, 1971


Death: Thursday, Good Samaritan Home in Howard.
Funeral: St. John's Lutheran Church, Howard.
Burial: St. John's Cemetery.
Birth: Oct. 9, 1890 (Howard, SD)
Marriage: Helena Callies, Feb. 19, 1916.  (she d. April 9, 1970)

Huron (SD) Daily Plainsman
Monday, Nov. 20, 1972


Death: Sunday at Good Samaritan Home in Howard.
Funeral: St. John Lutheran Church
Burial: Graceland Cemetery
Birth: Jan. 24, 1885 (Postville, IA)
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Levenhagen
Marriage: William Malwitz (he d. 1932)

The Daily Plainsman, Huron, South Dakota
Friday, March 2, 1962


Age: 85
Death: daughter's home (Mrs. C. R. Hamro, Carthage)
Funeral: Congregationsl Church, Carthage

The Huron (South Dakota) Daily Plainsman
December 27, 1972


Death: Monday, Fort Meade Veterans Hospital
Funeral: Thursday, Willoughby Funeral Home
Burial: Canova Cemetery
Birth: Feb. 3, 1897, Ogden, IA

The Huronite and Daily Plainsman, Huron, South Dakota
Monday, November 14, 1955


Funeral: Nov. 7, Howard, SD
Death: Lakeview Nursing Home (Lake County)
Other: longtime resident of Argonne.  Lived at the home of Nora Dobson in Carthage before going to nursing home.

The Huron (SD) Daily Plainsman
Wednesday, Nov. 14, 1973


Funeral: Thursday, Willoughby Funeral Home
Burial: Graceland Cemetery, Mitchell.
Birth: Dec. 12, 1908 (LeMars, IA)
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. George Simpson
Marriage: Joseph Foos (Oct. 9, 1928)

The Daily Plainsman, Huron, South Dakota
Thursday, February 1, 1962


Funeral: Thursday, Sacred Heart Catholic Church (Carthage)
Death: Monday, Mitchell hospital.
Burial: will be in Sacred Heart Cemetery
Birth: Sept. 8, 1873 (Bradford, IL)

The Daily Plainsman
Huron, South Dakota
Thursday, January 21, 1965


Funeral: Presbyterian Church, Fedora
Burial: Artesian Cemetery
Death: Tuesday, Mitchell hospital
Birth: Aug. 5, 1892 (Iowa)

LORING, Frank Mansfield

Age: 85
Occupation: physician/surgeon in Sanborn & Miner counties
Death: Sioux Falls hospital
Birth: Jan. 22, 1861 (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

Woonsocket News, Sep. 12, 1946

SCHMIT, Dorothy Freda

Death: Saturday, Oct. 30, 1999 (Bethany Lutheran Home in Sioux Falls)
Birth: Aug. 6, 1918 (Epiphany)
Marriage: William Schmit (May 29, 1944 at Epiphany) He d. Nov. 28, 1984
Funeral: Tuesday, Catholic Church of Epiphany
Burial: Church Cemetery
Contributed by Candi Horton - Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, SD) - November 1, 1999


Clinton, Feb. 19. - Mrs. M. Trollinger died from fright Monday near Leesville. Her son was cutting down a tree and the lady was sitting in a wagon watching him. The tree fell toward the wagon and the boy called to her to get out of the way. She seemed unable to move and the tree crashed down in the rear of the wagon. As it did so the woman fell back dead. Physicians who examined the body found no evidences of injury and gave the cause of death as paralysis of the heart from fright.
Contributed by James VanDerMark - Aberdeen Daily News, 20 February 1892


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