South Dakota

Spink County, South Dakota



Redfield College - short newspaper article























SOURCE: Faulk County Record, Thursday, August 11, 1892, Page 5
Contributed by Harold Way

After five years of successful academic and college work calls the attention of the young people of the state to her increased facilities for thorough school work at least possible cost. Railroad fare is from $5.00 to $20.00 less than to the other college in the state for students in the northern half. Board in the college building will be at cost not exceeding $2.25 and probably less. Clubs in the city the past year have been run at from $1.50 to $2.00 per week and will continue the ensuing year. The faculty has been increased and with the return of Prof. E. K. Eyerly from a year's work in Germany, it makes one of the strongest in the northwest. Courses comprise classical, scientific and philosophical, college and preparatory studies, also normal and business courses. Exceptional advantages for music students, instrumental and vocal. Tuition $10.00 per term. Music extra. Fall term begins September 21st and closes December 3rd. Winter term begins January 4th. For further information address the secretary, J. E. Robinson, Redfield, S. D.