Aberdeen American (9 Aug. 1917) transcribed by Marla Zwakman
Sioux Falls – The marriage of Miss Mildred Mills of Sioux Falls and Captain Ward H. Patton of the First Cavalry occurred in Sioux Falls, July twenty-eighth. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride by Rev. Woodruff, dean of the Episcopal cathedral. They left for the Twin Cities, where they remained for a few days, when Captain Patton had to report at Watertown, where he is captain of the Machine Gun company, of the First cavalry. When he is located at some mobilization camp, Mrs. Patton will join him, to remain until the command is ordered abroad. Captain Patton was born near Aberdeen and has been a resident of Sioux Falls for a number of years.

Aberdeen American (8 Oct. 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Sioux Falls – Miss Lena Mae Smith of this city, was married this week to Henry J. Schaefer, of Cresco, Ia., where they will make their home.

Aberdeen American (8 Oct. 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Sioux Falls – Miss Katherine Koetzel and Robert J. Mankofsky were married Tuesday, and after a wedding trip to Chicago and Milwaukee will return to make Sioux Falls their home.

Aberdeen American (10 Sept. 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Chester – Miss Laura Baumon and Joseph O. Baumberger of this city were married this week at Sioux Falls.

Aberdeen American (27 July 1917) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Huron – Miss Ruth Stapleton of Elk River, Idaho, and Raymond A. Gore of Sioux Falls, were married July 18, by Father Hendrickson at Gonzaga College in Spokane.

Aberdeen American (21 July 1912) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Frank Loveland of Sioux Falls and Miss Elizabeth Aheln of Mitchell were married at Mitchell, Tuesday, July 16. The couple will make their home at Sioux Falls.

Aberdeen American (28 Nov. 1911) transcribed by FoFG MZ
The marriage of Newton K. Stablein and Miss Mabel Winschel was solemnized at Sioux Falls, the nuptial event taking place at the Catholic parsonage, Rev. Father Nolan officiating. The bridegroom is employed by the E. M. F. Automobile company of Sioux Falls, and he and his bride will reside in that city.

Aberdeen Daily News (9 Sept. 1911) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Miss Grace Cadwell, daughter of Mrs. C. A. Cadwell of Sioux Falls and Charles Edwin Gilmore of Lake Chrystal, Minn., were married on Wednesday noon at Lake Okoboji, Iowa, at the summer home of the Cadwells.
Miss Cadwell is well known and was a popular member in her circle of friends. Mr. Gilmore is a promising young attorney in Lake Chrystal. Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore will make their home in Lake Chrystal.

Aberdeen American (15 Aug. 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Sioux Falls – Paul K. Cesunder of this city and Miss Josephine Athelia Wentzel of Battle Lake, Minn., were married at the home of the bride’s parents.
The bridegroom is a teacher of manual training at Kenmore, N. D., where the young people will make their home.

Aberdeen American (30 July 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ
Esmond – Charles Best of Esmond and Miss Blanche Thickett Spencer of Sioux Falls were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Preston of this city.

Aberdeen American (21 Oct. 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ
CANTON – Miss Whilma Bradley and Michael F. Derrick were united in marriage here. They will make their home at Sioux Falls where both are employed in the Western Union office.

Groom: Mathias Josephus DohmBride: Mathilda Gertrudis DingesMarried: 7 Feb. 1910 at Sioux Falls, South DakotaSource: United States Marriages (1733-1990)Contributed by Marla ZwakmanGroom: John Clarence January (born: 17 July 1877 at Minonk, Illinois)Parents: John Wales January & Elizabeth Ellen SpruceBride: Verda Mae Cooley (born: 1879)Married: Jan. 1900 at Dell Rapids, South DakotaSource: Iowa Marriages (1809-1992)Contributed by Marla ZwakmanGroom: Lars G. OlsonBride: Gura O. HannemMarried: 31 Mar. 1894 at Brandon, South DakotaSource: Minnesota Marriages (1849-1950)Contributed by Marla ZwakmanGroom: Olaf JohnsonBride: Gunheld LassusenMarried: 23 Apr. 1898 Minnehaha County, South DakotaSource: Minnesota Marriages (1849-1950)Contributed by Marla Zwakman

Lena Aaker Thomas Brennon May 26, 1920
Magnus Aaker Alma A Smith August 21, 1914
Lizzie Aaker Lewis Williamson February 3, 1914
Irwin L Aaker Milla Lor March 20, 1924
Oscar Aaker Frances Themig November 3, 1921
Genevieve Aaker J F Heinemann November 22, 1938
Marjorie Aaker Albert Duncan May 27, 1932
Walter Aaker Florence Wagner June 14, 1947
Buth J Aakerman James A Davis September 18, 1938
Dan Aalberg Bessie Ballard November 26, 1908
Hobert M Aalberg Mary Carter April 2, 1932
Virginia Aalberg Joseph Fenner February 10, 1934
Johan M Aaldrup Marie Parliman Ryan October 9, 1949
Lillian Aalia Norman Nordstrand September 30, 1933
Robert M Aalseth Esther Lucille McKee February 23, 1943
Agnethe Aamodt Melum Sundguist October 28, 1932
Louise Aanenson Charley Dooyema December 3, 1938
Lillian Aanenson Harold Roemeling October 13, 1945
Clara L Aanestad Ernest A Schneider April 15, 1914
Palmer Aanestad Margaret Christopher October 4, 1919
Velva Aanestad Torger A Wenterton June 12, 1931
Thelma Aanestad Bruce Boyer February 23, 1941
Martha Aanonsen Hans Anderson August 19, 1916
Ida Aanonsen Lewis Hanson November 25, 1919
Inez Aarback Herbert Naale October 12, 1949
Jensina R Aarbo Guy M Grinde September 25, 1934
Russell Vander Aarde Lucille Paulson August 5, 1932
Tillie Aardema Datris Salie February 18, 1925
Limon Aardema Theresa Zylstra April 5, 1928
Charles Aardema Dena Visser April 5, 1928
Alpha Aarnes Louis Hodroff September 26, 1944
Helen M Aarnes Joseph R Holden November 6, 1943
Eugene Aarnis Patty Andersen September 11, 1949
John Aaron Carol J Leverett December 17, 1947
Gertrude Aaron Irving Haber August 16, 1943
Beverly Aaronson Harry P Sigelman November 10, 1940
Helen Aarstad William E Degler November 20, 1948
Disa Aartun Jacob J Hovland February 11, 1914
George Aartun Teresa Tronedal July 13, 1928
Tina Aas John Mosbo December 31, 1909
Olaf A Aas Mabel Thompson April 15, 1922
Sophie Aas Ole H Eliason March 24, 1920
Adell Aas Rolf F Solum June 23, 1926
Mollie Aasen Andrew P Brende June 11, 1928
Christine Aasen Jonas E Hallem November 7, 1908
Minnie C Aasen Melvin M Johnson May 15, 1912
Minnie C Aasen Melvin M Johnson May 15, 1912
Edwin N Aasen Bothilde C Sorenson May 15, 1913
Julius Aasen Ragna S Almlie May 13, 1916
Aly Ingemar Aasen Lilly Annette Hougen September 29, 1928
Oscar Aasen Amanda Hougen July 1, 1916
Inez S Aasen Leonard S Tidemann August 12, 1933
Laverna Aasen Ed A Soukup June 5, 1944
Mabel Aasen Roy Nelson September 13, 1941
Pearl L Aasen Gordon S Nelson September 29, 1938
Phillip Aasen Ella Moe August 23, 1941
Irwin J Aasen Charlotte B Nelson April 14, 1946
Betty A Aasen M Glen Rockholm July 2, 1948
Anna Aasheim Oscar Orstad June 29, 1908
Ole Aasheim Gunhild Olstad July 3, 1912
Gladys Aasheim Hiram Vander Meer October 8, 1938
Bertha Aason Tom Aspaas June 28, 1913
Hilda I Aason Oscar Stageberg March 14, 1925
Ivan R Abbadusky Nellie Miller July 16, 1918
Leo Abbadusky Josephine Simunek August 19, 1944
Bernadette Abbadusky Robert J Carey August 16, 1947
Frances Abbate Mark Sabel July 1, 1944 


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