South Dakota

Sully County South Dakota


History of South Dakota, Volume 1 by Doane Robinson 1904
B. F. Bowen & Co., Publishers

Contributed by Vicki Hartman


Sully county was created by the act of 1873, and was named for General Alfred Sully. It was organized by Governor Ordway in 1883, and the county seat located at Clifton, a town no longer upon the map. The present county seat is Onida. The county was explored by Lewis and Clarke and the early traders. Present settlement began in 1866 with the removal of Fort Sully from Pierre to the point opposite the Cheyenne where it was maintained until abandoned in 1894 as not longer needed to protect the frontier. The country is especially adapted to stock growing. Thomas M, Goddard, of this county, is commandant of the Soldiers' Home. Area, 1,052 square miles. Population, 1900, 1,715.





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