South Dakota

Perkins County, South Dakota

Newspaper Data

Aberdeen (SD) Daily news, Tuesday, September 2, 1913
Fire starting on O. M. Robinson's place near Bison spread over about twenty-five square miles of prairie before it burned out. Mr. Robinson was working between two hay stacks, and thinks he stepped on a match, for in an instant a blaze started which spread so rapidly it could not be extinguished until tremendous damage had been done.

Aberdeen (SD) Weekly News, Thursday, April 27, 1916

Bison, the county seat of Perkins county, was shut off from the world for six days recently, by snow and rain which made roads impassable. Bison is forty miles from a railroad and for the six days no mail reached or left the town.

Aberdeen (SD) Weekly News, Thursday, April 27, 1916

Fire supposedly originating from a cook stove destroyed the Bison hospital, owned by Dr. J. F. Walker, and its contents. there were no patients in the hospital, and the only occupants were two high school girls who were rooming there, the Misses Mabel Steigar and Leonore Scarborough. They narrowly escaped and lost part of their clothing.



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