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Potter County, South Dakota
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Advent Cemetery 451047N 0994025W  
Appomattox Cemetery 450814N 1000458W aka German Burial Ground
Copp Cemetery 445443N 0994409W

Location: NW ¼  of Section 35, Avon Springs Township, Potter County, SD (35-117-74) - on a knoll 800 feet from the north line and 60 feet from the west line.
Established: by Dr. Willis Stone.   At one time, Copp Cemetery was registered in Washington, D.C.
Facts: only 4 burials

Elfsborg Cemetery

Forest City Cemetery (historical) 450126N 1001600W

Located on J.F. Whitlock land near the mouth of the Little Cheyenne River on the SE corner of the NE ¼  of Section 20, Forest City Township (20-118-78).  Now under the waters of Lake Oahe because the land was flooded in 1969 when Oahe Reservoir began filling.  All bodies were reinterred at the Gettysburg Cemetery by the Corps of Engineers at that time.
Abandoned in 1896.
Uncommon Causes of Death: Woman, age 17, was murdered by a jealous boyfriend in 1896.

Gettysburg Cemetery 450054N 0995513W  
Hanson Family Cemetery 451209N 1000457W

aka Fayette Cemetery
Location: SE¼ of Section 14, Fayette Twp, (14-120-77),  on land given by Hans Hanson, Sr.  (6 miles west and 13 miles north of Gettysburg)

Established: 1903 by Hans Hanson Sr. as a burial place for his month-old granddaughter, Evola Hanson, who had died of pneumonia. Organized in 1908.

Facts: All interred in this cemetery are members of the Hans Hanson family except Matt Halverson who had emigrated from Norway with Ole Anderson and who lived in the neighborhood most of his life.

Lebanon Protestant Cemetery 450350N 0994635W

Location: NW corner of the SW ¼ of Section 4, Roy Township, Potter County, SD (4-118-74)
Established: Brokaw children were known to be buried there as early as 1885.  The cemetery was organized on March 30, 1926 by R.A. Jackson, A.E. Beaudoin and J.B. Murdy,   First sexton was A.C. Cook.
Uncommon Causes of Death: Man died after being kicked by a horse

Meadowview Cemetery    

aka Weinert Family Cemetery
Location: SW ¼  of the SE ¼  of Section 15, Lincoln Township, (15-119-76), on land owned by Lawrence Weinert.
Established:  Oct. of 1976 when baby April Dawn Weinert was buried there.
Facts: Only two burials and both are members of the Weinert family.

Pembroke Cemetery 450933N 0995522W  
Petro Family Cemetery 445814N 1001334W

Location: SE ¼ of the SE ¼ of Section 3, Cattron Township (3-117-78).  About 20 miles southwest of Gettysburg.  Established: first known burial was in July of 1890.  Abandoned in 1898.
Facts:  -Three burials, all members of the Petro family.
-Cemetery is fenced with barbed wire.
-A family marker sits on the west side of the cemetery.

Prairie Grove Cemetery 451354N 0995529W

Location: SE ¼ of the SW ¼  of Section 6, Arena Township (6-120-75).  One mile south and 7 ¼ miles west of Hoven, SD.
Established: Organized in 1887 on land given by Rev. Miles Bacon. It was part of his 1892 tree claim. The final papers on the tree claim were filed with Potter County in 1895.

Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery 445954N 0995620W

Location: NW corner of the NW ¼ of Section 31, Cunningham Township, (31-118-75) on land that was originally part of Libbie O'Brian's homestead.  One mile south and 7/8 mile east  of Gettysburg
Established: 1885 by Libbie O'Brian as a burial place for her sister Hattie.  Libbie deeded the land to the Catholic Bishop of Dakota Territory, Bishop Martin Marty, on May 20, 1886.  It was then consecrated for use as a Catholic cemetery.
Facts: Some non-Catholics are buried here.  A non-Catholic family was granted plots there as early as 1886.
Records: Sacred Heart parish, Gettysburg, SD

Saint Anthony's Catholic Cemetery 451420N 0994623W

Location: SW corner of the NW ¼ of Section 4, Hoven twp (4-120-74) behind the church.
Established:  10.67 acres were purchased on May 2, 1910, by the Right Rev. Thomas O'Gorman
Records: St. Anthony's Parish, Hoven, SD.

Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery 450445N 0994635W

Location: SW ¼ of the NW ¼ of Section 33, Carr Township (33-119-74) near Lebanon, SD.
Established: by March of 1906 when the first burial occurred
Facts:  Although the church closed and the parish merged with Sacred Heart in Gettysburg, the cemetery is still in use.

Seventh - Day Adventist Cemetery 451415N 0993426W

Tolstoy Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery
Location: NE corner of the SE ¼ of Section 1, Logan Twp (1-120-73)  Four miles NE of Tolstoy.
Established: 1911 by the Adventist Church.

Springs Cemetery 450837N 0993923W

Location: NE corner of the NW ¼ of Section 8, Fairview Twp, (8-119-73).  6 ½ miles southwest of Tolstoy, SD.  
First burial was in 1887on land given by John Nold as a Congregational burial ground. It has since become non-denominational. 

Tolstoy Lutheran Cemetery

451324N 0993654W

Aka St. James Cemetery
Location: NE corner of the SE ¼ of Section 10, Logan Twp (10-120-73).  One mile north of Tolstoy, SD.
Established: first burial in 1913.  Officially organized in 1924.

Zion Cemetery 451132N 0993611W

German Zion Congregational Cemetery aka Tolstoy Community Cemetery
Location: SE corner of NW ¼ of Section 23, Logan Township (23-120-73).  ½ mile east and ½ mile south of Tolstoy, SD.
Established: winter of 1898-99 on Trefz land when three daughters of John Trefz died of diptheria.
Officially organized 1899. Eventually came under the control of the German Methodist Church at Tolstoy, SD.
Facts: In 2012 Leland Stotz of Tolstoy, SD, was sexton.

Isolated Burials      


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