Moody County, South Dakota

Union Veterans Census, 1885

Contributed by Penne Cartright


Last NameFirst NameCompanyRegimentDate EnrolledAgeStateEnlistmentEnd ServiceBeginning RankEnding RankFromArrived in SDWoundedPensionedEngagementsRemarks
AllenA PD14th WIDec 186124Ohio3 yearsJuly 1862PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1878NoYes1
AndersonEC12th IL CavalryJan 186216 NY3 yearsApril 1866PrivatePrivate COJune 1876NoNo10
BaileyW W5th WI BatteryDec 186319 WI3 years or duration of warJune 1865PrivatePrivate IAJune 1881NoYes101
BarbourH SK2nd MN CavalryDec 186325 NE3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1877NoNo0
BeldingL PA36th WIFeb 186436Massachusetts3 yearsJuly 1868PrivatePrivate MNJuly 1879NoYes13
BosworthS JB10th MNAug 186218 ME3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate MN1878NoNo
BrennanRA100th IL InfantryJuly 186217 NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1878YesYes21
CarrPatrick JF36th WIMarch 186418 NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateCorporal MNJune 1880NoNo13
CarterThomas EE9th MIAug 186121England3 years Oct 1864PrivateMusicianIAFeb 1880NoNo6
CartwrightH SA8th MI InfantryJuly 186123 NY3 years or duration of warNov 1865PrivatePrivate MIApril 1882NoNo6
CarverFrancisH - B7th and 30th WIAug 1861 & Aug 186228 & 29WI3 yearsMay 1862 & Sep 1865PrivatePrivate WISep 1878NoNo0
ChaseJ G BA81st NYApril 186515 NY1 yearAug 1865PrivatePrivate IAMay 1872NoNo
ChaseAugusA81st NYApril 186531 NY3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate IAJune 1873NoNo0
CherringtonA ED63rd ILDec 186125Ohio3 yearsJuly 1865Private1st Sergeant MNJune 1876NoNo4
ChurchillJohn A.B3rd MNSep 1861 ME3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateLieutenant MNMarch 1878NoNo
ClarkC FG16th VT InfantrySep 186222 VT9 monthsAug 1863PrivatePrivate VT1883NoNo1
ClarkPhilipE6th PA CavalryAug 186218England3 years Oct 1865PrivatePrivateMNApril 1878NoNo
CochraneRE2nd Virginia CavalryFeb 186437 PA3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate MNOct 1878NoNoSeveral
CollinsLeander WE2nd NYJan 186434 NY3 yearsSep 1865PrivatePrivate NYMay 1877YesNo
ConnorJesse1st MN Light ArtilleryNov 186132 PA3 yearsJune 1865PrivateSergeant MNApril 1878YesYes101Army of Tennessee
CookE GI5th MNMarch 186217 VT3 yearsMarch 1863PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1876NoNo5
CoonSamuelL2nd MN CavalryFeb 1865 NY1 yearFeb 1866PrivatePrivate MN1879NoNo
CorcoranMikeC3rd WI CavalryJune 186224 ME3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate MNDec 1877NoNo15
CornetMoseph LA28th PA VolunteersJune 186124 PA3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateCorporal PAAug 1884NoNo27
CowlesD L2nd MN CavalryFeb 186531 PA1 yearDec 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1884NoNoNone
CrosserWilliam AB77th Ohio Infantry Dec 186119PA3 yearsMarch 1866PrivateCorporal WIMarch 1883NoNo2
DahlAG12th WI InfantryOct 186126Norway3 years or duration of war1865PrivateCorporal WIOct 1867YesNo101
DahlmireFrancisE42nd WI InfantryNov 186419Germany1 yearPrivatePrivate WIOct 1882NoNo
DalrympleSE3rd MIMarch 186123 MI3 yearsAug 1864PrivatePrivate MIMay 1882YesYes8
DavisPhillip CC46th IL InfantryFeb 186519Germany1 year Feb 1866PrivatePrivateIAAug 1880NoYes4
DavisMelvin AA8th IL CavalryFeb 186318 IL3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1878NoNoIn Army of Potomac
DrakeFrank WK27th IAAug 186220 IA3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1880NoNo8
DrewieJohn A.G29th WIAug 186221Prussia3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate MNApril 1878NoNo30
EllingsonJG12th WI InfantryNov 186121Norway3 years or duration of warJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIMay 1877NoNo101
EnoJ HE9th IA InfantryAug 186121Canada3 years or duration of warJune 1863PrivateSergeant IAMay 1872NoNo6
EricksonAI15th WI InfantryDec 186129Norway3 years Nov 1865PrivatePrivateIAJune 1876NoYes101
FarrellS WA2nd MN June 186118 NY3 yearsJuly 1864PrivateCorporal MNMarch 1878YesYes7Army of Cumberland
FitchJamesC7th MNAug 186220Ohio3 years Aug 1865PrivateCorporalMNMay 1879NoNo12
FogleJamesB20th MIJuly 186216 NY3 yearsMay 1865MusicianMusician MNMarch 1884NoNo
FrenchWilliam AB3rd NY Light Artillery186433 NY1 yearAug 1865PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1880NoNoNoneHas lost discharge and forgotten date
FrinkAdelbert S.1st ME Battery Light Infantry Dec 186326NY3 yearsJune 1863PrivatePrivate MNMay 1877NoNo15
FullmenWallace W.E1st WI Heavy Artillery1864 WIPrivatePrivateWIOct 1879NoNo
GrogercharlesK10th MI CavalryFeb 186425 MI3 yearsJuly 1864PrivatePrivate MNJuly 1882NoYesNoneLost the use of his eyes
GundersonJ D47th WI InfantryJan 186528Norway Sep 1865PrivatePrivateWIOct 1876NoNo
HastingE SB10th WIOct 186126 NY3 yearsOct 1864PrivateSergeant WIJune 1881NoNo2
HawkinsS WD2nd MN CavalryJan 186224Ohio3 yearsMay 1865PrivateCompany Blacksmith MNJune 1881NoNo0
HawkinsLeedraF94th NYOct 186123 NY3 yearsJuly 1862PrivatePrivate MIMarch 1884YesYes
HawleyDennisC156th IL18 NYPrivatePrivateNY1878NoNo
HayHugh ADMN Bracketta BattalionNov 186318Canada3 yearsMay 1866PrivatePrivate MNMay 1882NoNo3
HaynerA E134th NY InfantryAug 186217 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIOct 1881NoYes101
HeathAlonzoL3rd Ohio CavalryDec 186216Ohio3 years Aug 1865PrivatePrivateWIApril 1878NoNo7
HelgersonJI13th IA InfantryOct 186429Norway1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate IAMay 1877NoNo1
HopkinsWK74th IA InfantryJuly 186220Massachusetts3 years Aug 1865Private1st LieutenantILSep 1879YesNo12
HuntA WC6th IA CavalrySep 186226 NY3 yearsNov 1865Private2nd Lieutenant IAApril 1871NoNo3
HuntOlof AH - B102nd ILJune 186235 IL3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate IAJan 1877NoNoNone
HuntingtonJohn A.H - B18th IADec 186116Connecticut3 yearsJuly 1865PrivateCorporal IASep 1878YesNo101Army of Tennessee
JacobsDennisD 8th MNAug 186229Ohio3 yearsJuly 1865Private1st Lieutenant MNMarch 1878NoYes7
JenksJ WE19th WIMarch 186217 NY3 yearsOct 1861PrivateCorporal WIMay 1880YesYes12
JonesD FC81st NYApril 186520 NY1 yearAug 1865PrivatePrivate IAMay 1872NoNo
JulsanJamesE15th WI Nov 186123 WI3 yearsDec 1864PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878NoNo
KeeferS SH1st MN Heavy ArtilleryFeb 186523Ohio1 year or duration of war Oct 1866PrivatePrivateMNSep 1882NoNo
KingE SFEnglish Regiment of the West Sep 186143ME3 yearsOct 1863PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1874YesYes6After enlisted Company G, 5th IA served during war
LathamWilliam AC48th IndianaAug 186239Ohio3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivateNoNo
LeeJulius A.I177th Ohio186525Ohio1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate IAJuly 1881NoNo1
Linkross W.B3rd MNSep 186124 MI3 yearsAug 1865PrivateSergeant MNDec 1877YesYes3
LongAbnerD38th WI InfantryAug 186441Ohio1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIJuly 1880NoYes2
MalloryJames TC6th WIOct 186426Canada3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1880YesNo5
MansonJG27th IA InfantryDec 186343Canada3 years or duration of war Jan 1866PrivatePrivateIAJuly 1876NoNo14
MartanB DA32nd WI186122 NY3 years1864PrivateCorporalWIMarch 1880NoNo23
MartinGeorge CG10th NY Heavy Artillery Aug 186120NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1879NoNo
McKenzieThomas A14th U S InfantryJuly 186218England3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNApril 1879NoNo13
McMahanR TE2nd Ohio CavalryAug 186129Ohio3 years Sep 1864PrivateCorporalPAJune 1882NoNo
McMillanJ WK2nd MN CavalryFeb 186427Canada3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate MNOct 1879NoNoNone
McNeilGeorge F2nd MIOct 186327Canada3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate MIMay 1881NoYes5
MeekerCalvin1st WI Heavy Artillery Aug 186226NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878YesNo1
MeekerC GA1st WI Aug 186420 NY1 yearApril 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878NoYesNone
MinierElbertK5th WI ArtilleryAug 186118 PA3 yearsFeb 1867PrivateSergeant MNDec 1879NoNo9In Army of Potomac
MorganCharlesA4th NY Heavy Artillery Sep 186223England3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate WIMarch 1878NoYes8
MurlezDennisK16th NY CavalryAug 1863Ireland3 years Sep 1865PrivatePrivateIAFeb 1884NoNo5
NeilsanJacobD15th WINov 186138Norway3 years Feb 1863PrivatePrivateWIJune 1879YesYes4
NewtonF HB1st MN Infantry18 NY3 yearsPrivatePrivateMNMarch 1878NoNo
OaksJ AG92nd IL InfantryFeb 186418 PA3 years or duration of warJuly 1865PrivatePrivate IAApril 1879NoNo101
O'HeranSK5th PA InfantryJune 186121 PA3 monthsJune 1861PrivatePrivate MNApril 1877NoNoNone
OwensO TK8th WISep 186125Wales3 years Sep 1864PrivatePrivateMNFeb 1872NoNo50
PhillippsWilliam M1st MN Heavy Artillery Feb 186435NY3 yearsOct 1865PrivateCorporal MNFeb 1878NoNo2
PhillpsDB10th Kansas InfantryAug 186140Scotland3 years Aug 1864PrivateCorporalMOOct 1874NoNo6
PierceDaniel AI6th WIDec 186334 NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIApril 1880NoNo12
PlattsH HC14th IA InfantryOct 186130New Hampshire3 yearsJune 1866PrivatePrivate IAJune 1876YesYes2Broke leg
PlattsAA3rd IA InfantryJan 186127New Hampshire3 years or duration of warJune 1864PrivatePrivate IAJune 1876NoNo
PlattsCM4th IA CavalryDec 186324New Hampshire3 years or duration of war Aug 1865PrivatePrivateIAJune 1876NoNo6
PrattCollins DC3rd ConnecticutMay 186122Connecticut3 monthsMay 1865Private1st Lieutenant ILJune 1882YesNo12
QuigleyJI20th WI InfantryAug 186221Ohio3 yearsApril 1864PrivatePrivate WIMay 1876NoYes3
RichardsonJ RC6th IA April 186121 IA3 yearsOct 1862PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1875NoNo9
RichardsonJames CK1st MNMay 186121 PA3 yearsMay 1864PrivatePrivate MNJune 1879NoNo5
RorebeckC HI11th IL CavalryFeb 186522 NY1 year or duration of warDec 1865PrivatePrivate IASep 1877NoNo
RushJC38th IA InfantryAug 186230 VT3 yearsAug 1865PrivateSergeant MNJune 1883NoNo3Was in 25th NY in the Mexican War as a drummer
RyanHenryH81st NYApril 186520Canada1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878NoNo
RyanDan G187th NYSep 186416Canada1 yearJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNMay 1878NoNo5
SannierG W WB32nd IA InfantryAug 186319New Jersey3 yearsApril 1866PrivatePrivate IAJune 1878NoNo15
SawvelJeremiahD39th PAAug 186227Ohio3 years1865PrivatePrivate IAJuly 1884NoNo15
SchollJohn EI48th WI Volunteer InfantryMarch 186518France1 year Feb 1866PrivatePrivateMEFeb 1877NoNo
SeamanAntonD38th WI March 186421Germany3 years Aug 1865PrivateCorporalIAJuly 1881NoYes9
SeeinbaughH AAChandler Horse Guard Dec 186229PA3 years or duration of warApril 18631st Lieutenant1st Lieutenant IAJune 1877NoNo
SerlsOF9th IA InfantrySep 186142Ohio3 years or duration of warJuly 1865PrivateSergeant IAMay 1881NoNo101
SeltonK WA19th WI InfantryMarch 186318 WI3 yearsAug 1865PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1878NoNo5
SherwinHenry MD6th IAOct 186231Massachusetts3 yearsMay 1865PrivatePrivate MN1878NoYes
SimonsJ G12th IA InfantryApril 186431Norway3 years Jan 1866PrivatePrivateIAMarch 1877NoNo3
SlocumW PD17th ILMay 186118 NY3 yearsMay 1864PrivateCorporal IAMay 1884YesNo6
SmithGerogeF7th WIJuly 186118 NY3 yearsDec 1863PrivatePrivate WIJuly 1872YesYes7
SmithCalvin J3rd IA Dec 186018 MI3 yearsMay 1862 PrivatePrivate IAMarch 1879YesYes2
SmithWilliam DF1st MNMarch 186543 NY1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate MNJune 1872NoYesIn marching chaffed by nap sack, took cold, settled in back causing an abscess am lame now
SnyderJ ENoNo
SouchsW HA32nd WI InfantryAug 186218 WI3 yearsJune 1865PrivateCorporal IAMarch 1876NoNo101
SpearF MD AND H10th and 47th WISep 1861 and Feb 186524 and 27NY3 yearsAug 1862 and June 1865Private & CorporalPrivate & Corporal WIMarch 1879NoNo0
SpearW MA6th WIJuly 186122 NY3 yearsFeb 1863PrivatePrivate WIMay 1874NoNoAfter enlisted Company B, 40th WI lood?
SpragueAnthonyF59th Massachusetts Infantry Feb 186441VT3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate NYSep 1881YesNoWounded by a limb of a tree and a I suffer from bad health
StetsonS PC1st MN InfantryMarch 186539 ME1 year or duration of warJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNOct 1883NoNo
StewartH CK1st IA CavalryJan 186430 NY3 yearsFeb 1866PrivatePrivate IAMay 1878NoNo1
StrikerWD100th NY InfantryDec 186117 NY3 yearsNov 1864Private2nd Sergeant IAMarch 1883NoNo15
ThibanJohn EH20th WI Aug 186224Canada3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate MNMarch 1878NoNo4
ThompsonJ AC13th IndianaJune 186118Indiana3 yearsJuly 1864PrivateCorporal WIOct 1878YesNo7
TobinC WB37th IAAug 186219 NY3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate NEFeb 1878NoNo3
ToddS L NoNoWas in service 1 year, not at home and could get no other facts
TwistW HB4th WI CalvaryMarch 186416 NY3 yearsMay 1866PrivatePrivate WIFeb 1880NoNo0
TwitchellR W9th MNOct 186238 VT3 yearsJune 18661st LieutenantMajor of Cavalry MNSep 1880NoYes
TylerLevi AE6th Ohio CavalryNov 1862 NY3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate IAApril 1883NoNo34Was hurt by horse falling on him
VallierCharlesN1st WI CalvaryJune 186244Canada3 yearsJuly 1865PrivatePrivate WIMay 1879NoNo12
VandegriftJ H BC9th MN InfantryAug 186221 PA3 yearsAug 1865PrivateSergeant MNMay 1877NoYes101
WhiteDaniel SI2nd VermondMay 186124 VT3 yearsOct 1864SergeantCaptain WIAug 1879YesYes17
WhiteH KG2nd WI CavalryNov 186330 NY3 years or duration of warNov 1865PrivatePrivate MNSep 1880NoNo
WhiteMartin J60th NYSep 186020 NY3 yearsAug 1864MusicianMusician WIApril 1884NoNo
WilkinsS HD49th WI InfantryFeb 186532 NY1 yearNov 1865PrivateCorporal IAJune 1873NoNo
WilsonJE9th IA InfantrySep 186117 NY3 monthsJuly 1865PrivateSergeant MNApril 1876NoNo101
WinklepleckSethB14th IA 186119Ohio3 years1864PrivatePrivate IAApril 1879YesNo11
WinnegarA EI7th ConnecticutSep 1861 NY3 yearsAug 1865PrivateSergeant NYMarch 1878NoNo
WoodCharles HF23rd KansasOct 186518 IL1 yearOct 1865PrivatePrivate MN1878NoNo
WrightB FG22nd WI InfantryAug 186217 MI3 yearsJune 1865PrivatePrivate MNOct 1876NoNo101
YoungE RNoNo
YoungTE9th MN CavalryAug 186432Canada2 yearsMay 1866PrivatePrivate MNJune 1878NoNo
YoungRM2nd WI CavalrySep 186418Canada1 yearJune 1865PrivatePrivate IAOct 1880NoNo



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