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Minnehaha County, South Dakota

Source:  GNIS

Cemetery Name



Additional Information

Beaver Valley Lutheran Cemetery 433509N 0963153W  
Benton Lutheran Cemetery 433937N 0965116W  
Berg Cemetery 433645N 0964505W  
Bethania Cemetery 434923N 0965813W  
Bethany Cemetery 434754N 0970525W  
Bethel Cemetery 433513N 0964841W  
Brandon Cemetery 433517N 0963533W  
Burk Cemetery 434948N 0964841W  
Calvary Episcopal Cathedral Cemetery 433231N 0964339W  
Clear Lake Cemetery 434542N 0970221W  
Colton Cemetery 434657N 0965511W  
Dell Rapids - Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery 435005N 0964250W  
East Nidaros Lutheran Cemetery 434355N 0964159W  
Forest Home Cemetery 433158N 0964819W  
German Methodist Cemetery 433026N 0970409W  
Hartford Cemetery 433723N 0965552W  
Highland Cemetery 434635N 0963132W  
Hills of Rest Cemetery 433252N 0964044W  
Hokenson Cemetery 433158N 0963504W  
Humboldt Public Cemetery 433815N 0970413W  
Logan Reformed Cemetery 434931N 0963528W  
Lutheran Zion Cemetery 433414N 0965815W  
Lyons Cemetery 434121N 0965124W  
Minnehaha Cemetery 434630N 0965440W  
Minnehaha County Cemetery 433609N 0964204W  
Monson Cemetery 433053N 0963556W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 433233N 0964159W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 433237N 0964150W  
North Highland Cemetery 434913N 0963049W  
Norway Lutheran Cemetery 434355N 0963524W  
Old Highland Cemetery 434826N 0962951W  
Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery 433819N 0970413W  
Pioneer Cemetery 434217N 0964426W  
Pleasant View Cemetery 433431N 0962740W  
Rosendal Cemetery 434724N 0962824W  
Saint Ann's Cemetery 433815N 0970413W  
Saint Ansgar Cemetery 434829N 0965328W  
Saint George Cemetery 433708N 0965628W  
Saint Jacobs Cemetery 434833N 0970332W  
Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery 433329N 0970702W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 435008N 0965512W  
Saint Michael's Cemetery 433443N 0964249W  
Saint Olaf Cemetery 434608N 0964350W  
Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery 433845N 0970443W  
Saint Paul's Cemetery 434355N 0963747W  
Saint Rose Cemetery 434313N 0962926W  
Sherman Cemetery 434452N 0962925W  
Sons of Israel Cemetery 433237N 0964148W  
South Beaver Valley Cemetery 433333N 0963214W  
Split Rock Luthern Church Cemetery 433845N 0963308W  
Stordahl Cemetery 434734N 0964309W  
Summit Hill Cemetery 434224N 0963156W  
Swedona Covenant Cemetery 433820N 0963753W  
Taopi Cemetery 434703N 0965923W  
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery 433419N 0965513W  
West Nidaros Lutheran Church Cemetery 434210N 0964734W  
Willow Creek Lutheran Cemetery 434726N 0964843W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 433132N 0964249W  
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 434659N 0965512W  
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery 434252N 0962927W  


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